Monster Paradise
129 Xiao Mo
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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129 Xiao Mo

Lin Huang was arranged to stay in a guest house that night. He found out the middle-aged Transcendent’s name was Lu Xuan. He was thinking of escaping but now since the room that he was staying was less than 500 meters away from Lu Xuan’s, he gave up on his plan. Even if he was to transform into Ghost Shadow and escaped underground, Lu Xuan would sense that his vibe disappeared as he transformed. It was impossible to escape from him.

Although Lu Xuan was friendly, he seemed to be aware that Lin Huang was attempting to escape. Not only was he not allowed to leave the area outside the house, he was not allowed to use the network and communication devices too. To make matters worst, he had no idea which foothold he was in.

After dinner, he went straight to bed. The next morning, Lu Xuan sent someone to the room that the both of them met on the first day when they arrived.

"Where is the training camp? How do we get there? Lin Huang asked. He wanted to get him to tell him their location so that he could factor it into his escape.

"There’s no rush, I’ll bring you there," Lu Xuan said calmly while summoning a red door. It was a space treasure tool. In reality, space treasure tools like those were rare and were priced at more than 10 times a normal treasure tool of the same level. However, Lin Huang had gotten used to these treasure tool within the days he was there, he was not impressed by them anymore.

Lu Xuan performed hand seals and the red door opened. He then nodded to Lin Huang and said, "Let’s go."

They stepped into the door. A plaza was before them as they stepped through the door. Lin Huang looked around. To him, the place looked like a small foothold.

"Stop standing around, follow me," Lu Xuan scolded as he kept away the red door and waved Lin Huang onwards.

Lin Huang followed him and they walked to the bottom of a gigantic tower in the middle of the ‘small foothold’.

They entered the gigantic tower and went all the way to the top in the elevator. There was a big room located at the top floor. At the huge meeting table, a man with a scar on his face placed both his feet on the table. He was puffing away at a cigar.

"Yo, you're free today?" the man said as he greeted Lu Xuan.

"Sending a kid here," Lu Xuan replied and nodded.

The man looked at Lin Huang and smiled. "Who is this?" he asked Lu Xuan.

"At Master Hong Zhuang’s recommendation, she wants to refer him to join the reserve recruits," Lu Xuan said.

"He’s only a Bronze-level? What happens if he dies here?" the man asked.

"Master Hong Zhuang said you can do anything to him as long as you don’t kill him," Lu Xuan said and laughed at the thought.

"Sigh…" the man shook his head. "You should know that there are things that I can’t control. This kid is too weak. I can’t kill him and I’ll have to babysit him. I’m like his nanny now," the man said nd slapped his forehead.

He was not happy with the arrangement.

"There was nothing we could do. It was the instructions from Master Hong Zhuang herself. If she comes back three months from now and this kid is gone, that would be bad for us," Lu Xuan said. He was helpless too.

"Alright then, I’ll try my best," the man replied.

"I will leave him to you, and you do your best. I’ll get going now," Lu Xuan said and patted Lin Huang’s shoulder. He then summoned the red door and left.

Seeing him leave, the man sucked hard on his cigar and put down his feet. He placed his cigar aside and placed his hands on the desk. He then looked at Lin Huang and finally spoke.

"Listen, kid. I don’t care who is supporting you behind the scenes, there’s no special treatment here. Master Hong Zhuang said we have to keep you alive, but if you break the rules here, I have many ways to make you feel pain much worse than dying," he threatened.

Lin Huang nodded expressionless. The man then looked away and made a call. "There’s a kid here, bring him to the dorm," he said to the person over the phone.

After he hung up the call, the man stared at Lin Huang again until a man in a black uniform took Lin Huang away. Following the man down the elevator, they headed north from the tower and walked into a courtyard behind a big metal door. After registration, they passed a large courtyard and entered into a building.

They arrived in a small room on the first floor and the man in uniform tossed two army green shirt at him.

"Change now," he ordered.

He remained standing without an expression. He did not seem to be walking away.

Lin Huang did not bother to say anything. He removed his clothes to his underwear and put on the army green shirt. It was fitting but ugly.

He then kept his clothes into his space storage. The man in uniform then said, "You can only wear this green uniform here. You’re not allowed to wear any other clothes. This is a rule among others and there will be no tolerating rule breakers."

