Monster Paradise
103 Rescuing Lin Xin
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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103 Rescuing Lin Xin

On the ninth floor of Demonic Crystal Spaceship, room No.321.

Mr. Wei sent Lin Huang and the rest of them away, smiling. After shutting the door, he turned back and looked at Lily. He seemed angry.

Lily knelt on the ground, her body trembling. "Daddy…"

"You are an idiot. You messed up!" Mr. Wei kicked her and she fell.

Lily immediately got up and tried groveling, "Daddy, please don't be mad at me. I know it's my fault…"

"You have been with me for so long. You should know how to handle something so simple!" Mr. Wei kept his hands behind his back.

"Daddy, please don't sell me away…" Tears rolled down her cheeks as she pleaded, "Lily wants to be with daddy forever. Lily wants to serve you…"

"Lily, you are the best among all of my daughters. You're the only one I keep by my side. But today, you have disappointed me…" Mr. Wei's eyes were still cold.

"I know it's my fault. Daddy, please punish me. Please don't sell me away…" Lily's face was full of tears and she quickly took off her clothes. She was so skinny and there were visible scars from her collar-bone to her ankle. These were lash marks, scalds, and scars formed when the skin was cut with a sharp object. There were injuries all over her body…

Mr. Wei gave off a scoff and swung his left hand. The emerald ring on his ring finger released a beam of green light and a green-skinned monster that was two meters long appeared.

The monster looked like a giant green worm and the diameter of its mouth was around one meter. When the giant green worm opened its mouth, it spat out of a girl.

"Please bathe her and send her to my room." Mr. Wei said while taking off his glasses and unbuttoning his shirts.

"Daddy, let me serve you…" Lily looked nervous.

"Lily, do you want me to repeat myself again?" Mr. Wei stopped unbuttoning his shirts and stared at Lily.

Lily lowered his head while carrying Lin Xin and walked towards the bathroom.

Mr. Wei was already naked. He walked to the bedroom after folding his shirts and placed them on the tea table.

In the bathroom, Lily immediately took off Lin Xin's clothes and threw her into the bathtub. She let the cold shower water splash onto Lin Xin's head and Lin Xin regained consciousness at once.

When she saw her naked body in the bathtub and a young naked girl with wounds all over her body, she screamed.

"Who are you? What is happening?!" She reacted immediately.

"My name is Lily. I am my daddy's daughter. My daddy wants you to be his daughter too. That's why you are here." Lily answered.

"Are you crazy? You sound forced." Lin Xin realized that the young girl was rehearsing lines. "Contact my brother, he will save us!"

Just as when Lin Xin was opening the communication page, Lily grabbed her wrist. "Daddy said that you are not allowed to contact anyone!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I don't know who your daddy is. Judging by the wounds on your body, He does not seem like a good father. Why is he controlling your life?!" Lin Xin shook the girl’s shoulders.

"I want to be with daddy forever. I don't want to leave my daddy!" Lily shouted back.

She was completely brainwashed. Lin Xin won’t be able to convince her for now so she tried her best to quickly call Lin Huang but Lily pulled her hair and her head fell back.

"You are not allowed to call anyone!" Lily knocked Lin Xin's head against the edge of the bathtub.

Lin Xin fainted. At that moment, the door creaked open.

Lin Huang pulled up his feet and walked into the room. When he saw the green worm monster in the room, he finally understood everything.

The worm-like monster, also known as the Formless Worm, could transform into a variety of shapes and sizes. The monster must have transformed into a dustbin and swallowed Lin Xin. Then, it was transformed into a ring and Lily took it away.

Lin Huang frowned. He could not kill the Formless Worm as he would hurt Lin Xin if she was in the worm's body.

"Wei! Show yourself!" Lin Huang yelled, his voice echoed across the room.

Mr. Wei walked out of the room with the bedcovers wrapped around his body.

Lin Huang rushed into the room but Lin Xin was not there.

He turned back and looked at Mr. Wei, "Where is my sister." "Bro, I don't know what you’re talking about." Mr. Wei denied.

"Ask this Formless worm to spit my sister out!" Mr. Wei's facial expression changed.

