Monster Paradise
106 The Attack at Xia Stree
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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106 The Attack at Xia Stree

Xia Street was actually not the name of a street. It was the name for the night market which was located at the center of Xiagong City.

The night market was set in the middle of many crossroads, with more than 10 lanes branching out from it. The lanes were not too wide and they were very crowded at night.

The shops usually opened at five o'clock in the evening and would get livelier after dark.

Lin Huang and Lin Xin were walking from the hotel and they reached the night market at around 6.30 p.m. The sky was getting darker by then.

The hanging red street lanterns were lit up in an impressive Chinese design.

"The lanterns are so pretty!" Lin Xin squealed. It was the first time she saw such a scene and it was something new for her.

"Let's look for some food first and walk around after eating," Lin Huang suggested. Both of them had not had their dinner yet since they were waiting to try the food here.

Lin Huang and Lin Xin were enticed by many of the peculiar things that were there as soon as they arrived at Xia Street. Other than food, there were many interesting toys and gadgets to fiddle with, and there was even a roadshow performance.

There were a few people in the crowd who shifted their focus to Lin Huang as he walked around. Suddenly, they turned and started walking slowly towards him.

Lin Huang could vaguely sense that something strange was happening. He felt a sinister vibe coming from the people that were surrounding him. However, he could not identify from which direction it was coming from.

He then noticed that there was an apparel store located not far away from them. He pulled Lin Xin in that direction and they ducked into the shop. Almost at the same time as they entered the apparel store, he summoned Bai.

"Brother, what happened?" Lin Xin asked. She was familiar with Bai and she knew when he appeared it meant that Lin Huang was preparing for a fight.

"Nothing happened. Just choosing a shirt for Bai," Lin Huang answered. He then chose a cloak with a cape in the apparel store and put it on Bai's body.

It fit Bai very well and his eye-catching white hair was covered by the cape as well.

"Boss, I'll buy this," Lin Huang said to the shop owner, pointing at the cloak that Bai was wearing. He then paid for it and headed for the exit.

Bai did not take off the cloak after wearing it. He was completely covered by the cloak and followed Lin Huang and Lin Xin as they walked out of the apparel store.

Despite it being summer time now, there were still many people who dressed oddly in this world. No one noticed Bai wearing a cloak in the heat.

As soon as Lin Huang walked out of the shop, the group of men immediately approached him.

However, there was a beam of green light that flashed in front of them and they all disappeared.

The speed of the green light was so fast that the people around them did not even realize something strange had happened, nor did any of then notice the men had disappeared as well.

"Hmmm? Was it an illusion?" a passerby muttered in confusion from the green lights.

Walking out of the apparel store, Lin Huang felt uncomfortable. The murderous vibe that he sensed earlier had disappeared.

"This guy is quite alert. Although he is only an Iron Hunter, he is capable of sensing the deadly aura exuded by a silver-level assassin," a middle-aged man thought to himself and grinned, standing in front of a stall nearby. He had waist-length hair and wore a green robe. He was good-looking with an eccentric personality that set him apart from the people around him. Even stranger though, nobody seemed to notice his existence despite him standing there the whole time.

Lin Huang did not let his guard down although the murderous aura that he felt earlier had disappeared. He had been on Lin Xin's left side while Bai escorted her on her right side. Lin Xin walked between them.

"Brother, let's go to that shop!" Lin Xin chirped cheerfully and pointed at a barbeque shop. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Alright," he said. Many people were already waiting in queue although the shop had just opened.

"I have reviewed this shop's site before and it was said that its signature recipes have been passed down for more than three generations over a span of more than 50 years," Lin Xin told Lin Huang.

"I guess the shop has quite a good reputation as the queue is so long despite it having just opened," Lin Huang replied and nodded his head as he joined the queue with Lin Xin.

Suddenly, Lin Huang frowned right after he joined the queue. He could sense the murderous aura once again.

It was so crowded and still, Lin Huang could not determine which direction the person was coming from. He could only feel the person somewhere very close to him.

He tensed up in preparation for an incoming attack. All of a sudden, the deadly aura disappeared again.

"It is impossible that it is an illusion this time!" Lin Huang thought to himself. He was sure that the murderous aura was really there. However, he had no idea why they suddenly vanished. He had a feeling that that the people who intended to kill him were quietly being taken out one at a time.

At a corner of a building not far away from Lin Huang, a man in a suit dialed a number.

"Boss, the second team had been killed. Up to this moment, I have not discovered who the killer is yet…" As soon as the man in suit finished his sentence, a man who was in a green robe appeared in front of him, with a wide grin on his face.

"You are…" the man in suit exclaimed, stunned. Obviously, he could recognize the man in the robe.

"I would like to speak to your boss. You are not qualified enough for me to pay attention yet," the man in green robe said with a wry smile.

"Who is that?" A person with a deep voice asked over the communication device.

"He is…" the man in the suit stopped talking immediately as a semi-transparent small green wolf appeared out of nowhere and clutched at his throat.

"Let's meet up and you'll know who I am," the green-robed man said calmly once he knew the man on the line was listening.

"Sure. I would like to know who you are, troublemaker." The boss answered after a brief pause.

"Alright. Let's meet at the clock tower. See you," the green-robed vigilante said.

Upon hanging up the call, the semi-transparent small wolf suddenly grew bigger, opening its mouth and it swallowed the man in the suit.

However, people that were about two meters away from them did not notice what had happened and it seemed as if the man in the suit and the green-robed man were hollowmen.

The green-robed man pointed his toe on the ground and transformed into a beam of green light. Soon, he arrived at the clock tower which was located beside Xia Street.

He raised his head, seeing that a man in a black robe was standing at the top of the clock tower. The brim of his hat shadowed his face and he could not be seen clearly.

"Oh, it's you, Feng Zhuoran," the black-robed man greeted him as he recognized him instantly, and sounded frightened.

"Don't you feel hot wearing that on a summer's day?" Feng Zhuoran asked and smiled cunningly.

"Is the Leng family going to protect this little brat?" The man in black robe ignored his question and asked.

"I'm already here. What do you think?" Feng Zhuoran shrugged his shoulders.

"What's the relationship between him and Leng family?" The black-robed man asked.

"I wanted to ask you too. The ones who have died were just unimportant people. Although, why would a transcendent be appointed to kill an iron-level brat? Does he have a hidden identity?" Feng Zhuoran asked, scratching his chin, confused.

"So, the Leng family would meddle in this issue no matter what?" The black-robed man ignored Feng Zhuoran's question again and asked.

"I have been instructed to kill any assassins!" He immediately activated his skill right as he finished his sentence.

He waved his sleeves and a large pack of green giant wolves appeared out of nowhere and sprang towards the black-robed man.

"Feng Zhuoran, are you trying to start a fight?" The black-robed man yelled at him. A bloody long sword streaked across the sky, making its way through the giant wolves. It then transformed into a beam of crimson light and sped off.

"He fled quickly," Feng Zhuoran mumbled, sounding disappointed. He then waved his sleeves again and the horde of green giant wolves disappeared. He then walked slowly towards Xia Street.


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