Monster Paradise
135 Wildfire Sword
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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135 Wildfire Sword

People flooded the entrance of Room 1121. Lin Huang who just got back from redeeming breakfast was soon noticed by the crowd.

"Boss Lin Huang is here, make way for him!" A person shouted.

Heads were turned, seeing Lin Huang blocked by the crowd, a path was cleared for him.

"Boss Lin Huang. Were you headed out for breakfast?"

"…" Lin Huang was speechless.

After passing through the crowd to his room, he finally found out what the hype was about. Fang Wen who ranked first on the leaderboard and Li Li who ranked third was in his room. Those who ranked fourth to 10th were all outside his room. Xiao Mo was sitting with both Fang Wen and Li Li, and upon seeing Lin Huang arrive, the three of them stood up immediately.

"Bro Lin Huang, my name is Fang Wen," he said. The boy looked like he was only 17 or 18, and soft-spoken. He shook Lin Huang’s hand.

"My name is Li Li," the boy next to him said. He seemed like he was over 20. He was more matured and much taller, as he stood at 1.8 meters. The top-ranked recruits were here to worship him after seeing what he did yesterday.

"Bro Lin Huang, we are here to get to know each other better. It was fate that we are sent to the same training camp, and perhaps we have the opportunity to collaborate after we join the Purple Crows. Please accept my humble gift," Fang Wen said and placed a space storage ring in Lin Huang’s hand.

"Thank you, Fang Wen," Lin Huang smirked and accepted the gift without hesitation.

After he killed Gong Sunying, Lin Huang searched his dead body for stuff on purpose so that people would have an idea that he was greedy and they would send him gifts. It would be perfect if he could get something from the people in the training camp before he left the place.

"I heard that Bro Lin Huang loves sword skills. I obtained a great one earlier, and it would be a waste if I use it. I feel it's better if you have it," Li Li said as he gave Lin Huang a combat skill crystal. Hearing that it was a sword skill, Lin Huang kept the gift immediately. The both of them then left after a short chat. The people outside his room left their gifts too. Lin Huang did not reject any of them. The crowd left half an hour later.

"My breakfast is cold now…" Lin Huang muttered to himself. After sending everyone off, Lin Huang shook his head and sighed.

"I’ll get a new one for you," Xiao Mo said immediately. He wanted to get Lin Huang a gift as well but he had nothing valuable to offer him.

"It’s alright, let’s eat," Lin Huang passed the bun that he bought to Xiao Mo.

After accepting the bun, Xiao Mo hesitated and said, "Let me get you breakfast and dinner from today onwards."

"Sure, you can take some of my points later," Lin Huang nodded. He thought that he could save his time by getting Xiao Mo to run those simple chores for him.

"It’s not necessary, food doesn’t cost much," Xiao Mo waved his hand.

"I refused to buy the last time as I was at the bottom in the leaderboard, it’s alright now," he continued.

"The points are useful for you, but not me. I’m not at a lack of combat skills or equipment, and I don’t care about my ranking. Besides, with the points that I accumulated, I could even consume tens of thousands a day. It’s a different story for you, each point is important to you. You should use it to get a blade," Lin Huang explained.

"You use my points for food. If you are embarrassed, you could treat me a good meal when we get out," Lin Huang said to him and patted him on the back.

"Sure!" Xiao Mo did not reject the offer anymore since Lin Huang had said so.

Just when they were eating, the loudspeaker shell announced about the public execution. Both of them left their room immediately and followed the crowd to the arena. The three people were then pushed to the middle of the arena. The last one was staring at Xiao Mo. He never shifted his eyes away from Xiao Mo. He was the person who ranked the last fourth on the leaderboard. As Lin Huang cheated for Xiao Mo, he became the person who would be executed. He held a grudge for Xiao Mo now.

Lin Huang noticed that the person was staring at Xiao Mo so he put his hand on his shoulder and asked, "Are you alright?"

Xiao Mo shook his head and looked away from the person. Soon the execution started, after the first two people were killed, it was time for the third person to be executed.

The man in sunglasses placed the loudspeaker shell next to his mouth, and he was supposed to say his name and way of execution.

Instead, he smiled, "Xiao Mo, don’t ever forget that you owe me my life!"

