Monster Paradise
150 The New Monster Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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150 The New Monster Card

Lin Huang would only use the Seal Card when he encountered a strong monster.

He didn’t know how a chief-level monster looked like but since this monster defeated Zhu Nian, Lin Huang was certain that this monster was stronger than the ordinary transcendent monsters.

In addition, if he did not seal the monster now, all the Daxi City residents would perish and if that happened, he would have to change his return route to Baqi City.

Taking all these into consideration, Lin Huang had finally decided to use the Seal Card.

"The Seal Card can only be used one time. Once it's used, you cannot reverse the action. Are you sure you would like to use it?"


"Please select the target that you would like to seal."

Lin Huang pointed at the Ghastly Clown hanging in the mid-air. Then, a gold arrow appeared on top of the Ghastly Clown's head.

"Seal him." Lin Huang nodded his head.

"Sealing target is a monster that has gone through twice mutation. It meets the sealing requirement"

"Sealing target is a chief-level monster. After being sealed, the target's combat abilities will be restricted by the host. It can only exceed the host by one level."

"Are you confirmed you would like to seal the target?"

"Confirm!" Lin Huang nodded his head without hesitation.


Right when the notification from Xiao Hei arrived, the Ghastly Clown in the air was not moving at all. After a while, the Ghastly Clown's body turned into a blue flare and vanished from the sky.

"Sealing is completed!"

"Congratulations, you have gained an Epic level monster card – Ghastly Clown."

Lin Huang immediately tapped open the new monster card that he had just obtained.

"Monster Card"

"Rarity: Epic"

"Monster Name: Ghastly Clown"

"Type of Monster: Undying species"

"Combat Level: White Silver 3 Star"

"Skill 1: Mask - Control"

"Skill 2: Mask - Position Swap"

"Skill 3: Life Mask"

"Skill 4: Deception Magic"

"Skill 5: Fatal Trap"

"Skill 6: Telekinesis"

"Summoning Limit: Activated"

"Cark Remarks: Trainable"

"It has six skills?!" Charcoal the dragonkin and Bai only possessed five skills even though they were also Epic level. Perhaps the Ghastly Clown had higher-leveled combat abilities previously.

Lin Huang read through all of the skills to familiarize himself with them.

"Mask - Control: Replicate any of the faces within one's field of vision. By wearing the mask, one can have complete control over the owner of the face."

"Remark 1: The level of the one being controlled cannot exceed the controller by one level or more."

"Remark 2: There must be at least a three minutes interval before replicating the next mask."

"Remark 3: Replicated mask can be saved. However, the effect will only work when the mask is worn."

"Remark 4: The controlling effects will only work if the mask was replicated from an actual real face."

"Remark 5: Upon completion of the mask replication, if there are changes in the user's face such as serious disfigurements or plastic surgery, the effects of the mask would be rendered useless."

"Mask - Position Swap: The user and the one being controlled could change their position at any time."

"Life Mask: The one being controlled could bear adversity faced by the controller for one time. (Including, but not limited to, cursing, controlling and death effect)."

"Deception Magic: It is a magic that allows the user to switch between the reality and illusions. It has an incredible deception effect."

"Remark: It will only work on creatures that do not exceed the level of the user by one or above."

"Fatal Trap: Create countless unexpected traps to hunt or kill prey."

"Remark: The ability of the trap is limited. It will only work on creatures that do not exceed the level of the user by one level or more."

"Telekinesis: Telekinetic powers that allow the user to distort or move any object."

"The skills are indeed powerful. However, there are many restrictions." Lin Huang was amazed after looking at six of the skills.

"Would you like to extract the skills?" He received a notification from Xiao Hei.

"Oh yeah, I have an empty slot." Lin Huang just remembered that after the integration of skill that he had done earlier, he could still extract skills another time. He immediately nodded his head and said, "Extract the skill."

"Congratulations, you have gained a skill; Mask - Control."

Although there were many restrictions in using Mask - Control, it was undoubtedly a very powerful ability.

Keeping the Monster Card that he had just obtained, Lin Huang looked towards the monster crowd that had just ended.

"I could settle this using a Small Destruction Card but it would reveal my current location…"

All of a sudden, Zhu Nian emerged from the underground.

The golden flames surrounding his body had disappeared and there were cracks in his green armor relic. It was a 3-star defensive relic. Though it was not yet broken, it seemed to have lost its defensive powers due to the damages caused.

Despite having the armor as protection, it was not easy to withstand the Ghastly Clown’s attacks but he knew he had to get off of the ground and endure the pain because if he didn’t, a massacre would have happened.

As he flew mid-air, he looked around and there were no traces of the Ghastly Clown. This made Zhu Nian wonder. "Where is he?"

"Leader!" At the entrance of the foothold, Liang Song's voice was heard. He struggled to stand up.

When Zhu Nian saw this, he flashed and appeared in front of him. He then held his arm and asked, "What happened to you?"

"I'm fine. The clown turned into a blue flame and disappeared just now." Liang Song explained.

Zhu Nian could not believe this as he had never seen this happen before. How could a chief-level monster disappear just like that? This would probably only happen in stories.

"Bro, I saw it too, its true. It turned into a blue flame and disappeared." Zhou Qian nodded her head too. "If you don't believe us, you can ask the others. Many of them saw this."

Zhu Nian saw the rest of them nodding their heads. He had no choice but to believe them.

"It's okay. We'll talk about this later. Let's settle the monster horde first." Zhu Nian shook his head. He might as well not to think about this. Then, he looked at the monster horde.

Thanks to the armor relic that had defended against the attack, he was not seriously injured. Although he did not have his long spear with him, it would not affect his ability to kill monsters that were below transcendent level.

He extended both of his hands and opened his palm. Beams of glowing light that resembled a storm were created, gushing out into the air.

The glowing beams seemed to have eyes. They went around the humans and showed no mercy when they encountered monsters, penetrating through their bodies.

Millions of monsters were slaughtered in an instant.

There were monster carcasses everywhere in Daxi City.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Virtual Eye that hung in the air gradually disappeared after a short while.

Ensuring that he had cleared all of the monsters, Zhu Nian stored the two transcendent monster carcasses as well as Xie Yu's dead body. He then summoned the dimensional portal and left with Zhou Qian and Liang Song.


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