Monster Paradise
136 Fang Wen“s Information
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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136 Fang Wen“s Information

Fang Wen stayed in Room 1801 in the building across. Lin Huang got to his room number easily. Although they were supposed to be training now, as long as they did not enter the training tower, they were allowed to move around within the residential area but they were not allowed to leave. Although the dormitory did not have an elevator, it was still a breeze for Lin Huang to get up to the 18th floor.

As he walked on the corridor, he noticed that Fang Wen’s door was opened.

"Luckily he’s here."

Just when Lin Huang was making his way to his room, he hears a woman's voice. Not one, but two voices. Lin Huang did not expect that Fang Wen would do something so inappropriate.

"Who is that?!" Somebody shouted from the room. Fang Wen walked out with a white robe. It was awkward but Lin Huang turned around and waved at him, "Oh, good morning…"

"Lin Huang?" Fang Wen did not expect him to come but he wanted to talk to him so he said, "Give me a minute, let me clean up."

"It’s alright, you seem busy. I'll come by tomorrow." Lin Huang knew he was interrupting the fun.

"It’s alright, I can have that anytime I want. You’re more important, just give me two to three minutes." Fang Wen then returned to his room.

A moment later, two tall ladies sprinted out from his room with their pajamas and left. Fang Wen dressed up appropriately and nodded to Lin Huang, "You can come in now."

Lin Huang was stunned by the size and decor of the room, "Your room is so big and luxurious!"

"I renovated it myself. If you wanted it, I believe the manager would do the same for you." Fang Wen knew very well that Lin Huang must have even someone even stronger supporting him from the shadows.

"That won’t be necessary; I won’t be staying here for long you see." Lin Huang shook his head and followed Fang Wen into his room.

There was a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom and a kitchen in Fang Wen’s room. The four partitions took up the space of ten regular sized rooms. It was at least ten times bigger than Lin Huang’s room and there was still a feminine scent lingering in the living room. However, it was really clean. At least Lin Huang could not see anything that was messy or dirty.

"Come, come, have a seat." Fang Wen said, pointing at the couch.

Lin Huang hesitated as he was not sure if the couch was where Fang Wen had intercourse earlier.

"Don’t worry, I didn’t do it on the couch today. I have done that before but I would always get someone to clean the covers." Fang Wen explained.

Lin Huang shook his head while he got himself a chair. Fang Wen did not say anything as proceeded to sit on the couch. He smiled at Lin Huang, "Bro Lin Huang, is there anything that I could do to help you?"

"This is what happened. I realized that I have lost one of my storage rings this morning. I couldn’t find it anywhere in my room. I thought about it and figured I must have lost it in Gong Sunying’s clothes when I was searching his dead body yesterday. However, his dead body is gone now. I know you must know more than I do, so I'd like to know how they handled his corpse? Is there any way that I could get my ring back?"

"I think it’s a difficult task. Is there anything valuable in the ring?" Fang Wen bought Lin Huang’s lie.

"There’s nothing valuable, just some equipment and Life Crystals. However, it was a gift from a girl. This would upset her." What Lin Huang said was not a complete lie because the ring was indeed given by Leng Yuexin.

"Ahh... It’s a gift of love…" Fang Wen teased.

"Is there any way to get it back?" Lin Huang continued to ask. He did not want to give too much information.

"I don’t think so, I bet you have no idea how they handle dead bodies here." Fang Wen then explained the process to Lin Huang patiently.

"If someone died in the training camp, a truck would pick up the dead body on the day itself and toss it from the cliff outside the camp and monsters will feed on it. This area is practically a graveyard. Since Gong Sunying’s body was collected yesterday, your ring was either taken by the staff or its already in the monster’s stomach, bro. Either way, it’s impossible to retrieve it."

"If the girl who gave you the ring is really important, I have an idea for you. Once you get out, get a ring that looks exactly the same, possibly with the same amount of storage space. She won’t know the difference." Fang Wen said to Lin Huang.

"That’s a great idea." Lin Huang nodded. Fang Wen knew so much more than the rest, he even knew the exact location of the training camp. He had gotten the most important information from Fang Wen, which was how the camp handled corpses.

"It’s a pity that Gong Sunying doesn’t have a proper grave." Fang Wen sighed, "If he had the same background as we did, at least his body would not be thrown away like a piece of trash."

Lin Huang was stunned, he then asked, "Would the treatment be different if the background is different?"

"Of course. Those who come with a good background would have their dead body kept for their family to collect. The camp doesn’t want to offend anyone, keeping the dead body is for the family or person-in-charge to do as they wish, probably an autopsy to find out the real reason of death if that’s what they want." Lin Huang was concerned after hearing Fang Wen’s explanation.

"What’s wrong, you don’t look too good." Fang Wen noticed Lin Huang’s became fidgety.

"I ate something cold this morning, my stomach doesn’t feel too well. I need to go back now." Lin Huang lied.

"If you cannot hold it, you can use my bathroom here." Fang Wen was generous.

"It’s alright, I will go back to my room." Lin Huang bid him farewell.

Lin Huang was frowning all the way back from Fang Wen’s room. If he faked his death, he could successfully leave the camp. However, Scarface would definitely keep his dead body and inform Hong Zhuang. Even if he managed to escape before Hong Zhuang’s return, she would know that he faked his death if there was no body. By then, the trouble would be even more serious. That was not what he wanted, he wanted to disappear and leave no trace behind.

"What should I do?" Lin Huang squatted on the toilet bowl and mumbled to himself. Since he told Fang Wen that his stomach was not well, he had to continue his act or Scarface man might find out that he was up to something. After half an hour, Lin Huang could not think of anything. However, he recalled that he had yet to accumulate the 10 cross-ranking rewards.

"I shall get the 10 bronze-level cross-ranking reward cards and hopefully I can get something that could help me escape…" After cleaning himself, he then pressed the flush button and put his pants on. He headed to the training tower. He entered a vacant door on the sixth floor. This time, he did not summon Bai. Instead, he took out his bronze-level battle sword and started killing the monsters.

An hour later, two circles of Life Power were consumed. He then left the training room and proceeded to the seventh floor. There were silver-level rank-1 monsters on the seventh floor, it was his first time on this floor. He chose a vacant room and summoned Bai.

"Xiao Hei, disconnect my Life Wheel from Bai’s temporarily."

"Life Wheel has been disconnected."

When his Life Wheel was disconnected, Lin Huang could not obtain Life Power from Bai. It was what he wanted. He consumed his Life Power on the sixth floor on purpose to prevent himself from having his Life Power getting filled and the Life Light Baptism from happening. After all, he had just broken through bronze-level rank-3 not long ago and the Life Power in his body was not stable yet. If he were to receive the Life Light Baptism under such conditions, his Life Power might go haywire and possibly break his Life Wheel or cause death.

"Bai, block the other monsters. Give me two at once." Lin Huang instructed Bai.

Since he was a bronze-level rank-3, he could handle silver-level rank-1 monsters. However, there were too many monsters here. If they were to attack all at once, he would have to run away. That was why he had Bai control the number of monsters he would fight. Bai nodded and extended his Blood Power wings. Standing right in front of Lin Huang, a pair of wings were transformed into an arena that measured 50 meters by 50 meters while the other wings were transformed into two long vines to tie up two monsters. He then tossed the two monsters into the arena that Lin Huang was in.

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Lin Huang did not expect Bai to create an arena just for him, he gave Bai a thumbs up. The ring on this right middle finger was then transformed into a bronze-level battle sword. He lifted the sword and plunged towards the two monsters…


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