Monster Paradise
86 Keep One“s Word
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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86 Keep One“s Word

In the following days, Lin Huang left the hotel at eight o'clock in the morning and went back at around 12 o'clock at night.

Charcoal and Bai slaughtered the monsters in the valley, giving Lin Huang's Life Power a boost.

There were no barriers in upgrading from iron-level rank-1 to iron-level rank-3. As long as he had adequate Life Power, his combat level would be upgraded directly. Under normal conditions an ordinary person would require at least two months to complete the entire advancement process despite having adequate Life Crystals when they undergo Life Skill training.

Bai's and Black Charcoal's Life Wheel were in sync, enabling all of the Life Power from killing a monster to be transferred to Lin Huang's body because Bai and Black Charcoal’s Life Power was full.

Although Lin Huang could only get around three columns of Life Power every time a monster was killed, he could fill a total of 1080 columns of Life Power within half a day.

Thanks to the advancement in Lin Huang's combat level to iron-level rank-3, Bai and Charcoal were also upgraded to bronze-level.

In Lin Huang's body, there was a duplicate Life Wheel from the Life Power Storage Card he used. The duplicate Life Wheel began to store Life Power once Lin Huang's Life Power in his original Life Wheel was full. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

On the afternoon of the sixth day, the Life Power columns of both Life Wheels were finally full.

Eventually, Lin Huang stopped the slaughter and summoned the Alexandrian Eagle to fly back to Carefree City.

Within those few days, he had managed to store at least 1,300 bronze-level carcasses. He paid 17 million credit points to expand the capacity of his storage space to 20,000 cubic meters so he could store more carcasses.

However, he was not going to the Hunter Association at Carefree City to sell these carcasses. A few days ago, he was only an iron-level rank-1 hunter and he was now iron-level rank-3. If he were to sell the carcasses at the same place, people would be suspicious of his unusually drastic upgrade.

However, as they landed at the west entrance to the foothold, they bumped into the hunter team they met a few days ago.

He did not notice them but the group of hunters remembered him.

Lin Huang entered the foothold as he recalled the Alexandrian Eagle and summoned the Viridian Wolf instead. The hunters gazed at each other when they saw this.

"Is he the imperial censor we met the other day? He's able to summon two monsters at such a young age!"

"Brother, this is not the point. Look at his combat ability. He was only iron-level rank-1 a few days ago. He's capable enough to upgrade himself to iron-level rank-3 within a few days!" The bearded leader said in fear, "The Alexandrian Eagle's ability has also been upgraded to its original level which is bronze-level rank-3."

"Damn! He levels up extremely fast!" The rest of them said.

"Perhaps only royalty possess Life Skills with such terrifying effects…" The bearded leader said with a sigh.

Lin Huang did not know he had met those people before.

He went back to the hotel by riding the Viridian Wolf. After taking his bath and lunch, he went out to look for some delicious food for Lin Xin. He was looking for famous food at Carefree City these few nights and he had jotted down the locations of the shops he found.

He planned to come back earlier in the afternoon as he wanted to buy Lin Xin some food. However, the Life Power was absorbed faster than he had expected. He was half a day ahead of his schedule. Therefore, he could spend more time doing his own things.

Riding the Viridian Wolf, Lin Huang visited more than 30 shops. He ordered two takeaway sets from each of the famous foodstalls.

As soon as he finished visiting all of the shoplots, the sky became darker.

Lin Huang remembered that there was a roadside foodstall he visited with Leng Yuexin before. There were two specialty dishes.

It was so crowded there.

When he got there, the boss recognized him and waived at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang walked towards him with a puzzled expression. The boss asked cheekily, "Did you get back with your girlfriend?"

"Uncle, the girl who came together with me that day was not my girlfriend…" Lin Huang could not believe that the uncle remembered them.

"Ah alright, I'm not going to talk about it then. What're you going to order today? I'll offer you 20% discount on all dishes." The boss said generously.

"A set of steak to dine in and two sets of tenderloin and steak, takeaway please." Lin Huang ordered.

"Damn! You even ordered takeaway. I should have said 10% discount…" The boss was generous but he did not think Lin Huang would buy so much from his shop!

"It's okay. I'll pay the full amount. I know it’s not easy to gain profit in a business." Lin Huang offered.

"A man must keep his word. I promised to offer you a 20% discount and I keep my promises." He then continued, "If your friends happened to visit Carefree City, do recommend them my humble stall."

"I'll recommend you to them for sure." Lin Huang nodded his head and smiled.

While Lin Huang was enjoying his juicy steak, he was reminded of his dinner here with Leng Yuexin from the last time they visited this uncle’s stall.

"I wonder how she's doing now…"

Lin Huang paid for his takeaways after finishing his dinner.

He realized that it was almost nine o'clock at night when he got back to his hotel room.

Lin Huang was indeed tired but felt a sense of fulfilment with his growth and achievement in the past few hectic days. 

He verified the confirmation message that he received upon booking the flight ticket of the Demonic Crystal Spaceship while lying on the sofa. The flight would depart on 8.40 a.m. After reading some news, it was 10 o'clock at night. He washed up and went to bed.

The next morning, Lin Huang was awake at around 7.40 a.m. After taking his bath, he packed his stuff and left.

He checked out after having his breakfast and he went to an outdoor café nearby. He ordered a cup of coffee while he waited for the spaceship to arrive.

The spaceship arrived on time at 8.40 a.m. and he boarded. Lin Huang sighed and said, "It's finally time to leave…"


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