Monster Paradise
102 Who is the Culprit?!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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102 Who is the Culprit?!

After leaving Mr. Wei’s room, they walked towards the floating elevator. They entered the staircase; Chen Wei could not help but looked at Lin Huang.

"We don’t have anymore clues now, what do we do?"

"Please send me the video clips. I need some time to think. If I help, I’ll contact you again." Lin Huang pressed the seventh floor in the elevator.

Soon the floating elevator arrived at the seventh floor and Lin Huang stepped out of the elevator while the rest stayed within the elevator. Chen Wei hesitated for awhile and told the security personnels behind him, "You guys head to the room and send the video clips to Mr. Lin. I’ll see the captain.

"Leader, is it really necessary to alert the captain?" The security personnels looked concerned. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"If people found out about a missing person on the Demonic Crystal Spaceship, our reputation will burn and if we do not catch the culprit, the security team is at fault. Not only would we lose our job, we might have to pay the compensation. If we did not inform the captain now, we will be in serious mess if the issue worsens." Chen Wei knew how serious the incident was so he dared not delay any minute.

"We understand now." The security personnels nodded while heading to the monitoring room.

There was a lady in her 30s in a high-slit black dress in the cockpit. Her half covered dress made her even sexier. Although the door was opened, Chen Wei knocked anyway. The lady turned around and gave him a sweet smile, "Team Leader Chen, it’s been awhile since you visited."

"Captain, something happened on the spaceship." Chen Wei was staring at her pair of fair, long legs instead of her eyes. He was embarrassed and looked at the ground instead.

"Please come in and tell me more." The lady remained poised.

Chen Wei walked into the cockpit with his head down. He only took two steps forward; the lady in black dress stood less than one meter away from him. Her pair of fair, long legs were showing between the slit. Chen Wei then looked up and his eyes stopped at her cleavage. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes instead.

"Leader Chen, your heart is beating so fast." The lady placed her hand on Chen Wei’s chest. He felt warmth on his chest and had a boner. He then opened his eyes and took a step back.

"Captain, we have an emergency."

"Look at you getting all worked up. Tell me, what happened?" The lady peeked at his boner and smirked. Chen Wei tried to maintain his cool by not reacting to the sexual tension.

"There’s a missing girl on this spaceship. We have been looking for her for the past one hour."

"What time did she go missing?" The lady asked.

"Around 5:40 p.m."

"It is only less than an hour. How would you know she’s missing?" The lady asked curiously.

"The sister’s brother reported at six and we have checked the surveillance camera, the girl disappeared from the blind spot…" Chen Wei told her the story.

The lady frowned, "If she’s really missing and we do not catch the culprit, we will be fully responsible. Not only would we have to pay a huge amount of compensation to the brother, the spaceship will be suspended from flying. It would take a couple of months for investigation, we can only get it up and running after confirming that the spaceship is fine. Moreover, all of the staff, myself as the captain, the security team will be investigate for a long time. Things will be so troublesome. Let’s not waste anymore time, we must find the culprit!"

"The spaceship docks at Dong Xuan City at 9:20 tomorrow morning. It’s a company rule that our flight schedule cannot be delayed for even a minute so we must find the culprit by then. We cannot let any skeptical person slip away, including the brother of the girl who is missing!"

"The girl’s brother?" Chen Wei looked at the captain in doubt.

"He might be the mastermind behind all this, it is possible to he killed his sister so that he could get the compensation. Moreover, we aren’t even sure if the girl is really his sister." The lady included Lin Huang in the suspect list.

"Understood, we will do our best to find the culprit." The lady made sense so he included Lin Huang into his list of suspects.

Of course, Lin Huang would not know what happened in the cockpit. After he got back to his room, he received the video clips that were sent by the security personnels and played them immediately.

The first one showed Lin Xin disappearing. Lin Huang launched his boundless eyes, and looked far behind from the moment when Lin Xin walked towards the rubbish bin. He kept thinking that he must have missed something, it was impossible for Lin Xin to disappear together with the rubbish bin just like that.

He repeated the video clips three times and finally noticed one tiny unusual part. The girl in ponytails had an Emperor’s Heart Ring on her left middle finger when she was throwing the rubbish while there was no ring on her right hand. But after she threw the rubbish, Lin Huang noticed that she flicked her right hand in the blink spot, a ring appeared on her right hand. After watching that part repetitively, Lin Huang confirmed that there was an additional green ring on the girl’s right hand. However, as her hand was moving and the paused screen was blur, Lin Huang could not get a clear look on the ring. He only managed to see that the ring was green.

He contacted Chen Wei immediately. Chen Wei was just looking for Lin Huang, seeing that he called, he picked up immediately. Before he could even say a word, Lin Huang spoke nervously.

"Leader Chen, I’ve found something. Take a look at the last video clip. When the girl, Lily was throwing the rubbish, there was no ring on her right hand. But when she left, there was a ring on her right middle finger. You should have people who could get a better look of the ring, right?"

Chen Wei played the video clip immediately after he heard what Lin Huang said and fast forwarded to the part where Lily threw rubbish. It was just like what Lin Huang said.

"Xiao Wang, please get a better image of this ring!" Chen Wei paused the video and got a long haired young man to get this done.

The long haired man nodded. He then projected the image with his Emperor’s Heart Ring, downloaded the image and started editing. In less than a minute, he produced a clearer image. It was a ring with green precious stone.

"Why does this ring look so familiar?" Chen Wei tried to recall where he saw this ring before.

"Is it done?" The communication device was still on, Lin Huang spoke again.

"I will send it over to you now." Chen Wei took a photo of the image and sent it to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang squinted when he saw the image. He recognized at an instant that the ring with green precious stone was the one on Mr. Wei’s finger.

He didn’t know how but he was sure that he was the culprit. "Mr. Wei…" Lin Huang called out his name, he was ready to kill.


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