He brought Lin Huang to the 11th floor. Lin Huang frowned as he walked seeing the rooms were designed to resemble a prison. The room door was an anti-explosion door. One could look into the room from the metals bars. The room was 10 square meters with a double decker bed. The basin and toilet bowl were placed inside the room.

Seeing Lin Huang’s arrival, many stood by their doors and watched him. The man in uniform suddenly stopped walking. "1121, this is your room. We have sent all the rules and regulations to your Emperor’s Heart Ring. Memorize them," he bellowed.

There was a boy sitting by the bed looking at him in fear. The boy looked like he was 15 or 16. He was dark and skinny.

"Go in now," the man in uniform ordered as he pushed the door open. After Lin Huang stepped in, the man closed the door and left. Lin Huang looked at his roommate and smiled. "Hi, my name is Lin Huang," he greeted him.

The boy hesitated and nodded to Lin Huang, saying, "Xiao Mo." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Just when Lin Huang wanted to sit down, a bell went off. The bell ring sounded like a school bell when he was on Earth but it was much louder and clearer.

"What is happening?" Lin Huang thought. This was ridiculous.

"Breakfast," Xiao Mo mumbled and got down off his bed.

Soon, the doors automatically opened. Xiao Mo waved at Lin Huang and ran right out. Lin Huang followed too. Many of them were running downstairs. When they arrived at the canteen, it was almost full.

He then picked up a metal plate and queued at the back. When it was his turn, there was nothing much left. The staff got him a bowl of sticky stuff that looked like porridge but the color and texture looked more like vomit. Lin Huang lost his appetite. Just when he was going to put down his plate and leave, he saw Xiao Mo waving at him. He then walked to him with his plate. When he was sitting down, a young man with buzz cut hair walked towards them with his plate.

"Kid, you’re fast today. You even got meat," the buzz cut man stabbed at a piece of meat using his fork and ate it. Lin Huang frowned as he watched.

"How can one piece of meat satisfy me?" the buzz cut man continued mockingly and swallowed the meat. "Since I’m not satisfied, you shall not eat yours," the man said and flipped Xiao Mo’s plate over spilling his food all over him.

The people around them were enjoying the show. None of them stood up for Xiao Mo.

"Hey, aren’t you too much?" Lin Huang put down his plate and said to the man.

"What kid.. This is none of your business," the buzz cut man ignored Lin Huang.

"Pick up the plate and apologize to him," Lin Huang said menacingly and stared deadly at him.

Lin Huang standing up to him got the people excited. They were smiling and waiting for a climax to the show.

"Who do you think you are!" the buzz cut man shouted and glared at Lin Huang.

"Let me repeat myself. Pick up the plate and apologize to him!" Lin Huang said firmly. He did not want to give in.

"It’s okay…" Xiao Mo said softly as he stood up and shook Lin Huang’s arm.

"Kid, I’m warning you. Before you step into my business, you should consider if you have the…" Before the man could finish what he said, Lin Huang wrapped his hand around the man's neck and slammed his head against the table. His fork was in his hand, and he was holding it at less than one centimeter from his eyeball.

"This is the last time I’m going to say this. Apologize!" Lin Huang looked deadly. He was not going to give up until the man apologized.

"I’m… Sorry…" the buzz cut man squealed. He was scared and startled while apologizing.

The bell rang, and it was the end of breakfast. The rest stood up and left to put their plates back. Lin Huang then let go of the man and shouted at Xiao Mo asking him to leave.

The buzz cut man left silently. Many of the others were making fun of him. After putting their plates back, Xiao Mo followed Lin Huang as he was leaving the canteen. After some hesitation, he said, "Thank you."

"There’s no need to thank me. How did you get on his bad side?" Lin Huang asked casually.

"Once I accidentally stepped on his foot when I was walking down the stairs…" Xiao Mo told him. "I apologized immediately but he just didn’t want to let go and keep coming back for me…"

"This kind of people are sick. The more you let him, the more absurd he will behave. You should not allow him to treat you like this!" Lin Huang said. He thought the way Xiao Mo behaved was weak.

"But… I can never fight him…" Xiao Mo mumbled softly. He was clearly upset.

"Then try your best to make yourself stronger. One day you will fight him," Lin Huang said. He suddenly recalled he still had the dried vegetable from Fatty in his space storage. He patted Xiao Mo’s shoulder and said, "Let’s go back to the room. I have some good stuff in my space storage…"


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