Monster Paradise
105 Arriving at Xiagong City
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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105 Arriving at Xiagong City

Wei Shan's death was too sudden and the two personnel were not prepared to react in time. They witnessed Wei Shan’s death by a vampire and the vampire vanishing after it completed the kill.

Both of them shifted their gaze towards Lin Huang because of the rift between them. However, there was no evidence showing that Lin Huang was the murderer.

While both of them still hesitated, the Demonic Crystal Spaceship took off. They looked at the spaceship helplessly and called their superior.

"What? He killed him right on the street? Why would Lin Huang do that?" Yi Yeyu received a call from Yi Zheng in the middle of the night. She was furious!

"He was a human trafficker. He threatened Lin Huang's sister on the Demonic Crystal Spaceship…" Yi Zheng told her the whole story.

"He deserves it. Lin Huang did the right thing!" Yi Yeyu would definitely stand by Lin Huang's side.

"The main problem is that there were forces pressuring them, requesting to arrest Lin Huang as soon as the spaceship lands at Xiagong City." Yi Zheng said.

"I guess only those human traffickers were affected." Yi Yeyu immediately understood what was happening then.

"Yes, these people indeed fueled the situation. However, it's a serious crime to kill someone in the foothold. There is evidence now and the situation has become a lot more complicated." Yi Zheng was having a headache. "What worried me the most is if he were convicted, he might not be imprisoned in the coalition governments but their personal prison? If that happens, it would be better if he was sentenced to death…"

"Brother, if they catch Lin Huang, everything will be ruined!" Yi Yeyu nervously said.

"I have asked some of my friends about this. The issue won’t be solved anytime soon." Yi Zheng shook his head.

"I'll seek help from daddy!" Yi Yeyu immediately decided to do so.

"That's the only way if you want to save Lin Huang but the relationship between them and our family would be even worse." Yi Zheng sighed.

"Our relationship was never good. They are hypocrites. Why do we have to maintain a good relationship with them?" Yi Yeyu was obviously upset. "The Yi family used to live with dignity; we don't need them as our allies!"

"But I'm not sure if daddy is willing to help out." Yi Zheng was being realistic. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'll ask daddy now."

"It is 12…" Before Yi Zheng could say 12.30, she hung up the call.

At Division3, Leng Yuexin received a message while she was on her way back to the hotel to rest. She immediately called back.

A middle-aged man dressed in a blue striped suit appeared in the video call.

"Uncle Li, what happened to Lin Huang?" Leng Yuexin asked nervously.

"You asked me to pay more attention to Lin Huang before you left. I have been following his whereabouts. Yesterday afternoon he killed a person in Dongxuan City on the Demonic Crystal Spaceship. He killed a human trafficker…" Uncle Li, the housekeeper told her.

"Miss Yi, do you want to save him?"

"Yes, of course. Lin Huang has saved my life. Be it right or wrong, I can't just allow this to happen. He's in grave danger. To me, he's done nothing wrong!" Leng Yuexin explained.

"But if you're going to be involved in this matter, your dad will definitely find out." Uncle Li reminded her.

"Let him, I'll explain to him." Leng Yuexin said without hesitation.

"There is something that I have to tell you. We can meddle in such matters but for matters that they're doing the dark, it'll be…" Uncle Li reminded again.

"Even that is not allowed! Ask Uncle Feng to go there and whoever dares stand in our way, kill them all!" Leng Yuexin interrupted Uncle Li.

"Yes, I understand. I'll do it now." Uncle Li hung up the call.

Soon, the families who were trying to fuel the situation noticed that the events surrounding what had happened were quite strange.

"Didn't you say that there was no one supporting him? Why did the head of the armed forces from the Yi and Leng families, some of the most powerful families among the six royal families be involved in this issue?"

"It seems like we can't kill him. Otherwise, our relationship with the Yi and Leng families will worsen. We can only kill him quietly…"


After Wei Shan had been killed, Lin Huang was in a good mood. What he did not realize was that his small act of killing a human trafficker left the royal families in an absolute mess.

Because of this, Lin Huang asked Lin Xin to move into his room. During daytime, she would play games while Lin Huang practiced his skills in the living room.

Lin Xin tried not to disturb her brother after she left the game cabin. Lily was sent to one of the psychotherapy agencies nearby the foothold on the second day of Wei Shan’s death.

Three days had passed and everything was peaceful. The female captain and Chen Wei did not ask Lin Huang to pay for the damage he caused on the ship. Lin Huang had accumulated about 110 card pieces of Army Attack Tactics . The time needed to complete one cycle had been shortened from half an hour to 15 minutes.

On the eighth afternoon on board the spaceship, Lin Huang and Lin Xin arrived at Xiagong City.

The female captain had a rather complicated expression when Lin Huang got off the spaceship. She mumbled, "This fellow was not supposed to have anyone protecting him. Why on earth would the most powerful among the six royal families, the Leng family and the head of the armed forces from the Li family help him?"

Lin Huang knew nothing about this. He checked into their hotel. It was a suite with two rooms. Since the incident, Lin Huang was not going to let Lin Xin out of his sight.

"It is 4.32 p.m. now and it was still too early for dinner. Show me your itinerary for this trip!" Lin Huang said.

Lin Xin showed him the itinerary she planned for their trip and explained the details to Lin Huang.

"Today is the day one at Xiagong City. I estimated that we would arrive at the hotel at 4.30 p.m. Since it's already quite late, we are not going to visit any places today. We are going to look for some good food at a night market, somewhere near the hotel. It’s called Xia Street. Some traditional shops sell snacks there…"


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