Monster Paradise
83 Can’t Afford A Thing…
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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83 Can’t Afford A Thing…

After dinner, Lin Huang checked into a hotel in Carefree City. He got into the room and sat on the living room couch. He then got Xiao Hei to arrange his cards.

"You have received a total of nine new cards."

"New Monster Card x5 - Charcoal (Epic), Alexandrian Eagle (Rare), Viridian Wolf, Demonic One-Eyed Ape, Specter"

"New Skill Cards: Thunder Sword (Rare), Cloud steps (Rare)"

"New Function Cards: Advance Card x1"

"New Item Card (Relic) x1"

Lin Huang was satisfied when he heard the list. The two cards he obtained for completing the mission were an Advance Card and a Relic Item Card. He had received both of them when he stepped into Carefree City. However, there was another notification that came from Xiao Hei later on.

"You have used a total of six cards"

"Cards that you have used: Provisional Transformation Cards x5, Healing cards x2, Double Reward Cards x3, Mission Cards x2"

"I have used all my Provisional Transformation Cards?" Lin Huang asked, stunned at the announcement. He mumbled and calculated, "I used one when I killed the Six-Armed Demon in the Purple Dress, one for going underground, another to kill Li Yanxing, one more to get out of the cave and I used the last one to transform into the Alexandrian Eagle to fly into the air… I really did use all of them!" He exclaimed.

"Two Healing Cards were used on Leng Yuexin, three Double Reward Cards got me 20 cross-ranking Reward Cards…" Lin Huang thought. He then frowned and asked, "Xiao Hei, please calculate all the remaining cards that I have."

"You have a total of 17 non-Monster Cards: Advance Card x4, Mission Card x1, Treasure Card x3, Life Power Storage Card x2, Item Card x4, Limitless Card x1, Flawless Card x2, Healing Card x1."

"Four Advance Cards would mean I can upgrade both Bai and Tyrant…" At the very beginning when he got his first two monsters, he always wondered which he should advance first. Now, he no longer had to think and upgraded the both of them.

"Xiao Hei, if I were to upgrade both Bai and Sand Monster to Epic-levels, that wouldn’t affect me right?" Lin Huang asked Xiao Hei before he upgraded both of them.

"No. But upgrading twice would mean one Life Transformation. They will evolve into another species and during the evolution, they will need a large amount of Life Power. I don’t suggest you do it in the foothold or the areas near the foothold. An unusual wave of life force could attract the attention of a transcendent as well as the monitoring bureau of the Union Government. Furthermore, I don’t suggest you do it in the wild zone as there are transcendent monsters there too, just to be safe," Xiao Hei explained.

"Alright then…" Lin Huang had to put his plan on hold. He was lucky that he got out of Wangyou Forest alive but he was not going to back there just to upgrade his monsters.

"I’ll have to wait for the next time I go to a wild zone then, since I can do it anytime," he thought. He then continued, "From the four Item Cards, three of them should be able to get me some Item. And the random Relic Item Card that I retrieved from the mission, let’s activate all of them!" Four Item Cards with a question mark on top appeared in Lin Huang’s hand. Three of them were pure white while another was silver in color.

"Activate Item Card x4" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Congratulations, you have received bronze-level armor x1, bronze-level battle sword x1, bronze-level water bottle x1."

"Congratulations, you have received a Scouting Relic - Waxed Dragoneye (pirated)!"

"Scouting Relic…" Lin Huang was speechless. Although such a relic was very useful, it required a lot of money. A single use would use up Life Crystal which was worth a hundred years. The one he wanted the most was actually a Sword Relic. Not only he did not need his Life Power to use it, the sharpness of Sword Relic would never decrease.

He then tapped on the treasure tool card to read the detailed description.

"Item Card (Relic)"

"Level: Four-star relic"

"Relic Name: Waxed Dragoneye (pirated)"

"Relic Type: Scouting Relic"

"Description of Relic: This pirated holy relic can identify and detect everything that is going on within a coverage area of 1,000 kilometers."

"Usage Limit: Maximum three times per day!"

"Looks like an astonishing relic with such strict limitations. I can only use it three times per day!" Lin Huang raised his eyebrow. All the other equipment were transformed into rings after they were activated but this relic remained a card.

To activate relics, he would have to be at least gold-level so that he can have sufficient Life Power. Lin Huang was very far from that so he had to keep it in its card form.