The man in sunglasses frowned and nodded at the executioner. The executioner covered his mouth and sliced his throat so that he could not speak anymore. Blood shot out from his neck, and he was breathing like a wind box being pulled. Everyone could feel the suffocation from the sound that was amplified through the loudspeaker shell.

The person stared at Xiao Mo’s direction until he died. After the execution ended, Xiao Mo was quiet all the way back to his room.

"The guy is dead now, don’t mind what he said," Lin Huang said.

"He’s right, I should be dead. I owe him his life," Xiao Mo shook his head.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You were just lucky that you escaped, you don’t owe him anything," Lin Huang said firmly as he tried to console him. "If you hold this in your heart, your life would be affected by it. Now that he’s dead, no matter how sorry you feel, he will still be dead. So I suggest that you put this behind you. When you leave and became a reserve member of the Purple Crows, you can check out who that person was to see if there’s anything you can do for him then," Lin Huang continued.

Xiao Mo was quiet for a while before he nodded.

"Also, keep yourself busy so that you will not be thinking of such nonsense. Let’s battle in the training tower. It'll be good for you to release those pent-up emotions," Lin Huang said.

"I shall head to the training tower then," Xiao Mo said as he stood up. He then waved goodbye to Lin Huang and left.

Lin Huang sat by his bed to look at the gift from Fang Wen and the rest. The space storage ring was not big, it was just about 1,000 square cubic meters but there were 3,000 Life Crystals within it. One Life Crystal was equivalent to 100 years while the 3,000 Life Crystals could be traded for three billion credit points!

"Wow! That was so generous of Fang Wen! Perhaps he’s royalty, and surely not from a small royal family either…" It was not easy for him to just guess Fang Wen’s family background as only royalty could have been this generous.

After keeping Fang Wen’s ring, Lin Huang looked at the sword skill given to him by Li Li. He then looked at the details of the skill crystals. Wildfire Sword was created by a sword master 300 years ago from combining a variety of sword skills over a span of seven years…

"Xiao Hei, how’s this sword skill?" Lin Huang knew that there would be nothing good about what Xiao Hei was going to say as he had yet to start training with it.

"Are you messing around with me?" Xiao Hei replied. Lin Huang did not expect to hear that. He sat up straight in an instant. The only combat skill that was on an Epic level was his Great Sword Scripture, he could not believe it when he heard Xiao Hei say that this new sword skill could be upgraded to an Epic soon.

"I have never lied to you. This sword skill has yet to be completed, but it has great potential. I suggest you train with it immediately," Xiao Hei said.

It was the first time Lin Huang heard Xiao Hei giving such a positive comment about a combat skill.

"If this became Epic, and compared to the Great Sword Scripture, which is more powerful?"

"I can’t compare it before you obtained the skill card," Xiao Hei said, almost mockingly.

After some thought, Lin Huang figured that this sword skill would need card pieces and he would not be able to accumulate them in such a short period of time. He would need massive amounts of energy and time once he got into the flow of training. However, what was more important now was to find a way to escape within the remaining two and a half months.

He then kept the combat skill crystal and looked at other gifts one by one. With the amazing sword skill, none of the gifts excited him anymore. After a rough look, Lin Huang laid on his bed and started thinking about ways to escape. Although his life at the training camp was good and people of the Purple Crow organization liked him, Lin Huang did not like the way they operate. It was impossible for him to be a part of such an organization.

"Scarface must be watching me now. As soon as I use the transformation card, he will notice that my vibe disappeared. There’s no way that I can escape…"

"Also, there are no blind spots in the entire foothold since there are cameras all around. We don’t even have the privacy when we use the toilets and when we shower. We’re being watched 24 hours a day. They were even monitor birds in the training space…"

"It seems like there are only two ways to escape. One is to become a reserve member of the Purple Crow and be taken away by the staff. Another way is with my dead body being sent out of the foothold…"

"Which means, to escape this place, the only possible way is to fake my death!" Lin Huang concluded.

"However, I must know where they will send my dead body to and how they will handle my corpse. If something goes wrong, I might then be dead, for real…"

After some thought, Lin Huang started to plan his escape. He walked out of his room and looked at the courtyard from the balcony. Gong Sunying’s dead body was no longer there. He smirked and walked into the room next door. He knocked on the metal door, "Do you know which room is Fang Wen staying in?" he asked his neighbor.


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