Monster Paradise
141 Handling The Corpse
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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141 Handling The Corpse

Hong Zhuang did not believe that Lin Huang was dead when she first heard the news from Lu Xuan. She thought that Lin Huang would escape the training camp instead of dying. She soon realized that Lu Xuan was not joking.

"Are you sure that Lin Huang is dead?" Hong Zhuang frowned.

"I confirmed this with Scarface." Lu Xuan explained.

"I’m coming over now." Hong Zhuang hung up the phone.

Soon, a black metal door appeared in Lu Xuan’s room. It was opened and a lady in black coat walked in, there was a red Purple Crow logo on the left side of her collar. Hong Zhuang kept the door and said to Lu Xuan, "Bring me there."

Lu Xuan nodded and summoned a red wooden door. The duo stepped in and entered Scarface’s office. The first thing they saw was the coffin that made of gold velvet wood.

Hong Zhuang she did not even look at Scarface and asked directly, "How did he die?" Scarface told her the story and showed her the video clip in the training room. Hong Zhuang frowned and kept quiet after she saw the video clip. She then looked at Lu Xuan, "Bring out the dead body."

"Put it there." Hong Zhuang pointed at Scarface’s desk. Scarface did not dare to disagree and nodded, "Yes, put it here. The table is big." Lu Xuan placed Lin Huang’s body on the table. Hong Zhuang then walked over and said, "Flip him over so that his back is facing upwards." Lu Xuan then flipped Lin Huang’s body. Hong Zhuang took a good look.

"There’s a bite wound by a Ruinshade Wolf. His neck is broken, probably from the wolf’s attack. What caused his death, however, was the Giant Horned Rhino's stomps, his organs are all destroyed. From the corpse, it seems to match what the video showed us…" She mumbled to herself as she analyzed his body.

Hong Zhuang was still frowning after she checked Lin Huang’s dead body. Although everything matched the video clip, her instincts told her that whatever event had transpired was not as simple as this.

"Have you done a DNA test?" Hong Zhuang asked Scarface.

"A DNA test? No." Scarface shook his head, "I was the one who brought him here and there’s video proof as well so there shouldn't be any mistakes?"

"Get someone to run a DNA test now." Lu Xuan was clearly annoyed when she patted Scarface’s shoulder.

He called a staff immediately to run a blood test. Minutes later, a lady in doctor attire came in."

"Run a DNA test for the corpse and compare it with Lin Huang’s DNA." Hong Zhuang said to the doctor without even looking at Scarface.

"Do it right now!" Scarface shouted.

The doctor then took a sample from Lin Huang’s dead body. Five to six minutes later, the result showed that the dead body’s DNA matched Lin Huang’s DNA. "It’s the same person."

Scarface and Lu Xuan then looked at Hong Zhuang in disbelief, "How could this happen…"

"You can leave now." Scarface lowered his voice as he spoke.

"Master Hong Zhuang, Lin Huang had great potential but since he was fated to die, there was nothing that he could do to escape." Lu Xuan spoke.

"He had the opportunity to summon his monster. He wouldn’t die if he summoned the vampire. Why didn’t he?" Hong Zhuang shook her head. She still thought that there was a missing piece somewhere in this puzzle.

"Under normal circumstance, the first thing people do when they’re attacked is either to avoid or to attack back. He probably didn’t see that coming. He probably reacted based on instinct. With his limited battle experience, he wouldn’t have thought of what we would have done instead." Lu Xuan explained.

"Perhaps after he attacked the Ruinshade Wolf, he wanted to summon the vampire to protect him but the Giant Horned Rhino was too fast. That was why he did not have the time to summon the vampire." Scarface speculated. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hong Zhuang opened up after they both spoke their minds, "That’s true, I cannot expect a 15-year-old kid to have the same experience that I do… I overestimated him… Too bad, he had such great potential. Such a waste for the vampire that went through two mutations too…"

Summons for an Imperial Censor existed in a separate dimension when they're not summoned. When an Imperial Censor dies, the separate dimension would collapse and all their summons would die. If the monster was summoned, it would be freed as a wild monster upon the Imperial Censor's death. That was the reason why Hong Zhuang thought it was such a waste; she had her eyes on the vampire since they first met.

"Master Hong Zhuang, would you like to bring his corpse with you or …" Scarface asked.

" He’s dead now, why would I want his corpse?" Hong Zhuang glared deadly at Scarface and Lu Xuan, "All I asked was that the both of you to look after this kid for three months, was that too much to ask? Now that he’s dead, how dare you ask me whether I intend on bringing him along with me?!"

"Master Hong Zhuang, it’s our fault that this happened. We did not complete the mission that you requested. It's your right to punish us." Lu Xuan and Scarface had planned to apologize to Hong Zhuang.

"Stop that, don’t you think I have no idea what the both of you are up to." Hong Zhuang was cold as she replied in anger, "It’s impossible that I would let this incident go just like that!"

"However, there is a way you two can redeem yourselves." Hong Zhuang said as she licked her lips.

"We'll do our best!" Although the both of them knew that Hong Zhuang’s request would not be easy, they did not want to owe this lady anything.

"Find an Imperial Censor who owns a monster that has mutated twice within a year; the person cannot be above 18-years-old and if you do manage to find one, I'll pretend this incident never happened. However, if you fail again, you know very well that I hold grudges." Hong Zhuang grinned.

The both of them were in trouble. There were very few Imperial Censors in the first place and it was almost impossible to find an Imperial Censor who owns a monster that mutated twice and was below 18 years of age. Both of them had lived for 100 years and they have only encountered a person like Lin Huang this one time. To top it off, the mission had to be completed within a year. It was mission impossible.

However, they did not reject her request but nodded in agreement, "We'll try our best to complete the mission!"

After sending Hong Zhuang off, the both of them looked at each other.

"What should we do? Where can we find an Imperial Censor who is like Lin Huang within a year?" Scarface looked helplessly at Lu Xuan.

"What’s the rush, at least we have a buffer period of one year. She'll leave us alone for now."

"What can one year do? Do you think you can be upgraded to an elite member within a year or do you plan to hide somewhere?" Scarface said sarcastically to Lu Xuan.

"If I could become an elite member, I wouldn't be scared of her. Don’t even think about escape. The consequences would be far worse if she found me." Lu Xuan shook his head.

"At least we get to think of a way within the one year. If you have someone good here, you can send him over to her. Maybe she won’t be mad anymore but it does not necessarily have to be someone like Lin Huang.

"That’s true, maybe I should loosen the recruitment criteria for the training camp." Scarface nodded.

Lu Xuan left soon after that. Scarface then looked at Lin Huang’s body on his table. He walked towards him and stared at his dead body, "Lin Huang oh Lin Huang, please rest in peace. According to the law, we usually tossed corpses down the cliff to feed the monsters. It would be a shame if I treat you like everybody else. Since we know each other, I shall listen to what your roommate asked of me, which is to burn you into ashes so that nobody would see you like this."

Scarface heard what Lin Huang said to Xiao Mo the other night. After spending some time to cremate Lin Huang’s dead body, he placed his Emperor’s Heart Ring and equipment rings into the urn. He then delivered the urn to the address in Wulin Town. Later, he spread the news of Lin Huang’s death. Everyone in the training camp was shocked by the news…


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