Monster Paradise
88 A Great Reward
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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88 A Great Reward

Lin Huang took out two parcels from the bedside cabinet. The parcel that Leng Yuexin sent him was packaged properly.

There was a storage ring inside the parcel. It was not the one that Li Yanxing had.

There was a small note with a fragrant smell inside the parcel and there were eight numbers written on it. It was probably the password that Leng Yuexin gave him to unlock the ring.

Lin Huang entered the password according to the numbers on the small note on the login page.

Upon verifying the password, an authentication to prove his identity was needed. Lin Huang figured that Yuexin had intentionally set it that way just in case the parcel was stolen or got lost.

Lin Huang scanned his Emperor's Heart Ring and verified his identity. Lin Huang's identity was automatically bound to the system and the storage ring she gave him became his exclusive storage ring.

He immediately checked on the storage ring's internal information.

The storage ring had a very large storage capacity of 100,000 cubic meters. If he were to expand the storage capacity of the Emperor's Heart Ring to this level, he had to spend 100 million credit points for the expansion. The Emperor's Heart Ring that Lin Huang was wearing now was only at 20,000 cubic meters.

Nonetheless, he noticed that only a few things were stored inside.

There were hundreds of complete Life Crystals and thousands of Life Crystal pieces. Along with those were hundreds of weapon rings inside the storage ring.

The last few items in the ring made Lin Huang's breath quicken as these items were placed separately within the storage ring.

There was a black sword that Lin Huang had seen Li Yanxing used before. It was a relic. Aside from the sword, there was a silver armor and a pair of black leather boots.

Lin Huang could neither activate these three relics with his current Life Power nor could it be kept in his body as well but he could use this sword to kill monsters in the future. Though he would not be able to use it to its full potential with his Life Power, its sharpness alone was enough.

A Golden Card was placed not far away from the three relics. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Is it a Credit Point Storage Card?" Lin Huang looked at the card and immediately recognized what it was.

"Non-binding Credit Point Storage Card detected. Would you like to bind it?" A page suddenly popped up from the Emperor's Heart Ring.

"Bind it."

After a short while, the Emperor's Heart Ring released a beam of light that shone on the Golden Card.

"Scanning of card's information is now complete. Binding… Binding is complete. Would you like to integrate the card into your personal account? After integration, your credit point account will be upgraded to a VIP account and you will be eligible to enjoy discounts on certain merchandise."

"Integrate it then." Lin Huang nodded his head. He trusted items from Leng Yuexin.

"Integration is complete. Your personal account has been upgraded to a VIP account. Your account balance is 38.155 billion credit points."

"38.155 billion?!" Lin Huang’s eyes popped. He could only redeem one billion credit points after collecting carcasses for a few days. Lin Huang was shocked to see Li Yanxing’s credit point balance.

Lin Huang thought of it again, even billions of credit points and a few relics meant nothing to him. How terrifying was the power of the Leng's family?

The Leng family would definitely know that Leng Yuexin had Li Yanxing's storage ring with her. Otherwise, they would not negotiate with the Li family to unlock the Emperor's Heart Ring. It was impossible that the Leng family did not know that she gave all of the items in Li Yanxing's storage ring to him. Since Leng's family agreed to give him these treasures, it probably meant nothing to Leng's family or perhaps they were a sign of an apology.

After integrating the golden Credit Point Storage Card and the Emperor's Heart Ring, it vaporized and disappeared. He had no idea what was it was made of.

He stored the Credit Point Storage Card and wore the delicate storage ring on his left pinky. He then proceeded to unwrap the second parcel.

The second parcel was sent by the Hunter Association. Inside, there was a black stone, the size of a fist. It contained a thumb-sized crystal chip and a bronze token that was half the size of half his palm.

Lin Huang could recognize that the bronze token was a decree that allowed them to have access to Bronze Hunter related activities. When the token was issued, it would be processed by the Hunter Association and there would be no follow-up procedures.

When Lin Huang received this, he knew that he had been upgraded to bronze-level in the Hunter Association. It was the level of a regular hunter and he was no longer just a Reserve Hunter. He could access all information a Bronze Hunter could.

However, the upgrade did not mean that Lin Huang had become a true Bronze Hunter. Tasks that other Bronze Hunters could take on, he could only see the information and could not accept. He also could not enjoy the benefits given to Bronze Hunters as well.

Aside from the bronze token, the black stone was probably the cultivated crystal for Army Attack Tactics .

Lin Huang was not sure of the elemental attributes of his Life Power. Therefore, he dared not practice it yet.

He then looked at the thumb-sized crystal chip. He only knew that it was a message chip recognized by the Emperor's Heart Ring. Lin Huang had no clue what the inside of the chip contained.

He scanned it with his Emperor's Heart Ring and an image was projected onto Lin Huang's room.

There was a muscular, middle-aged man practicing a set of techniques in the projected image. It was giving off a deadly aura. Lin Huang noticed that each of the attacks were fatal. It seemed to be a military technique.

It took him 20 minutes to complete practicing the technique.

In the projected image, the middle-aged man then began to speak. "The name of this close combat technique is called Fatal Tactic  and it's meant to be used with Army Attack Tactic  until one reaches gold-level…"

"This combat technique is quite good, though."

Actually, without listening to the man's description, Lin Huang already knew that it was a rare combat technique. With the assistance of the teaching projection, he would be able to master the technique and accumulate the necessary cards. Although he majored in sword techniques, it would be great if he could master this combat skill.

He kept all his stuff in the storage space. Lin Huang got up and walked towards Lin Xin's room on the third floor. "Lin Xin, could you please lend me the 'Gun Master' game ring? I want to assess the current level of my skills."


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