Monster Paradise
142 Accidental Encounter
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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142 Accidental Encounter

The conversation between Hong Zhuang, Scarface, and Lu Xuan, what Scarface did to his dead body, Lin Huang heard and saw everything. He did not expect Scarface to be so kind to cremate Lin Huang’s dead body like what Xiao Mo asked. He even sent his ashes back to his home in Wulin Town.

However, Lin Huang sensed danger because the Purple Crow now had his personal details. Although the Purple Crow had announced his death, there were still records of his personal details. He could still be discovered.

In the training camp, most of the people were happy when they heard about Lin Huang’s death. Lin Huang was too powerful and because of that, he took most of the attention and enjoyed the limelight. Most of the people who feared him actually despised him. Lin Huang’s ability made them look mediocre. However, there were people who thought it was a shame too. Li Li had always treated Lin Huang a source of motivation. Although he was much older than Lin Huang, he thought that as long as he could catch up to Lin Huang, he would be stronger.

The saddest person had to be Xiao Mo, he had been staring into space in his room. Lin Huang was the only person who helped him in the training camp, he even saved his life. Xiao Mo had always been grateful to Lin Huang, he wanted to return the favor when he got out of the camp. However, he could not do that anymore now that Lin Huang is gone.

Without Lin Huang as his support, many people who were jealous of Xiao Mo created trouble for him. Many bullies crowded outside of Room 1121.

"Xiao Mo, you were having the best time of your time a few days back. Lin Huang is dead, why do you look like your father just died?"

"I heard Lin Huang gave you some of his points. I suggest you give us the points so that we leave you alone!"

"Xiao Mo, you should accept our challenge, don’t force us to start a deathmatch with you!"

"What are you guys doing!" Li Li knew Xiao Mo would have a difficult time since Lin Huang left so he dropped by to visit him. He did not expect to see that. The bullies left once they saw Li Li.

"Are you alright?" Li Li walked to Xiao Mo and asked.

"I’m okay." Xiao Mo shook his head and looked at Li Li, "Is Lin Huang really dead?" He still could not believe Lin Huang was gone forever.

"Thank you for helping me earlier." Xiao Mo held his head down again as he caressed the bronze-level equipment ring on his left middle finger. Lin Huang gave him a sword equipment ring last night.

"How about you stay with me?" Li Li suggested.

Xiao Mo looked at him and forced a smile but shook his head, "Thank you, that won't be necessary."

"How about… I move in with you." Li Li countered.

"That’s not it." Xiao Mo shook his head and smiled, "I've promised Boss Lin Huang that I would be stronger once he leaves. Although he’s no longer living, I still have to keep my promise."

Li Li nodded, patted Xiao Mo’s shoulder and left.

Lin Huang had been wandering around the training camp the entire day, he saw everything. He was touched. Although Purple Crow was an evil organization, not all of the people here were evil. At least Scarface, Li Li, and Xiao Mo were good-hearted.

Since the mission time limit was almost over, Lin Huang dove underground and left the camp in his Specter form.

"Congratulations, you have completed the chain missions. You've been awarded Advance Card x2"

Just when Lin Huang was almost out of the training camp’s coverage, Xiao Hei sent him a notification.

"I’m finally free!" Lin Huang stretched his back.

After leaving the camp hundreds of kilometers behind him, Lin Huang checkout out his coordinates on his Emperor’s Heart Ring. He realized that he was located in the far west of Division7, it was far away from Baqi City and Wulin Town.

"How should I go back now, I shall get to a foothold as a human." Lin Huang left his Specter form and transformed back into a human. He then altered his features, height and changed his clothes, wearing a cloak behind him. He then set his destination, heading to a C-grade mid-sized foothold and summoned the Alexandrian Eagle.

It was already nighttime when he arrived at foothold No.7C357. After he entered the city, he was thinking of his accommodation as he would have to scan his identity if he was to stay in a hotel. He registered with the Purple Crow before so it might notify the Purple Crow, he did not want to reveal himself like that.

"Seems like it’s time to fake an identity or else there would be many restrictions." Lin Huang frowned. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After strolling around in the area, Lin Huang noticed that the foothold was one that was under the Purple Crow’s jurisdiction. This was not the only foothold as there were more than 10 footholds that the Purple Crow controlled. There was a Hunter Association here but there must be people who were connected to the Purple Crow. With his grayish-black cloak, Lin Huang walked into the Hunter Association, he took out a Life Crystal when he got to the reception.

