Monster Paradise
143 Daxi City
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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143 Daxi City

Lin Huang smirked as walked out of the bar where the skinny man was.

"Yang Ling…" Of course, he knew it was a fake name. Lin Huang traded one billion credit points to his new account with 10 Life Crystals. After getting to know the landing point of the Demonic Crystal Spaceship, Lin Huang then left the plaza where the spaceship was.

He arrived at the plaza around 10 at night. He looked around the hotels nearby and found one with a vacant room. He checked himself in immediately. The new Emperor’s Heart Ring was successfully used, there was no issue in Lin Huang’s hotel check-in at all. As he had no idea how to return to Baqi City yet, he booked two nights at the hotel.

After entering the hotel room, Lin Huang started to move the things that he used most frequently from the old Emperor’s Heart Ring to the new one as well as the storage ring that was given by Leng Yuexin. He also copied his contacts into the new ring and kept the old ring. He did not plan to use the hundreds of billions of credit points in his old ring as he was not sure if that would notify the Purple Crow of his whereabouts. He wanted to be careful. It was 1 a.m. when he was done with his stuff, he then went to bed in exhaustion.

He woke up after eight the next morning. After breakfast, he returned to his room and started to look at the route back to Baqi City. Foothold No.7C357 was called Daxi City by the locals, it was at the far west of Division7. Meanwhile, Baqi City was located in the middle of Division7 facing the south. To be able to get to Baqi City from Daxi City, he would have to cross half of Division7.

"So far away…" Lin Huang let out a sigh. As the distance was too far away, the network showed no Demonic Crystal Spaceships that departed from Daxi City to Baqi City. If he were to ride on the spaceship, he would have to change stations twice. The first journey would take more than four months while the second and third would take more than three months each. The entire journey would take at least 11 months.

"I can’t be doing that. By the time I get back, Lin Xin would have already graduated from school." Lin Huang gave up the plan to ride on the spaceship. After browsing the network for a long time, he finally found a workable route. He would get to foothold No.7A28, a huge foothold which was the closest to foothold No.7C357. From there, he could get to No.7A12, a foothold that was closest to Baqi City through the long-distance intra-dimensional portal. Then from No.7A12, he could get back to Baqi City through the long-distance intra-dimensional portal.

It did not matter if the distance was long or short, both could be completed within seconds. The only issue was whether he would be able to use the intra-dimensional portal as one would need to book it one month prior to the travel date. 

For the long-distance intra-dimensional portal from a C-grade, small-sized foothold to an A-grade, large foothold, it would require him to pre-book his travels anytime from 10 days to half a month prior to the travel date. He then took a look at the long-distance intra-dimensional portal from Daxi City to foothold No.7A28 and the earliest date he could travel was 12 days later and the earliest date he could book the super-long-distance intra-dimensional portal was 33 days later.

Lin Huang raised an eyebrow when he saw the price of the tickets. He knew that dimensional portals within C-grade footholds would require at least 10,000 credit points but the price for long-distance intra-dimensional portals was 10 times the price compared to the regular tickets for dimensional portals; costing 680,000 credit points. The tickets for the use of the super-long-distance intra-dimensional portal was even more ridiculous as it was tens of thousands times more than the price of a regular ticket. 

From foothold No.7A28 to foothold No.7A12, it would cost him 1.6 billion credit points.

Lin Huang did not book the ticket because he did not have sufficient credit points in his new Emperor’s Heart Ring. Feeling helpless, Lin Huang went to the credit bureau and traded 100 Life Crystals for 10 billion credit points. He then headed back to the hotel. He spent 1.6 billion credit points to book all three tickets from Daxi City to foothold No.7A28, from foothold No.7A28 to foothold No.7A12 before the final trip to Baqi City. He finally had a concrete plan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I will have to stay 12 days in Daxi City, 21 days in foothold No.7A28 and one to two days in foothold No.7A12 before I arrive in Baqi City." Lin Huang looked at the route and thought that was the fastest he could get back to Baqi City but it would still take him more than a month.

Daxi City was under Purple Crow’s jurisdiction, it was an open city with a very flavorful nightlife scene. However, that had nothing to do with Lin Huang. The more powerful the human and monsters he encountered in this world, the more stressed he was. He had always felt like he was too weak in this world, where even the slightest thing could kill him. He did not want to risk his life at all.

"There’s a level-2 wild zone nearby, I'll train my Wildfire Sword skill over there. Although I might not be able to accumulate the complete sword skill in 12 days, that’s sufficient for me to accumulate quite a few card pieces." Lin Huang soon made arrangements for what he was going to do for the next 12 days. The level-2 wild zone was less than 20 kilometers to the west of Daxi City. After lunch, Lin Huang headed to the wild zone riding on the Viridian Wolf.

After arriving deep in the wild zone and into the area of bronze-level monsters, Lin Huang recalled his Viridian Wolf and started to train his Wildfire Sword skill and whenever monsters saw him, they would plunge towards him but Lin Huang would end them. Within an hour, there were monster carcasses everywhere.

However, he did not stop training until it was 10 at night. He collected all the monster carcasses and returned to the city. For the following week, Lin Huang left the city early in the morning and returned late at night to train in his sword skill. He had accumulated more than 400 card pieces but he had yet to combine them into a complete skill card. Whenever Lin Huang asked Xiao Hei, Xiao Hei would tell him that the card pieces were insufficient.

Although he had yet to obtain the skill, Lin Huang was familiar with the skill now. It was almost as powerful as Thunder Sword. Since the card pieces were not enough, Lin Huang would have to accumulate the card pieces one by one. He had been killing monsters for a few days and by accumulating card pieces in the training tower, he now had seven monster card pieces that could be combined into complete cards. However, he chose not to combine them. The seven monsters were nothing out of the ordinary and he would rather redeem some other Monster Card or FunctionCard that could be of more use in the future. If he was to combine them into a complete card, there would be 10% damage to the card pieces.

On the eighth day, the sky was dark as Lin Huang left the hotel room. It looked like it was going to drizzle. However, he decided to head to the wild zone anyway and return when it rained. The weather remained the same until noon; rain had yet to pour. Lin Huang found a tree and planned to rest atop the tree. Just as he was eating his snack, he heard something strange from above him. He looked up at the sky and exclaimed, "What the f*ck?!"


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