"I have no idea where your sister is. You're mistaken." Mr. Wei panicked. At normal times, he would definitely choose to report to the security guard and they would come to stop Lin Huang. However, Lin Xin was in the bathroom now. If he were to report to the security guard, they would discover that. He had no choice but to play it cool.

The iron weapon on Lin Huang's hand immediately turned into a saber and Lin Huang grabbed it.

"Stop it. It's the Demonic Crystal Spaceship here." Mr. Wei did not even achieve iron-level rank-1. He knew that he would not be able to defeat Lin Huang.

Lin Huang lifted the saber and Mr. Wei retreated a few steps. He stumbled over the Formless Worm and fell.

Before he could get up, Lin Huang pointed the sword at his neck.

"I said, give me my sister!" Lin Huang was ready to kill.

"I really have no idea what are you talking about." Mr. Wei insisted.

Lin Huang made a cut and a large amount of blood oozed out from the wound. Mr. Wei yelled in pain.

Lin Huang chopped off his left arm.

"My patience is limited. I repeat once again, where is my sister!" Mr. Wei did not expect Lin Huang to be this brutal.

However, he knew that if he were to reveal where Lin Xin was, he would probably die. "I really don't know where your sister is…"

Lin Huang slashed again, chopping Mr. Wei's right arm off.

"I am no fool. I guess there aren't many things left for me to chop off from your body…" Lin Huang cut through the bedcovers covering Mr. Wei's lower body and the tip of his saber moved up along his leg and stopped at the position between his inner thighs.

Mr. Wei felt a chill shooting upwards from his lower body.

"I'll give you three more minutes. Otherwise, this is the next part I will chop off from your body…" His saber's tip pressed slightly and cut the part between his hip, a streak of blood to ooze out from his wound.

"Stop it. She is not in the Formless Worm. She's in the bathroom!" Mr. Wei gave up.

"For your sake, you better be right!" Lin Huang immediately summoned Bai and commanded, "Bai, please check the bathroom."

It was only then that, Mr. Wei knew that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor.

Bai quickly went to the bathroom. He saw Lily sitting next to the bathtub. Bai directly carried Lin Xin out of the bathtub. Bai wrapped her up in the cloth that was beside her and walked out of the bathroom.

Lin Huang stared fiercely at Mr. Wei when he saw her come out of the bathroom.

"She is fine. Lily brought her to the bathroom to bathe her. We haven't done that yet…" Mr. Wei tried to cook up a lie.

"Whether you have done it or not, you won't be using this anymore!" Lin Huang's blade sliced across his lower body. Mr. Wei yelled in pain, blood oozing out between his legs.

"Go to hell!" Mr. Wei cursed.

"If you are looking for death, I'll help you!" Lin Huang's saber turned into a long, black shadow and he was about to cut through his neck.

A black shadow appeared abruptly at the moment and blocked Lin Huang's fatal attack.

"Mister, why are you so angry? Since you have rescued your sister and he has learned his lesson, what is the point of killing him?" A woman in black dressed held Lin Huang's saber in between her fingers. She was polite.

"Who are you?"

"Mr. Lin, she is our captain."

Chen Wei walked into the room as well. He was relieved when he saw Lin Xin in Bai's arms. "Mr. Lin, you should know that we have our rules. You can't kill anyone on this spaceship. He is severely injured now. Let us handle him. We have checked his background and he is involved in many crimes. He did not even achieve iron-level. The government will keep him behind bars for at least 300 years, enough to keep him until his death."

Lin Huang kept quiet for a moment. He then raised his leg and stepped on the piece of meat that he had just cut off from Mr. Wei's body, instantly turning it into minced meat.

He lifted his saber once again and killed the Formless Worm in front of everyone.

He ignored Xiao Hei's notification regarding the complete set of monster card that he had obtained. He turned back and asked Chen Wei, "How about the girl with him?"

"The girl is a victim. We will send her for professional psychotherapy to erase her memories and help her start living a normal life again." Chen Wei explained.

Lin Huang did not say anything and walked towards the door, "Bai, let's go."


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