Monster Paradise
113 Attack By The Parasites
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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113 Attack By The Parasites

The sound of footsteps stopped right in front of Lin Huang's door.

Lin Huang frowned. He pointed his gun at the door and prepared himself for a battle.

After a moment of silence, a loud knock at the door was heard.

"Who are you?" Lin Huang asked.

"Hello, it's me," said the voice of the boss of the hotel.

Lin Huang was relieved. Soon, he asked, still a little doubtful, "Boss, what's up?"

"You asked me about the story of the Xiagong Ruins this afternoon. I recalled something and I guess you might not have heard before," the boss said.

Lin Huang frowned. It was almost nine o'clock at night. It felt peculiar and he wondered why the boss would come to his room and talk about this at this hour.

"Let's talk about it tomorrow. I'm heading off to bed now," Lin Huang simply answered but he did not let his guard down.

There was complete silence outside the door.

No response from the boss was heard and the sound of footsteps were not present as well.

Just as he wondered what was happening, a sound was heard from the balcony. Lin Huang turned his head and he saw the man in the room next door climbing into his room.

He was naked, holding a short knife stained with blood. He kicked the glass door in and pounced on Lin Huang.

Lin Huang pointed his gun at the head of the young man and pulled the trigger without a moments hesitation.

The Life Power bullet was fired out of the gun, penetrating through the head of the man who was holding the knife. Blood splattered out of his head and the dead body collapsed instantly.

Lin Huang then heard someone unlocking the door with a key. He kept quiet and again, he pointed his gun at the door.

After a short while, the door was opened and the hotel boss entered the room. He was shocked when he saw a dead body inside the room.

"Freeze. Otherwise, I will just shoot you. In my defence, I will say you are the host of the parasites!" Lin Huang shouted and stared coldly at the hotel owner. "Now, answer whatever I'm asked, or you're dead. What brings you here at this hour?"

The hotel boss then shifted his gaze from the dead body to Lin Huang, a wry smile on his face and said, "Master told me that he could sense something in your body and he wants it. He asked us to kill you and bring your dead body to him..." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After finishing his sentence, about 10 people hiding at the corridor rushed into Lin Huang's room, and attempted to pounce on him.

Lin Huang turned back and ran towards the balcony. He took a leap and summoned the Alexandrian Eagle.

The Alexandrian Eagle fluttered its wings, grabbed Lin Huang mid-flight and flew off into the sky.

Lin Huang frowned as he looked below.

"Why are there so many parasite hosts here?!" He thought in a panic.

As he looked down and more than 10 of them were on the balcony of his room. They were staring at him, emmiting inhumanly loud roars. He then looked further and saw that there were more than 100 of them outside the hotel running towards him.

Despite knowing that they would not be able to catch him in the air, they still chased after him, extending their hands towards the sky and screaming.

Lin Huang suddenly thought of what the hotel boss told him just now. The master that he mentioned should be the master parasite. "The parasites control the hosts and used them to attack me because I have something in my body that it wants…" He thought.

"Xiao Hei, when you sensed the unusual energy in the ruins, could it be possible that the source of the unusual energy sensed your existence too?" Lin Huang recalled what happened in the Xiagong Ruins.

"It is indeed possible that it could sense my existence," Xiao Hei replied.

"That being said, if you wanted to seize its energy, it would probably want to grab yours too?" Lin Huang suddenly felt that the fight Goldfinger encountered was quite intense too.

"It can't seize my energy. However, my Will can be replaced and I'd become a new Goldfinger provided that it's strong enough," Xiao Hei explained.

"Yes, I understand. Basically, it can be said that the underground monster that possesses the unusual energy is a parasite. The parasites were probably triggered by the unusual energy and that was why it would order hosts under its control to attack me," Lin Huang concluded as he finally knew what was happening.

Lin Huang immediately called the Hunter Association, seeing hundreds of people were roaring after him as he looked down below.

"Hi, may I help you?" the operator's voice was heard.

"Listen carefully. Somewhere near the south gate of Xiaoxia City, there are hundreds of infected humans enslaved to the parasites. Please send some backup to round them up immediately to prevent more serious problems from happening. You can track my location and I'll be right here waiting for you," he told the operator.

Lin Huang did not want to kill them. If the hosts did not carry the parasites within them longer than a certain period of time, the parasites inside the human body could still be killed. Basically, they were still human but were just being controlled. It would be best if they were passed to the Hunter Association as they would handle it without casualties.

Lin Huang did not recall the Alexandrian Eagle as well. He knew that once he left the place, the hosts would lose their target and disappear. Then, it would be difficult to catch them.

Aside from the hosts, some of the people noticed Lin Huang hovering mid-air and started approaching him.

Lin Huang frowned and shouted at them, "Are there any hunters there? Please help control the crowd. Don't let ordinary people come over here!

Some of the hunters noticed that the number of infected was abnormally large. They dared not go near them too, but they could carry out the order, ensuring that the ordinary people did not go near them.

Despite Lin Huang being the primary target of the infected, ordinary people would become their targets as well if they were too close to them.

After less than 10 minutes, the hunters of Xiaoxia City arrived.

The crowd dispersed quickly and the hunters began to catch the infected.

Including the boss of the hotel, they caught hundreds of the infected within five minutes.

Lin Huang ran into the crowd when the hunters were busy and entered the Xiagong Ruins once again.

The first thing he did as soon as he entered the ruins was to use the Form Changer to change the look of his face

Form Changer was the skill he obtained when he killed the Formless Worm. It was also the 10th monster skill that he obtained.

He decided to change the look of his face because he was not sure that if there were any other hosts in the ruins. The previous hosts had seen his face. Therefore, he could be easily recognized if he entered the ruins as himself.

"You have troubled me and now, it's my turn to bring the trouble to you!" Lin Huang grinned, heading deep into the ruins…


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