Monster Paradise
167 Food Hunter
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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167 Food Hunter

The sea king were the real kings of the ocean. Most of them resided in the deep sea with bodies longer than 10,000 meters. They were gigantic and a small population of the sea kings possessed abilities comparable to the dragonkin. The sea queens were also comparable to the sea kings. They possessed the blood of the sea kings but because their blood contained a lesser form of power, they were called sea queens instead. In the ocean, a sea queen was almost comparable to an overlord-level creature. Aside from the sea kings, they feared no one... Nothing! They possessed abilities that were superior to monsters of a similar level.

The Goldenink Grouper that Mr. Fu captured was a sea queen. Its body was at least 90 meters and it was hooked by Mr. Fu’s fishing rod which was as thick as a thumb. It died after they docked at the deck of the Demonic Crystal Spaceship. Mr. Fu kept his fishing rod and exclaimed to the people, "I’m in luck today. This is my treat!"

Lin Huang put his fishing rod away and leaped down from the chair. He was attracted to the gigantic Goldenink Grouper. The fish was as black as ink, it was as if its body was covered with a layer of black metal armor. A couple of its scales were white and judging by its length, Lin Huang could tell that it was gold-level rank-3.

Although Lin Huang had seen many transcendents, he could not help but to secretly look at Mr. Fu. He was only 1.5 meters tall and always smiling. However, now that he had shown off how powerful he was, nobody would look down on him anymore.

"Boy, why don’t we use the fishes that you caught as side dishes?" Mr. Fu suddenly looked at Lin Huang.

"Sure!" Lin Huang nodded immediately.

"Let’s feast, please step aside."

Mr. Fu’s got down and dirty with his hands. One of his hands transformed into a knife, as red Life Power shot through his arm. The knife turned into a 20-meter giant knife and he began to remove the scales from the Goldenink Grouper… Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

10 seconds later, the fish was completely sliced into pieces. Not only were its organs and scales removed, it was also sliced into 100 pieces.

After putting away the fish slices and fish head, Mr. Fu turned on the automatic cleaning system to clean the area surrounding the spaceship. He then tossed the pail with fishes Lin Huang caught into the air. As he threw the pail, five of his fingers transformed into red knives that glowed and just as the fishes fell back into the pail, it seemed like they were completely clean with their scales and organs removed.

Many people cheered and only Lin Huang and a few others who have mastered the sword could see that Mr. Fu had used a high-level sword skill.

"This must be at least an Epic sword skill." Lin Huang was sure.

Mr. Fu then grabbed a normal-sized wok from the air and began to season the meal with chives and ginger.

Fragrance soon filled the air and Mr. Fu tossed all the fish slices into the wok after taking it out from his storage space. The fish cubes shrunk in midair as they landed in the wok. Mr. Fu proceeded to add the 10 fishes Lin Huang caught into the wok. As he cooked, a delicious fragrance of fish lingered in the air and he poured a special sauce that he specially made into the mixture and stirred.

Lin Huang and the rest were drooling. Mr. Fu ended the show with some seasoning and it had taken him a total of half an hour to cook the fishes.

Washbasins that were used as plates were brought out. Although they were huge, each washbasin was only sufficient to contain one fish. Soon, the 100 washbasins were arranged in a row on the spaceship deck.

"I call this Big Sauced Fish Slices!" Mr. Fu then distributed the fish slices to everyone. After that, he got himself one as well. The color was a bright red and the fish slices were covered in a flavorful sauce. With the salivating fragrance coming off the fish, many of the participants began to dig in. Lin Huang took a bite as well and almost bit his own tongue off because there were no bones and the meat was as soft as tofu. It was so delicious that it tasted like the food he once had at Stable Residence.

"Mr. Fu must be a Food Hunter!" Many began to think. With only one bite, Lin Huang could feel changes happening to his Life Power. If his Life Power was not full, that one single bite of the fish would fill up his Life Power. A couple of participants in the crowd experienced an upgrade in their combat strength after eating the fish. Three of them leveled-up from bronze-level rank-1 to bronze-level rank-2 and two people leveled-up from bronze-level rank-2 to bronze-level rank-3. It was such a treat.

As Mr. Fu watched, he smiled but he did not say anything while he ate the fish silently. They finally finished eating in the middle of the night. Lin Huang’s stomach was filled to the brim from eating seven to eight pieces. The rest were full as well with many of them holding their stomach while they lay down on the deck. Some even fell asleep on the deck.

Lin Huang slept in his room and when he woke up, it was already 7:30 a.m. He got up from his bed immediately and looked out the window to see if the spaceship had landed.

"Kids, it’s already 7:30 a.m. You better start cleaning yourselves and get off the spaceship. We’ve arrived at the location of your assessment. If you don’t leave by 8 a.m., don’t blame me if you fail the assessment…"

Mr. Fu’s deep voice was heard through the loudspeaker and woke many participants up. Many of them did not even wash their face or brush their teeth as they rushed out of the spaceship. Lin Huang looked at the time and it was only 7:30 a.m. so he took his time cleaning himself.

When he arrived at the deck, there was nobody left on the spaceship. Mr. Fu was standing next to the entrance. Lin Huang walked towards him and when he heard Lin Huang's footsteps, Mr. Fu turned around and said, "All the best, young man!"

"Okay." Lin Huang nodded, he recalled something as he was near the entrance. He stopped walking and took out the photo he took of Mr. Fu when he was fishing.

"I took a photo of you yesterday. Take it as a gift from me to you."

"That’s not bad!" Mr. Fu seemed happy to see the photo, "Let me add you to my contacts."

After adding each other to their respective contact lists, Lin Huang sent the photo to Mr. Fu and left the spaceship.


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