Monster Paradise
89 Gun Master Assessmen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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89 Gun Master Assessmen

A maximum of 10 accounts can be registered in Gun Master using a game ring unless it was bound to the Emperor's Heart Ring.

Lin Huang did not know that Lin Xin was interested in the game or he would have bought more rings!

After taking the game ring from Lin Xin, Lin Huang went back to his room and summoned the game cabin.

The Gun Master game was expensive because of the game cabin.

The game cabin was only around 10 meters squared. There was a small room with a height of 2.5 meters. In fact, it employed spatial compression technology to make the room look small on the outside even if it had a significantly larger interior. It had an area of more than 10,000 meter squared and its height was about 100 meters or so.

Spatial compression technology was also known as temporary spatial compression. This was still considered new technology and was still not widely known or used by commoners.

The so called temporary spatial compression method was actually a temporary compression of spatial dimension within n a specific period of time and should it exceed that time period, it would expand back to its original size.

The game cabin was only had a floor space of 10 meters squared and once the game was activated, the game cabin would utilize temporary spatial compression to increase the play-space but it was limited to only 12 hours per day. Therefore, a game cabin was not suitable for item storage.

Lin Huang brought the game ring along with him into the game cabin and the virtual game world appeared before him.

Lin Huang peeped into Lin Xin's temporary account which was still logged in.

Lin Huang was stunned because Lin Xin's had a really good stats in her account.

It did not matter if it was a fixed, moving or multiple targets before her, she did very well in all categories, even shooting at targets that would appear in random locations.

Lin Huang clicked a few buttons to look for records of actual combat she did in-game and was astonished by what he saw.

Though the accumulated points were not too high in the first few rounds, she did a lot better after that. She won the title of best player in most of the battles. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"With her physique, it was kind of unbelievable that she could achieve such a standard. She was born to become a gunmaster!" Lin Huang never knew that his sister was so talented.

After watching Lin Xin's performance, he logged out of her account and registered for a new account.

The game ring began to scan Lin Huang's body and recorded the information to create the new character.

After the registration was completed, the game user interface appeared once again.

Lin Huang noticed that there were no records found in the new account and it was not linked to Lin Xin's previous account.

When he was choosing the gun model, he chose the BlackEagle33 because he was good at it.

He held the gun in his hand. It was as if there were no differences between the one he was holding and the real thing.

Lin Huang then entered the training mode.

It began with fixed target shooting. His surroundings had automatically morphed into a shooting range and a target appeared before him, at a distance of 200 meters.

Lin Huang fired 10 consecutive shots and all of the shots hit the bullseye.

The next target appeared. Lin Huang lifted his gun and shot at it…

Lin Huang felt as if he was using a real gun. Even the bullet's trajectory and recoil force felt exactly like an actual Black Eagle33. He began to gain interest in this game.

After practicing his shooting for 20 minutes, Lin Huang morphed the BlackEagle33 into its sniper form.

When a different gun was used, the shooting range would change accordingly. The target was now located further, at a distance of 500 meters.

Lin Huang aimed at the target and activated the Life Power in his body causing a bullet to fire. The bullet penetrated through the virtual target in the center, forming a hole.

The second target immediately appeared. Lin Huang took aim at the second target and shot at it…

Lin Huang was done warming up after practicing his sniping for 20 minutes. He switched his firearm back into a pistol and started the next assessment.

The shooting range morphed once again. A moving target appeared at a distance of 200 meters.

Lin Huang pulled the trigger the moment the target appeared.

The second target was no longer moving at a constant speed. Still, Lin Huang fired.


After the shooting practice, Lin Huang went on with his sniper again.

After half an hour, he began the next round of training. The number of targets in the shooting range increased and had different movements assigned to each of them. Some of them were faster while some of them were slower. There were even targets that were not moving in a straight line…

However, all these did not scare Lin Huang. Shots were continuously fired and he hit all of the targets.

Soon, he entered a more difficult level. Fourth round – random shooting.

All the targets would randomly appear for mere seconds before Lin Huang's 180-degree view.

The level of difficulty of this assessment was quite high. When Lin Huang graduated from the Hunter Reserve College, he did not get full marks for his gun assessment because he had lost one mark in this category.

However, Lin Huang was confident that he could easily pass this assessment. His physique was not only stronger but the speed of his hands had also improved after he gotten his Life Seed Skill.

The 10-minute random shooting assessment ended very quickly. Lin Huang scored full marks and passed the assessment.

Lin Huang aced all four assessments perfectly. Lin Huang felt that it was reasonable for him to score full marks because of his strength and physique.

Upon completing this assessment, Lin Huang selected actual combat and chose a random battle to join. 

The virtual environment in the game cabin quickly shifted to an actual combat map. There were a variety of buildings, different modes of transportation, and even the virtual passer-bys.

The opponents were randomly matched for several rounds and Lin Huang scored the highest in each round. He was undefeated throughout the rounds. After playing for a few rounds, Lin Huang finally discovered that the physique level of regular people was different from his. Since he was in a room filled with ordinary opponents, he was able to attack without so much as a single worry. The battle quickly became meaningless and unfulfilling for him.

"It seems like I have to enter the hunter rooms where I can battle with actual hunters as my opponents. I can only become stronger if my opponents are stronger than I am." Lin Huang looked at the time and it was nine o'clock at night. It was still early. He immediately logged out of the normal room and logged into the hunter’s room…


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