Monster Paradise
145 The Transcendent Monster Arrives
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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145 The Transcendent Monster Arrives

Countless monsters were coming out of the Virtual Eye. Xie Yu killed more than half of them while they were still descending mid-air but there were still many on the ground. Xie Yu did not have the time to care about those that were on the ground. Meanwhile, the Purple Crow staff rushed from the west gate to join the battle.

Since they had a transcendent as their guardian, most of the monsters were taken out by the transcendent alone which was comforting to the people. It was just a matter of time before Daxi City was destroyed by monsters.

Every time a Virtual Eye opened, a transcendent monster would come with it and it would be at least a nightmare-grade monster horde. The Virtual Eye that was opened near Daxi City was definitely brought with it a horde that was a higher leveled than a nightmare-grade horde judging from the amount of gold-level monsters that came with it. A disaster-grade monster horde would have at least three transcendent monsters.

"That looks huge…" The leader Zhu Nian frowned.

The lady with red hair, Zhou Qian pointed at her lips, indicating to the leader that she wanted to speak.

Zhu Nian sighed and nodded, "You may speak."

"From its size, it should be a giant. However, looking at the claws, it seems to be more like a demon or a sky dragon. If it was a sky dragon, it would wipe us all out except for the leader but if it was a demon, the old man would not be able to handle it on his own." Zhou Qian spoke her mind about what she observed.

"Hopefully, it's not a sky dragon. A sky dragon doesn't get along with other monsters. A monster horde of this grade would have at least three of them if it was a sky dragon. By then, aside from our leader, the rest of us must flee." Liang Song said.

Gigantic claws came out of the Virtual Eye in the middle and a loud roar echoed in the air. Aside from Xie Yu, there were many Purple Crow reserve members that were looking into the sky. Based on how its head looked, it appeared to be a dragon but since none of them had ever seen such a monster before, nobody could tell what it really was.

The gigantic dragon climbed down slowly from the Virtual Eye. Its gigantic stature filled everyone's eyes, causing the people immense stress. Even Lin Huang had never seen a creature of this size. Its head alone was almost 1,000 meters long and was filled with thorns. It certainly did not look friendly. It was more than 20,000 meters long with grayish-black scales covering its body. A deadly aura lingered all over its body. Its three gigantic eyes were grayish-white, there were no pupils. From the top of its head all the way to its tail, there were countless white thorns that were hundreds of meters long.

After it got out of the Virtual Eye, it extended its black wing and roared at the city. The entire city was like a toy town to it.

"Is this a sky dragon?" Zhou Qian was uncertain.

"The aura it gives of doesn’t feel like that of a sky dragon. It feels more like a spiritual monster." Liang Song shook his head.

"Both of you are wrong. It’s an undead monster." The leader Zhu Nian finally spoke. He was frowning, "Undead dragons are more difficult to deal with compared to sky dragons… The worse thing is that there will be more undead transcendent monsters arriving…"

Many hunters would never want to encounter undead monsters because they possess a unique skill to keep themselves alive. Just like the Six-Armed Demon, to kill it, one had to attack its mask to kill it. Attacking any other part of its body would prove futile. As for the Vile Marionette, it had the Robust ability and can only be killed after many repetitive attacks…

Those were the conclusions of the people who had encountered those monsters before. Now, they were faced with a monster nobody had faced before, its skills and powers were a mystery.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The undead monster is going to cause problems." Zhou Qian frowned.

Xie Yu who was fighting mid-air outside of the west gate of Daxi City frowned as well. Since he was closest to the monster, he could sense that it was slightly more powerful than himself. If it indeed had a unique skill to keep itself alive, Xie Yu could confirm that he would lose in this battle. However, he was determined to fight anyway. The gigantic dragon took aim at the city but soon, it noticed that there was an obstacle not far away from it.

It locked its eyes on the human that was blocking its way.

"Human, die!"

After a sudden roar, the dragon monster attacked Xie Yu with its gigantic claws. Although it was huge, it was still as fast as lightning. Xie Yu remained focused as he knew he had to fight with every fiber in him this time. He took out his sword and leaped forward, disappearing from where stood earlier.

He then appeared on top of the dragon's head and pointed his sword at the dragon beneath him as he screamed, "Lightning Sword!"

Just then, there were golden tendrils of lightning that sparkled around the purple sword. It then transformed into a golden bolt of lightning heading towards the dragon's eye.

"That was quick!" Zhou Qian, who stood at quite a distance exclaimed.

The dragon did not have the time to escape when the lightning pierced through its eye.

"Did it hit the dragon?" Liang Song was uncertain.

"No, it had some kind of unique ability." Zhu Nian frowned as he shook his head.

Xie Yu, who was in the battle was overjoyed when he saw the attack hit the dragon. However, his smile disappeared once he realized that his attack missed the monster. Just as Xie Yu was about to escape, a gigantic dragon tail slapped him and he fell hard towards the ground far away…


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