Monster Paradise
139 Deception Card - Activated!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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139 Deception Card - Activated!

The first chain mission was to rank first on the leaderboard within seven days and to maintain the ranking for three days. That being said, Lin Huang was only left with four days to achieve that. Lin Huang frowned when he realized that he was 1.3 million points away from Fang Wen who ranked the first and more than 500,000 points away from Li Li who ranked the third. After he arrived on the first floor by elevator, he then walked all the way up to the 10th floor of the training tower.

There were gold-level rank-1 monsters on the 10th floor. Scarface noticed that Lin Huang was getting serious about his ranking. Most of the doors on this floor were vacant and so Lin Huang randomly picked one and entered. After summoning Bai, Lin Huang asked Xiao Hei to disconnect his Life Wheel with Bai immediately. As Bai’s four Blood Power wings were opened, he entered his battle mode. Every slash would decapitate a monster's head. Although he was only white silver-level rank-3, the gold-level rank-1 monsters were nothing to him.

After five hours in the tower, it was already five in the evening. Lin Huang had obtained almost one million points. He had surpassed Li Li and was only 400,000 points away from Fang Wen. He then left the tower, had dinner and entered the tower again when it was seven at night. He stayed until 10 p.m. and managed to obtain 600,000 points within three hours and surpassed Fang Wen. He was now top-ranked on the leaderboard.

However, his points were merely 100,000 more than Fang Wen. Nevertheless, the news soon caught the people’s attention. Lin Huang’s points were stagnant for many days but now, because it had skyrocketed, people guessed it was due to the manager.

"Maybe the manager gave Lin Huang something in return so that he would do what he asked?" There were many speculations among the people. Even Fang Wen was skeptical as he knew from Lin Huang that he did not care about his ranking. However, he started to think that it was related to the manager who asked for him in the afternoon.

When Lin Huang arrived in his room, Xiao Mo looked at him in admiration, "Boss Lin, you’re now No.1."

"Yup," Lin Huang nodded, "I will have to head to the training tower again tomorrow to maintain my ranking."

Lin Huang slept early that night. The next morning, he headed straight to the training tower right after breakfast. He bumped into Fang Wen while he was on his way, Fang Wen called out his name from far.

"Lin Huang, you have been extra hardworking these two days."

"Yea, same goes for you." Lin Huang nodded and smiled.

"Did the manager say something to you?" Fang Wen walked closer and lowered his voice.

"I think so." Lin Huang nodded. Since everyone was speculating, that would be the most reasonable excuse he had. Fang Wen did not ask further. Now that Lin Huang wanted to be the first, he would have to give in as nobody could beat him in the training camp.

On the next day, Lin Huang spent all his time at the training tower. He spent 11 hours and gained 2.2 million points, he was now far away from Fang Wen; about two million points ahead of Fang Wen who was ranked second. He had now gotten himself a new nickname in the training camp - Point Accumulation Maniac. On the third day, he managed to obtain another two million points.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

On the fourth afternoon, a notification from the first accomplished mission popped up.

"Chain Mission 1: Rank first on the Purple Crow training camp leaderboard and maintain the rank for three days. (Completed)"

"Chain Mission 2: After the first mission is completed, escape the training camp without anyone noticing. Mission Time Limit: 3 days. The countdown has begun…"

Lin Huang did not stop killing monsters. He stayed in the training tower until 5:30 p.m. and obtained another 1.6 million points. He then left the training tower. After dinner, Lin Huang headed to the point redemption counter and redeemed a modified gold-level equipment called the GoldEagle11 for 7.2 million points with his 7.5 million points. He then went back to the training tower after that.

This time, he went to the sixth floor instead of the 10th floor. On the sixth floor, he began training Wildfire Sword. Whenever monsters approached him, he would use his other sword skills to kill them before he continued training Wildfire Sword and because of the occasional monster attacks, he noticed that he obtained skills card pieces much quicker. Lin Huang was quite gifted in the sword department and had managed to master quite a few styles. He could even kill one or two monsters with Wildfire Sword.

After three hours, it was already 10 at night. Lin Huang managed to accumulate 11 skill card pieces. As the training period had ended, Lin Huang headed back to the residential area, took a shower and headed to his room. He lay on his bed and thought to himself, "Two and a half days more…"

On the next morning, he headed to the sixth floor of the training tower to train Wildfire Sword. Although he still did not manage to master it, after a day of practice, he was close to mastering Wildfire Sword.

At night, he chatted with Xiao Mo.

"Xiao Mo, have you ever thought of what to do when you became a transcendent one day?"

"I… Have never thought of that… It should be… difficult to become a transcendent…" Xiao Mo was stunned at Lin Huang’s question, "Boss Lin, how about you? I think there wouldn't be a problem for you to become one!"

"Being a transcendent isn’t my ultimate goal, my goal is to become a demigod. First I’ll be a demigod... I'm not sure if I can become a real god one day." Lin Huang revealed his ambitious goal and said immediately, "However, it’s a difficult path. Perhaps I would die halfway through my journey… If I really do die, I don’t want my dead body to be left in public for people to gawk at. The best scenario would be burning into ashes, it’s clean-cut and nothing would be left behind…"

"Boss Lin please don’t say that. You are a good person, you will live long." Xiao Mo said immediately. They chatted until 1 a.m. before heading to bed. On the third day, Lin Huang smirked as he headed out.

"Xiao Hei, activate the Deception Card."

"Once the Deception is activated, you will have to complete the fake incident within a day. Are you sure you want to activate the card?" Xiao Hei said.

"Confirm activation." Lin Huang did not hesitate at all, he was only left with one and a half day before the mission ended. He did not have much time.

"Deception Card activated; please complete the fake incident as soon as possible."

"Please set the starting point of the fake incident at my moment of death." Lin Huang set the starting point.

"Starting point has been set"

Lin Huang headed to the training tower. This time, he headed to the seventh floor. There were silver-level rank-1 monsters on the seventh floor. Lin Huang entered a vacant room. This time, he did not summon Bai but instead, killed all the monsters on his own. To Lin Huang who was already bronze-level rank-3, silver-level rank-1 monsters were quite manageable but it was not as relaxed as the sixth floor. No matter speed or strength, silver-level monsters were incomparable with bronze-level rank-3 monsters.

However, with Lin Huang’s amazing movement, he managed to kill many monsters but it was less efficient. As he stayed in the training room, different varieties of monsters appeared more and more often. Lin Huang leaped and landed on the back of a Giant Horned Rhino and stabbed his sword into its neck. The Giant Horned Rhino fell to the ground in an instant.

Suddenly, a grayish-black shadow plunged from his back. It was a Ruinshade Wolf, a monster that was an expert in sneak attacks. Lin Huang did not see it coming, he fell to the ground and it bit the back of his neck. A crack was heard, he knew that his neck was broken. He used his backhand and sliced the Ruinshade Wolf into half as he attempted to stand up. At that moment, the Giant Horned Rhino stomped at him with its front hoofs.

Lin Huang’s spine and ribs were broken from the stomp, even his organs were mushed up. With one hit, Lin Huang fell to the ground. He was dead…

A notification came from Xiao Hei.

"You are dead, initiating fake incident now…"


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