Monster Paradise
132 I Want To Challenge You!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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132 I Want To Challenge You!

Soon, four days had passed. Xiao Mo was upset, although he had been killing monsters with Lin Huang’s help for the past few days, he only managed to move up from being the last ranked recruit to being the third from the bottom. In less than half an hour, the final score was to be announced. He was 2,000 points away from the forth last person, it was impossible to make up the difference in points.

Lin Huang redeemed food from the staff members with his points. Since he saw food that looked like vomit on the first day, he never stepped foot in the canteen again. Xiao Mo was lucky that he did not have to get food with the others in the canteen.

"Eat something," Lin Huang passed him a bento box. Xiao Mo took the bento box and put it aside.

"I will be executed tomorrow… I thought I'd at least make a name for myself if I joined the Purple Crows. I couldn't even pass the first hurdle…" Xiao Mo mumbled.

"Why would you want to join the Purple Crows? You’re already an iron-level, you could totally join the Hunter Association and become a reserve hunter. Although there’s no benefit over there, you could take it one step at a time by killing monsters and make a name for yourself later on," Lin Huang told him, but he knew that Xiao Mo would not divert from his goal.

"If I could, of course, join the Hunter Association but I don’t get to choose where to go…" Xiao Mo then took off his t-shirt showed Lin Huang his skinny body. He pointed at his left side of his chest where there was a black, complicated sigil.

"This is why I must join the Purple Crow," he said.

"Descendants of the Sin…" Lin Huang said aloud and frowned.

In the beginning of the new era, some of the humanoid monsters would capture ladies for procreation. Many were killed while some were rescued. Many of the rescued ladies were pregnant with the seed of the monsters. Those children were called sinners. Most of the first generation sinners were killed by humans when they were born while some of them were saved by the Union Government’s amendment policy. However, they were marked with the sinner’s logo and it would be passed on to every generation. Everybody that had this logo was labeled as the Descendants of the Sin.

Although the Union Government stopped people from killing the descendants, they were prohibited from joining the government sector as the government was worried that they might grow up to be monsters and harm humans again. Xiao Mo wanted to be stronger, he had no choice but to join the dark side, the underworld. Only underworld organizations could groom him to make him stronger. Lin Huang finally understood why Xiao Mo would always avoid the others whenever he was in the bathroom. He was afraid to reveal that he was one of the Descendants of the Sin. Now that he was going to be executed the next morning, he decided to tell his closest companion, his secret.

"The sinners have been victims since the beginning, same goes to their descendants like you…" Lin Huang said. He then let out a sigh and patted Xiao Mo’s shoulder, "Come eat something."

He realized that the topic was too heavy, and he did not say a word anymore as he ate his food. Xiao Mo was solemn for awhile, but then he started eating too. It was almost six in the evening when Xiao Mo finished his food. He looked at the time and said to Lin Huang, "Three minutes to go… Thank you so much for taking care of me, unfortunately, I can’t return to you the Life Crystals that you have lent me…"

Lin Huang took his empty bento box from him and said with a smile, "You should challenge me. As long as I surrender, you would get a portion of my points."

"No, surrendering in challenges on purpose would be breaking the rules. Gong Sunying and the rest would come after you," Xiao Mo said and shook his head.

"Rules are set by people. He could have made that up, and I can break it too like I did the last time," Lin Huang smirked. "If he comes after me, I will welcome him with open arms. Troubles are my favorite past time," he said proudly, and laughed.

"Gong Sunying would level up to gold-level anytime now since he is already silver-level rank-3. I know you're powerful, but you won’t be able to beat him," Xiao Mo said softly, still shaking his head.

"I know someone in the management. He cannot do anything to me," Lin Huang said. Although he did not know what to say anymore, he thought revealing this fact might be what Xiao Mo needed for a little motivation.

"The person who sent me to this training camp was a lady called Hong Zhuang. She is an elite member of Purple Crow. She is coming back for me in three months. By then, I will be a reserve member of the Purple Crow," Lin Huang said.

"I didn’t want to tell anyone about this, so now, can you please challenge me?" Lin Huang said as he placed his hand on Xiao Mo’s shoulder.

"Really?" Xiao Mo’s eyes lit up.

"Of course it’s the truth. We don’t have much time, stop hesitating!" Lin Huang nodded.

Xiao Mo then challenged Lin Huang. A notification box popped up before Lin Huang.

"Xiao Mo is challenging you, do you want to accept the challenge?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Challenge accepted!"

Lin Huang pushed the button immediately once he saw the notification box. Once the countdown ended, Lin Huang shouted, "I surrender!" The system announced Xiao Mo’s win in the challenge. Soon, Lin Huang was notified that 5,000 of his accumulated points were taken by Xiao Mo.

"Why don’t you take more and make your ranking higher?" Lin Huang said. He knew that Xiao Mo had always been very careful and being so close to the edge was still not a comfortable place for him.

"5,000 points is enough, thank you. The one before me was 2,000 points ahead of me. Moreover, if my points are too high, people would start challenging me. If my points are low, nobody would want to challenge me. This amount is enough for me," Xiao Mo said, gratefulness clear in his eyes. He did not reveal that he did not want to take too much of Lin Huang’s points so that his friend would not despise him. He did not know that Lin Huang had never cared about the points.

It was six o’clock soon after the challenge ended and Xiao Mo’s ranking improved. The new execution list was out and Xiao Mo had managed to escape the execution. Although, the sudden 5,000 points that Xiao Mo gained got the attention of many other recruits. Soon, someone found out the source of the 5,000 points. Since Lin Huang’s points did not change for the past week and his ranking had been dropping, aside from the points that he used to redeem food, it basically remained unchanged. However, the 5,000 points drop gave away the fact that he cheated in the challenge so that Xiao Mo would win.

Within minutes, the news got to Gong Sunying.

"Lin Huang! I have warned you not to ignore our rules! Now you’re just asking for it, don’t blame me for not showing mercy! I shall kill you before the 10,000 people here!" Gong Sunying roared. He was furious when he heard the news and went straight to the courtyard a floor beneath the dorm. Minutes later, he stood in the middle of the courtyard where Lin Huang’s room was and shouted, "Lin Huang, come here right now. I challenge you to a deathmatch!"


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