Monster Paradise
92 Best Player Award
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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92 Best Player Award

Mu Zimo’s game ID was 'Female Gunslinger 1'. The account was created not long ago, less than a month.

Within one month, aside from battles where she was paired with weak teammates, she had never lost a battle. System statistics show that she has a 99% win rate and was awarded as the best player of the game in most battles than the battles which she had weak teammates, she had never lost before.

During this period of time, she had met other gunmasters in-game. However, she did not participate much in battles as her opponents would usually choose to avoid her and attack her teammates instead.

It was the first time Mu Zimo met an opponent like Lin Huang, who would fight till the end and was reluctant to retreat.

She was so excited and did not bother about the outcome of the battle. She wanted to be better than Lin Huang.

Lin Huang entered the game for the first time with a simple purpose. He was looking for an opponent who was stronger than him so he could practice his skills. He was not concerned about winning.

Their team members arrived at the battleground to see the both of them engaged in a fierce battle.

All of them kept their guns and raised their hands, a sign that they were here to watch instead of joining in the fight. They watched quietly.

As time passed, both of them became familiar with each other's combat movements. Soon, they bonded through battle.

Lin Huang knew that she was the real deal, a true gunmaster. She had strong fundamentals and it showed in her skills. She was as good as he was. He could not figure out her weaknesses at all.

Mu Zimo felt differently about Lin Huang. He had good basics unlike the other players but she could predict his next moves they were just as good as one another. He must be new to Gun Master by the looks of it but he must have come from an academy.

She fired even more shots at him and when Lin Huang tried to dodge her attacks, another BlackEagle33 appeared in her left hand.

Just then, he could not relax anymore, he knew she meant business this time.

Mu Zimo was confident that she could certainly send Lin Huang back to the respawn point. Lin Huang however, had no intentions of retreating.

At the high ground, Mu Zimo held guns in both her hands, attacking consecutively. Her attack speed was at least 50% faster now.

"It's a gunfighting technique!" Lin Huang's pupils dilated as they watched Mu Zimo's every movement.

"I've been practicing this skill for a year – the Twin Flower. I don't think that you can dodge my bullets anymore!" Mu Zimo finally spoke to Lin Huang.

The bullet's trajectory of her BlackEagle33's began changing abruptly. It was supposed to be traveling in a straight line. However, following Mu Zimo's wrist movements, it began to travel in a curved path.

She then launched her combo with both guns. Bullets were flying all around her towards Lin Huang, filling the entire area, causing those who were watching the fight to cheer in astonishment.

At almost the same time, Lin Huang's movements changed. He touched the ground with his toe and Spectral Snowsteps was activated. His body rose swiftly into the air, resembling a soaring eagle. He did a somersault in mid-air and landed on the roof of another house.

Thanks to Spectral Snowsteps, he managed escaped to escape the area of effect of the gunfighting technique - Twin Flower.

"Eh?!" Mu Zimo had never expected that Lin Huang would have different movement skills. It was as fast as the first skill he activated.

Lin Huang’s weakness was revealed when she realized that his gun skills were weakened if his opponents used gunfighting techniques.

After getting up to the rooftop, he activated Boundless Vision without hesitation. The innate ability of Sly Hand was activated as well. He raised the gun once again and fired multiple shots at Mu Zimo with the fastest attack-speed ever.

Thanks to the physique enhancement from Robust, the recoil force had minimal effect on Lin Huang's body. His regular attack speed was then 10% faster than Mu Zimo's attack speed. He was terribly fast now.

The activation of Boundless Vision allowed Lin Huang to better notice Mu Zimo's subtle movements.

Mu Zimo had almost used up her Life Power when she activated the gunfighting technique. She was caught off-guard when Lin Huang counterattacked with a fearsome attack-speed and she panicked.

Brother Mighty and the rest of them were struck by terror. Nobody could avoid such an attack regardless of how good their skills were. They would definitely be sent back to the respawn point.

The battle between gunmasters was not about movement skills. It was about eyesight and their abilities to predict their opponent's movements to give them great advantage in their ranged attacks, especially for gunmasters and bowmasters.

Lin Huang grinned when Mu Zimo began messing up her movements. Just then, he held the BlackEagle33 in his left hand.

He had never practiced using a gun with his left hand so he had no idea how it would turn out but this did not hamper the firing rate of his left hand.

The intensity of the Life Power bullets doubled immediately.

Mu Zimo was shocked to see Lin Huang holding another gun on his left hand. However, it shocked her that his accuracy was so awful.

Since Lin Huang shot randomly, it was rather difficult for Mu Zimo to predict the trajectory of the bullets fired out from the gun in his left hand.

Lin Huang's shooting speed was extremely fast to the point that it made her clumsy. She found it difficult to dodge the attacks, causing her defense to become weaker.

"I used up most of my Life Power when I used the gunfighting technique. This fellow is now attacking me at lightning speed and this will probably deplete his Life Power. I'll only need to avoid his attacks for now because movement skills require less Life Power. When his Life Power is exhausted, the victory of this battle will still belong to me!" Mu Zimo planned in her mind.

The colorful signboards of the night market made the night in Lijiang Tower much more mysterious.

At the night market, the sounds of shooting guns continued and began to sound a lot more like a rifle because Lin Huang kept shooting at her.

It had been 10 minutes and Lin Huang's was still attacking at an extremely high speed. On the other hand, Mu Zimo seemed to have used up most of her Life Power.

All of them were comparing Mu Zimo's gunfighting technique which lasted for only a few seconds but Lin Huang did not seem to have the intention to stop at all.

"How could it be? Even if the skill that he's did not consume a large amount of Life Power, each bullet fired will require Life Power, especially with such a fast attack speed. How is it possible for him to sustain his attacks for such a long period of time?!" Mu Zimo doubted. Her Life Power could only last her six minutes if she shot her bullets at her fastest speed. 

It had been more than 10 minutes and Mu Zimo had used up most of her Life Power avoiding the attacks while counterattacking.

"It has ended," Lin Huang said in a deep voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He fired out of his left gun to block Mu Zimo's movements while his other hand shot a bullet at her head.

"This guy... He sure knows how to use a gun with his left hand!" Mu Zimo was terrified. The next moment, a bullet penetrated her head and her body collapsed in an instant.

Brother Mighty gave Lin Huang a thumbs up and said, "Brilliant! Pretending that you have not trained using your left hand to trick the woman into believing you."

Lin Huang shook his head and said, "I've indeed never practiced with my left hand to shoot guns before this. When I was in the midst of shooting, I familiarized myself with shooting from my left hand. Though my accuracy has improved, my right hand still handles a gun better."

"It seems that one needs to be talented to become a gunmaster. He was able to familiarize himself with shooting from his left hand in just 10 minutes…" Brother Mighty and the rest of them looked embarrassed.

In the midst of the conversation, a notification sound rang.

"Counting down… 10, 9, 8…"

Just as Lin Huang was about to quit the game, he received a friend request. It was from "Female Gunslinger 1".

Lin Huang hesitated for a moment but decided to accept her friend request anyway. Now, he had one new friend on his friends’ list which was initially empty.

"I hope we'll have a chance for a rematch soon!" 'Female Gunslinger 1' sent him a message.

"Sure!" Lin Huang replied.

The countdown timer ended as soon as they ended their conversation. Lin Huang saw Lijiang Tower fading from his view.

Lin Huang then returned to the empty game cabin with the results of his battle.

"Player: Simply a Newbie"

"Kill Points Gained: 4"

"Death count: 0"

"Congratulations! You've won the best player award!"


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