Monster Paradise
94 Attribute of Lin Huang“s Life Power
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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94 Attribute of Lin Huang“s Life Power

"Your delivery is here. Please pick your parcel up!"

Early in the morning, as Lin Xin was preparing for school and Lin Huang was cleaning up after their meal, they heard the sound of the Silvertongue Bird.

Upon opening the door, the fist-sized Silvertongue Bird was stood in front of the door. It looked up at Lin Huang.

"Good morning, Mr. Lin Huang. Here is your parcel."

It then flapped its wings and left a big box, half the size of a regular human, by the doorstep.

The yellow feathered Silvertongue Bird jumped up on the box and a receipt appeared from its mouth.

Lin Huang took the receipt and scanned the signature code at the bottom right corner with his Emperor's Heart Ring. He then walked into his house, grabbed some sweets and gave it to the bird.

The Silvertongue Bird extended its wings and flew off after taking all the sweets. It was flattered, "Thank you for your generosity. I wish you a happy life."

He moved the box back to his house and opened it with a small knife.

It was an instrument wrapped in a layer of thick, vibration-proof material. The height of the box was around 80 centimeters but the actual height of the instrument was less than 50 centimeters.

He took out the instrument from the box and there was a Hunter Association logo printed on the bottom left corner. Lin Huang intentionally chose this Life Power detector because it was manufactured by the Hunter Association. The result of the test would, therefore, be more reliable than the others.

There was a white crystal stone bulging at the top, in the center of the instrument. It was the shape of a hemisphere and was about 20 centimeters in diameter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lin Huang knew that this was the crystal stone detector.

The crystal stone detector lit up as he pressed on the reddish-orange switch at the bottom of the detector.

The semi-transparent white crystal stone lit up like a white light lamp.

Lin Huang pressed his right hand against it and the Life Power in his body was transferred to the crystal stone detector and it began to glow in a rainbow of colors.

The colorful light glimmered for about two minutes and stopped. Three different colors appeared on the stone detector which was initially white in color. Gold color occupied the most among them while there was a little black and red color at the edges.

"Detection is completed. The user has polymorphic Life Power. The user has multiple elemental attributes to his Life Power. Three types of attributes have been detected. The dragonfire and blood element occupied most of the Life Power while a small fraction of it is taken up by the strength element. There may be some other attributes that have not been detected. Would you like to contact the Hunter Association for a more detailed test?"

"Reject contact!" After listening to the results of the test, he roughly knew why he had multiple elemental attributes in his Life Power.

He absorbed most of the Life Power from Charcoal and Bai which was why there was a higher amount of blood and dragonfire element to his Life Power while he only used Tyrant occasionally, which explains why the strength element was a little lacking.

He erased the data stored in the detector and turned it off. He then opened the network and started looking for information regarding polymorphic Life Power.

There was very little information regarding polymorphic Life Power on the network. He found nothing useful after surfing the net for almost half a day.

"It's unavailable on the Heart Network. Perhaps I'll have to ask Yi Yeyu again?" Lin Huang frowned. However, he recalled something after a short while. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I am now given access to the exclusive section for Bronze Hunters."

He logged into the Hunter Association information network and looked for more information. After reading around eight irrelevant posts, he had finally found one thread discussing Life Skill training for people with polymorphic Life Power.

It was posted by an anon around 20 years ago, stating that the person had polymorphic Life Power and was interviewed. Many comments insulted the owner of the post.

This was because not many of them possessed more than one attribute. Those who possessed dual attributes were even rarer and there were only a few of them in the entire Division7. People had mentioned polymorphic attributes as a theory but no one had actually proven its existence. Aside from royalty, no commoner had ever heard of this before.

The post was initially pushed down the thread list after it was posted for a few days until one day; an anonymous person gave a lengthy reply, rekindling interest in this issue.

The anonymous person explained in detail and he or she seemed to have done their research. Lin Huang read the reply carefully and was in deep thought.

The entire reply could be concluded in the final sentence, "It is more appropriate for those with polymorphic Life Power to practice Life Skills with a neutral elemental attribute." However, he was pondering this matter deeply.

"Based on the reply, it mentioned that Life Power was actually a kind of energy that was relatively stable. However, when Life Power is imbued with different elemental attributes, the instability index of Life Power will increase. A person who possessed polymorphic Life Power has an innate self-balancing system within their body. If they were to train with a Life Skill that was imbued with an elemental attribute, it would disrupt this self-balancing system and cause the unstable Life Power to erupt from one's body. In order to maintain the balance of Life Power in one's body, people with polymorphic life power can only train with Life Skills with a neutral element."

"The theory made sense but the ratio of the elemental attributes in my Life Power is constantly changing and it seems to be fine. Could it be because I'm still at a low level and have a low quantity of Life Power?" Lin Huang doubted.

However, he decided to follow what was suggested and train the  Army Attack Tactics  that he had on hand.

Army Attack Tactics was a set of Life Skills with a neutral attribute that focused on fighting skills. Many experts would practice this Life Skill as it was more valuable than any other

There were nine levels in this set of Life Skills. Most people would cap out at level four or five. Only those who were stronger could reach level six. Level six was an important stage in this set of Life Skills. If one was able to break through this stage, the strength and the speed using the Life Skills would be on par with that of an ultimate Life Skill.

With Xiao Hei on hand, it could be level six or even level nine for the  Army Attack Tactics , he was confident that he could achieve it. Time was the only issue.

Since he had determined the attribute of his Life Power, he did not want to delay the training of his Life Skill any longer.

He kept the Life Power detector away and went back to his room.

He took out a black crystal the size of his fist and transferred his Life Power into it.

A middle-aged man appeared in front of Lin Huang and Lin Huang could vaguely sense that he was giving off a murderous vibe.

"The Life Skill - Army Attack Tactics  was derived from an ancient skill from the ancients known as Devastating Heavens . Despite being a high-level Life Skill that people used in current times, it was in sync with the knowledge and wisdom of the old masters. This set of Life Skills were created by someone who had disobeyed the law of nature. He had said in the past that whoever was capable of achieving level nine in this set of Life Skills would stand aloof from Ultimate Life Skills and would achieve the power of Holy Life Skills..."


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