"I need a fake identity." Lin Huang spoke in a deep voice.

"Sure, please follow me." The receptionist was a short, middle-aged man who was quite friendly after receiving the Life Crystal. Lin Huang was brought to a cellar which was connected to the bar next door. It was crowded with many drunken men and women.

The short, middle-aged man brought Lin Huang into a room. There was a skinny man who looked like he was in his 20s kissing a blonde lady on the couch.

"You got a customer!" The short middle-aged man shouted.

The man glared at the short, middle-aged man and Lin Huang while he put on his pants. He then lifted the lady’s chin, "Hey baby, I have some business to deal with. I’ll get back to you."

The lady was half naked on the couch, and even though Lin Huang was in the room, she did not cover herself at all. She winked at the man and said, "Don’t take too long."

"Don’t worry, it’ll be quick." The man spanked the lady’s naked butt.

After he put on his clothes, the skinny man walked towards the short middle-aged man, "What does he want?"

"He needs a black card." The short middle-aged man said, "Deal with him, I need to make a move."

The short, middle-aged man then left.

"What kind do you need?" The skinny man looked at Lin Huang.

"What are the choices?" Lin Huang asked.

"The cheapest one will only get you into a hotel. The slightly more expensive ones can get you a ride in the Demonic Crystal Spaceship. The ones which are even more expensive can get through the Hunter Association and Union Government; you can even use it to get a hunter's license. The most expensive kind can turn you into royalty with all the perks that come along with it. As long as you can afford them, I can get anything for you."

The skinny man laughed, "I’m using the identity of the member of a royal family, it got me many perks."

"I want the one that can get me a hunter's license." Lin Huang decided after hearing all the available options, "You're sure you can do it?"

"Don’t worry, some of the Purple Crow elite members even got their fake identities made here." The obnoxious face the skinny man had made him look like he was not lying.

"How much would it cost?" Lin Huang nodded in agreement.

"100 pieces of Life Crystals. I accept Life Crystals only, not Life Crystals pieces, not credit points either. Also, no negotiation." The skinny man revealed his price.

100 pieces of Life Crystals were equivalent to 10,000 years of Life Crystal pieces and 10billion credit points. The price was sky-high.

"Sure." Lin Huang said without hesitating. "However, I have a question."

"Do tell." The skinny man was stunned at how easily Lin Huang agreed to the price.

"If a fake identity that allows me to pass through the Union Government cost me100 Life Crystals, then how much would the identity of a member of a royal family cost?" Lin Huang asked.

"It depends on which level of royalty you're talking about. No matter which level, it would cost at least a complete transcendent monster's carcass." The skinny man laughed.

Lin Huang was quiet.

"Please take off your cloak. Stand here, I will take a picture of you." The skinny man laid down a white cloth and waved to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang took off his cloak and revealed his 25-year-old face. It was his face when he was on earth. The blonde lady on the couch saw Lin Huang and winked at him, "Handsome, join our fun later?"

Lin Huang looked at the skinny man in shock.

"I’m open-minded, if you’re willing to, I don’t mind." The skinny man shrugged his shoulders.

After the photoshoot was done, the skinny man took awhile before getting to Lin Huang.

"Create a name for yourself, I will get the machine to generate the other details for you. Only you can see your personal details, I won’t be able to see it. That will protect your privacy."

"Ye Xiu." Lin Huang gave the name. It was the MC's name in a web novel that he read once. He loved the novel very much which was why he could remember the name.

"Ye Xiu, that's a good name." The skinny man laughed. After the name was inserted, the details were registered.

Within three minutes, a new Emperor’s Heart Ring was sent to the skinny man via a device.

"It’s done, take a look." The skinny man passed the ring to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang then put on the ring on his left middle finger. After the identity scan was done, Lin Huang took a look at his new identity. He then placed 100 pieces of Life Crystals on the table.

"Thanks." Just when he was putting on his cloak, Lin Huang saw a ball under a bench nearby. He was stunned, he used his foot to get the ball out, it looked like a football.

"What is this?" Lin Huang could not help but ask.

"This is called football in my hometown, it’s considered a toy. I made this myself in memory of my hometown." The skinny man was not surprised at Lin Huang’s question.

Lin Huang could almost tell who the skinny man really was but he suppressed his excitement and said, "Give me your contact details if I need you again in the future."

"Sure!" The skinny man agreed immediately.


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