Monster Paradise
128 Hong Zhuang
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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128 Hong Zhuang

A black coat and black hat, that was the attire of an official Purple Crow member. A reserve member was not entitled to dress like that. The duo appeared before Lin Huang and their outfits showed him that they were official members of the Purple Crow organization and also, transcendents.

Lin Huang’s mind was spinning, but he could not think of a way to escape. Although, the Small Destruction Card was powerful, it would only be effective for people below transcendents. It could not do anything to hunters who were transcendents and above.

"If there's nothing I can help you with, I’ll get going now," Lin Huang said as he pretended he did not know who they were.

"Little kid, let me introduce myself. My name is Hong Zhuang and I’m an official member of the Purple Crow," the lady with red lips said. She knew that Lin Huang was attempting an escape. She then smirked and said, "This is my partner, Xu Qiang. He is also an official member of the Purple Crow." Lin Huang frowned. Since the duo had revealed who they were, it was impossible for him to walk away now without offending them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"May I know why are you looking for me?" Lin Huang asked, politely.

"I think you’re outstanding, I would like to invite you to join the Purple Crows. I could be your referral for you to be a reserve member," Hong Zhuang said as she walked slowly towards Lin Huang and stopped less than 50 centimeters from him. "You have to know that usually a reserve member has to be at least gold-level. So, what do you think?" She continued.

"I haven’t thought of which organization to join yet. Your invitation is too sudden for me to make a decision. Please give me some time to think about it," Lin Huang replied. Truthfully, he was relieved. He did not expect them to invite him to join the Purple Crows. However, he was also not interested in joining them too, so he decided to postpone his decision.

"You’re smart to not reject us directly," Hong Zhuang whispered and then laughed hard at what Lin Huang said. "A bronze-level young man mastering a vampire that has gone through mutation… Twice for that matter is really impressive. If such a talent joined some other organization when he’s older, he might be the Purple Crow’s biggest enemy," she said menacingly.

"You’re kidding, I’m just lucky. It was by accident that my vampire mutated twice. Honestly, I didn’t know it myself," Lin Huang said as he created an excuse carefully without revealing himself.

"Accident or not, it’s a fact that your vampire has mutated twice now. We Purple Crows appreciate talents. We will treat Imperial Censors who owned summoning monsters with two mutations very well, in fact, much better than any other organization. When you become a transcendent, you will definitely be one of our official members. By then, I can satisfy all the needs you have, even if it crosses certain lines," Hong Zhuang said and winked at Lin Huang.

Xu Qiang could not take it anymore, "Hong Zhuang, why would you talk such nonsense to a child like him? Isn’t it easier if we just take him away?" He said, angrily.

"What do you know? Convincing him is much better than forcing him," Hong Zhuang scolded the man in response.

"Kid, I’m giving you two options now. Either we kill you or you follow us. I’m giving you 10 seconds to think about it," Xu Qiang said to Lin Huang, ignoring Hong Zhuang.

"Alright, I will follow you," Lin Huang replied. He knew very well that their conversation would be heading down that path anyway even if Hong Zhuang did not flirt with him. He could only conform and look for an opportunity to escape later.

"See, my way is much more effective," Xu Qiang laughed.

Hong Zhuang rolled her eyes at him and looked at Lin Huang. "Recall your vampire," she ordered.

Lin Huang nodded and recalled Bai. When encountering two transcendents, Bai was nothing to them. Even without Bai by his side, it would not have made much of a difference.

Xu Qiang walked towards Lin Huang and tapped his left shoulder. Instantly, the Life Power in Lin Huang’s body was sealed and he could not move anymore.

Xu Qiang then bundled him on his shoulder in a fireman's carry and asked Hong Zhuang, "Can we leave now?"

Hong Zhuang ignored him while performing complicated hand seals. Out of thin air, a black metal door appeared before them. She led the way by opening the door and walked into it. Xu Qiang followed behind her while carrying Lin Huang.

A quaint room was behind the metal door. After stepping in, Hong Zhuang recalled the door. A middle-aged man who was also wearing a Purple Crow coat got up hastily from a couch at the corner and said, "You are back, masters. Was it successful?"

"Yes it was, thank you very much," Hong Zhuang said as she nodded at him.

Xu Qiang then unsealed Lin Huang and put him down.

"Who is this?" The middle-aged man asked as he looked curiously at Lin Huang.

"We found him on the road. A kid from Division7. I’d like to recommend him as a reserve member to the organization," Hong Zhuang explained.

"But we need to go back to the headquarters to submit our mission now. It won't be convenient to bring him along so I plan to leave him here with you. Train him for me but don’t kill him. I’ll come back for him in three months," she instructed.

"Sure, no problem. It’s definitely an honor for me to care for master’s recommendation," the middle-aged man said respecfully. Lin Huang was confused. The man was exceptionally respectful to them when they were all official members of the Purple Crow and transcendents.

Hong Zhuang then looked at Lin Huang, "We have a special mission that we need to get to the headquarters to attend. You haven’t had your assessment and registration so you can’t follow us to the headquarters at the moment. I will leave you at the branch in Division7 and come back for you in three months time," she said.

"Within these three months, they’ll send you to a training camp with the other new recruits. Aside from not being killed, there will not be any special treatment for you. It depends on how you plan to survive."

Lin Huang nodded. He was relieved that he was brought to Division7. If he was to go to other division, even if he managed to escape, it would be hard for him to leave the division and make his way to Division7.

"I believe this little kid should not be too bad since he was spotted by you, Master," the middle-aged transcendent said and smiled at Lin Huang.

"We’ll get going now. Please take care of him," Hong Zhuang said, ignoring the flattery. She then summoned the black door again. Xu Qiang and herself then stepped in and soon the door closed and disappeared.

The middle-aged transcendent checked out Lin Huang and smiled, "You’re lucky the master spotted you." Lin Huang asked what he was curious about before. "Sir, you are also a transcendent wearing the Purple Crow attire, why would you call the both of them masters?"

"Transcendent is just a default name for people who are higher than gold-level. It does not represent one’s combat level. Transcendents can drastically differ in their combat ability. You will come to understand that in the future. I call them masters because their abilities are stronger than mine. Another reason is because their rank is higher than mine in the organization," he explained. As Lin Huang was brought back by Hong Zhuang, the middle-aged transcendent did not treat Lin Huang as an outsider and spoke to him casually.

"Do you see the logo on our collars?" The middle-aged transcendent said as he pointed at the collar of his coat. There was a black metal piece the size of a thumb. It looked like a Purple Crow.

"Yours is black. I remember theirs were red," Lin Huang said as he nodded.

"That’s right. The black logo means I’m an official member of the organization. Most of the official members belong to the divisions. Red logo are a rank above us, and they are the elites. They work at the headquarters. The highest one would be a purple logo. They are the core members of the organization. All the plans introduced in the organization are based on their decisions," the middle-aged transcendent continued.

"Is that so…" Lin Huang had just found out about the internal structure of the organization. He figured since Hong Zhuang and Xu Qiang were both elite members, their abilities must be much stronger than the common transcendents.

"It’s late now, I will get you a place to sleep. I will bring you to the training camp tomorrow morning. They will take care of you. However, don’t expect a relaxing life at the training camp. I can only guarantee that they don’t kill you. The rest depends on how you behave," he warned. The middle-aged transcendent was very respectful of what Hong Zhuang had instructed.

"Thank you sir, I understand that," Lin Huang said and nodded, all the while thinking of ways to escape.


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