Monster Paradise
168 The Third Assessment Has Started
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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168 The Third Assessment Has Started

Just as Lin Huang stepped out of the spaceship, he saw a row of gigantic fences, up to 100 hundred of them. A tall and big sized man stood before the fence. He had bulky muscles and was covered in a beard. He wore army pants, a black singlet and a pair of sunglasses. He looked serious because he stood there crossing his arms. He looked like the type of guy that nobody would want to mess with.

There were two staff members that wore hunter uniforms standing next to him. Lin Huang could tell that the bald man was probably the head examiner of the assessment. After Lin Huang left the spaceship, the last few people remaining got down from the spaceship after him. The spaceship then flew away and disappeared.

When it was 8 a.m., the bald man finally spoke.

"My name is Jiang Sen, I am the head examiner of the third assessment." The bald man introduced himself, "I don’t appreciate bullsh*t and I also don’t think of myself as the brightest man in comparison to other examiners. Therefore, this assessment will be simple."

"I believe all of you noticed the metal fence behind me. Behind the fences are long corridors which connect three monster cages. Each cage contains one silver-level rank-3 monster. Those who gets through the corridor, manages to get past the three monster cages and leave the corridor from the other end will pass this round. "

"The rules are simple. Before going into the fence, you will have to give me your Emperor’s Heart Ring and storage rings. You are only allowed to keep three pieces of equipment with you and the equipment has to be iron-level or bronze-level. Nothing higher than bronze-level."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Silver-level rank-3 monsters had an advantage over bronze-level humans. A bronze-level defensive weapon would not have an impact if it was used on silver-level rank-3 monsters.

Meanwhile, bronze-level weapons had little to no effect on silver-level rank-3 monsters. If they encountered monsters with a high defense, there was nothing that they could do to attack them.

The head examiner continued speaking.

"The assessment limit will be an hour per person. If you do not pass through the exit within an hour, you fail the assessment!"

"If you spend more than half an hour in any monster cage, you fail as well!"

"Also, in this assessment, you're only allowed to go forward. There is no going back or retreating. Once you've entered the monster cafe, you're not allowed to back out from the corridor. If you step back into the corridor after entering the monster case, you will fail!"

"Lastly, I would like to remind you that there will not be any safety measures taken during this assessment. If you die in the hands of the monsters, we've been instructed to only collect your corpses."

The participants looked even more upset with each passing rule that they were told. After Jiang Sen finished his briefing, he turned to all of them.

"It’s not too late to withdraw from the assessment now. I’m giving you 10 seconds to think about it.

The assessment officially starts after 10 seconds!"

"10, 9, 8…"

Some of them hesitated because they could lose their lives in this assessment. As he counted down, one person raised his hand in surrender and shouted, "I give up!"

After the first person gave up, more people were having second thoughts.

"I give up too!" A second person raised his hand up. More and more people began to leave the assessment and many of them were bronze-level rank-1 and rank-2.

When he counted down to one, there were already more than 120 participants who chose to give up.

"Alright, those who have given up, please follow the staff to the resting room." Jiang Sen nodded to the staff next to him. The staff then waved at the participants, "Those who had given up please follow me, let us not delay the assessment for the rest." There was a group that followed her.

As the people left, Jiang Sen continued to say "The silver-level rank-3 monsters are stronger than most of you. It’s normal to face a monster stronger than you but an outstanding hunter won't be afraid. Instead, they'll be able to convert their fear into courage and find a way to survive in times of crisis."

"What I’m looking isn’t ability alone but bravery as well. This is why I'm giving you guys a time limit for this assessment. You're only allowed to move forward. No backing out!"

"There are a total of 100 corridor entrances with the code 001 to 100. Now, you can proceed to draw from the ballot to see which corridor you get to start from." Jiang Sen said and nodded to the staff next to him.

A couple of staff brought the ballot box over and placed it on the ground. It was a black, sealed box with a hole in the middle.

"Come forward and draw the ballot." Jiang Sen nodded. Many of them rushed forward and took out a round card that was the size of a mug.

After the rest were done, Lin Huang walked slowly forward and picked a card for himself. There was a red ‘066’ printed on the white card and a black ’23’ was printed on the back of the card. Lin Huang raised an eyebrow, he wanted to ask why were there two numbers but somebody else beat him to it, "Why are there two numbers? One red while the other black?"

"The red number is the corridor number that you will need to enter from. The black number at the back refers to the order of your entry."

Hearing Jiang Sen’s explanation, some of them who got the number ‘1’ turned pale. None of them knew what to expect and what kind of monsters lurked behind those corridors.

"What is there to hesitate about? There's no difference whether or not you are the first or the 50th to enter. If you fail, our staff will escort you out and you won't be able to watch other participants perform."

He added, "I would like to remind you that none of you should exchange the number that you get. If you do, I'll make sure the both of you are blacklisted and you won't be able to join any hunter assessments for three years."

"Alright, those who got the black number ‘1’, please choose the three pieces of equipment that you would like to bring along with you. Also, do pass your Emperor’s Heart Ring and storage rings over to our staff. Once you've done that, you can proceed to enter the corridor. Half an hour later, the one who has the black number ‘2’ will enter and it's best if we maintain a few minutes gap in between participants."


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