Monster Paradise
151 Three Levels Of The Transcendents
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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151 Three Levels Of The Transcendents

After the Virtual Eye closed, life for Daxi City citizens slowly returned to normal.

In the past few days, most of the monsters had been killed by Zhu Nian. Not even iron-level monsters were able to survive.

Lin Huang was lazy to go out so he had been training his sword skill every day in the hotel room.

There has been some discussion about this incident on the Heart Network and people now knew about Zhu Nian because of this incident.

Also, many of them had asked about the meaning of holy fire-level, immortal-level and the commander-level and chief-level monsters.

An anonymous user gave a detailed explanation about these combat abilities on the network. Lin Huang then realized the true extent of the combat ability of the Ghastly Clown that he had sealed earlier after reading through the post.

A transcendent was actually a general term used for the three levels ranked below demigod-level beings to indicate that one was beyond the levels of an ordinary human.

These three levels were the holy fire-level, immortal-level, and imperial-level respectively. The levels of the transcendent monster corresponding to these were commander-level, chief-level, and king-level.

Holy fire-level can be achieved when one's Life Power reached a certain level. One could then obtain tinder from killing commander-level monsters. Then, by igniting their Life Power, one could condense it into Life Fire.

When this happens, as long as their Life Fire did not go out, there would be a constant supply of Life Power to their body. Due to the changes in their Life Power, their lifespan would be increased five times beyond the limits of the lifespan of an ordinary person, up to 1800 years. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The condensation of Life Fire was actually a dangerous process.

If the body was unable to withstand the Life Fire during the transformation, their Life Power would be burnt by the Life Fire and they would either lose all their combat abilities or be burned to death.

The death rate of the advancement process was extremely high. 80% of people attempting to advance would die during this process and for the remaining 20%, half of them would lose their combat abilities and be turned into an ordinary person. Less than 10% would succeed in their advancement.

Upon upgrading to holy fire-level, the Life Fire had five colors which ranged from white, red, blue, purple, and gold.

Based on the colors of their Life Fire, the holy fire-level can be divided into five levels.

Zhu Nian was a rank-5 transcendent. That was why Lin Huang felt that his aura was stronger than all the other transcendents he had met.

Above the holy fire-level was immortal-level.

On this level, one would have to kill a chief-level monster and extract the monster's soul. Its soul would then be used as fuel that when condensed, would create a Life Lamp.

Only nine lamps could be made at most. Each of the Life Lamps represented 360 years of life. Adding nine Life Lamps could extend one's lifespan to a maximum of about 3,000 years. That was why it was known as the immortal-level.

Beyond that, would be the imperial-level.

To achieve this, one would have to kill king-level monsters and seize their Life Base to build a Life Palace…

After achieving these transcendent levels, one can then take it a level further and upgrade oneself to become a demigod.

Lin Huang could hardly imagine the abilities of the immortal-level and the imperial-level transcendents. Zhu Nian, who was only on the holy fire-level could kill millions of monsters with ease.

"Holy fire, immortal, imperial… I will achieve all these one by one and finally become a demigod!" Lin Huang was still focused on his goal.

Four days had passed. The time had come for Lin Huang to leave through the dimensional portal that he had booked earlier.

Early in the morning, Lin Huang hurried to the portal and joined the queue. There were already three people waiting in line.

The number of times that the dimensional portal could be used was limited, especially for long-distance trips. The destination had to be readjusted every time it was used. Lin Huang had to book it 12 days in advance.

If anyone did not arrive on time, their ticket would be burned.

Just as Lin Huang arrived, a middle-aged man who was slightly bald welcomed him.

"Hello, did you book your ticket for today?"

Lin Huang nodded his head. However, the man did not look like he was a staff here.

"Would you mind selling me the ticket? I have something urgent to deal with and I'm willing to pay five times the price." The middle-aged man looked anxious as if he really had something urgent to do.

"Sorry, I'm in a rush too." Lin Huang shook his head. He could not help as he wanted to return to foothold No.7A28 as soon as possible to avoid any further delays in his plans.

"I'm sorry for disturbing." The middle-aged man then turned back and sat on the chair that he was sitting on earlier.

Within a short while, another person came by and the middle-aged man immediately went up to him before returning again in disappointment.

Lin Huang saw what happened and knew that the man had something urgent to attend to. However, he could not offer the man any help. He then looked for a place to sit and waited patiently as the staff would begin work at 9 am.

Nine of them who had pre-booked a ticket for the dimensional portal had arrived.

When the 10th person arrived, a few of the people who wanted to buy tickets went up to him.

"There's still another 10 minutes before the dimensional portal opens. Those who are looking for a ticket can look for me. However, as for the price…" A short and skinny man said, staring at few of the people who stood in front of him. "The base price of my ticket is 530,000 credit points. The price starts at 10 times higher than the original price and each markup has to be at least five times higher, I will sell the ticket to the anyone who can offer the highest price."

"Scavengers like him did really exist in this world…" Lin Huang was speechless.

The original price was 530,000 credit points but that man now managed to sell it for about 16,000,000 credit points.

This was actually not allowed at the portal.

The portal had established rules to restrict this. One could only resell their ticket at most three times a year. Once they had exceeded the limit, they would be blacklisted and not be allowed to buy any portal tickets for three years.

Once the ticket was sold, the ticket scalper immediately left. Soon, the staff arrived and the middle-aged man who had bought the ticket immediately changed its destination. He had to spend an additional 100,000 credit points for the change.

At 9 a.m., the dimensional portal was finally open. The staff did a roll call at the portal and each time the destination changed, the dimensional portal will close temporarily.

Lin Huang was the sixth person to be called, right after the middle-aged man who was holding the resale ticket left.

"Ye Xiu!"

Lin Huang did not respond. It was only when the staff called his fake name a second time that he remembered that he booked the ticket under a fake name. He then stood up.

Upon verifying the ticket and his identity, the staff reset the destination and pushed the door. Lin Huang then walked over and…


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