After keeping his new equipment, he looked at the two skill cards that he obtained from killing Li Yanxing.

"Skill Card"

"Skill Card Name: Thunder Sword"

"Rarity: Rare"

"Type of Skill: Sword"

"Skill Level: Gold-level"

"Status: Available"

"Description: This skill required speed and force to be effective."

"Remarks: This skill requires Life Power."

"Card remarks: Passable"

"Skill Card"

"Skill Card Name: Cloud Steps"

"Rarity: Rare"

"Type of Skill: Body movement"

"Skill Level: Gold-level"

"Status: Available"

"Description: This skill is suitable for short-distance teleportation."

"Remarks: This skill is a unique movement skill. Not limited to level, the effect changes with the user’s ability."

"Card remarks: Passable"

"No bad," Lin Huang thought. He was satisfied with the two skills that he obtained. He practiced his Thunder Sword for many days before and only got a few card pieces. He did not expect to get the card from killing Li Yanxing. As for Cloud Steps, he witnessed it in one of Li Yanxing’s battles, it was a pretty amazing teleportation skill.

"Activate both skill cards!" he said.

"Activation has been completed!"

Both skill cards on Lin Huang’s hand disappeared. He then looked at his Exclusive Card and saw two skills added to his list of skills.

He then looked at the cards that Xiao Hei listed on the notification board.

"What is this Life Power Storage Card and Limitless Card?" Lin Huang asked. He had obtained the two cards when he performed a cross-ranking kill on the transcendent monster in Wangyou Forest. It was one of the 20 reward cards that he obtained but did not have the time to look at them.

He viewed the Life Power Storage Card and was stunned after reading its description.

"Life Power Storage Card: After it is activated, it can clone the user’s Life Wheel and store the same amount of Life Power as the user’s original Life Wheel.

"Remarks: This card can only increase the storage of Life Power but not clone the other functions that a Life Wheel comes with."

Even with that disappointing remark, Lin Huang thought this card was the best thing ever. Once it was activated, he would have an extra Life Wheel. Moreover, he had two Life Power Storage Cards.

"Each iron-level rank-3 Life Wheel has 1080 columns of Life Power. If I activate both cards, I would have three Life Wheels of Life Power stored in my body, which is equivalent to 3240 columns of Life Power!" Lin Huang was over the moon when he read the card’s function and instructed Xiao Hei immediately, "Xiao Hei, activate both of the Life Power Storage Cards!"

"Life Power Storage Card x2, activated!"

Both of the Life Power Storage Cards started to glow and the glow enveloped his body. He inspected his body afterward and there really were two additional Life Wheels that looked exactly the same. However, all the other columns were blank. Unlike his original Life Wheel, the Life Power only filled the first circle.

He then looked at the Limitless Card, "So what's this Limitless card?"

Limitless Card: After using it, you can permanently upgrade one thing of your choice for an unlimtied amount of time."

"Remarks: It will disappear after one use."

"An unlimited upgrade?!" The first thing Lin Huang thought of when he saw the card’s function was Xiao Hei.

"Xiao Hei, is this card effective on you?"

"Yes," Xiao Hei replied firmly.

"That’s great, then I’ll use the card on you, which also means I get to upgrade my usage of you without limitations!" Lin Huang said and smiled at the thought.

"Are you sure about the target user?"


"Limitless card has been usage… You have received an upgrade…"

"Activated new function - Card Pieces Mall!"

"Random card reward, card selection has been increased from 12 pieces to 18 pieces!"

"Card Pieces Mall?!" Lin Huang’s eyes brightened up. He was just thinking of trading off his card pieces for something useful.

"You only have iron-level and bronze-level card pieces, you can’t browse pages that are of a higher card level."

"Sure, let me take a look at iron-level and bronze-level card pieces." Lin Huang nodded.

Many cards were presented to him. After he glanced through them, he felt cheated by Xiao Hei.

"I have to use two card pieces to trade one card piece of the same level… One normal iron-level monster would only need 30 card pieces to combine a but here, I would have to use 60 card pieces!"

"As your card pieces are not the monsters you want, there’s a price to pay if you want certain monsters," Xiao Hei explained.

He then looked at the rare monster cards. Every single one of them would need at least 10,000 card pieces and there were many that required millions of card pieces.

"Seems like I’m still a poor boy that can’t afford anything here…" Lin Huang shook his head. Normal Monster Cards would not help him much but the Rare Monster Cards required ridiculous amounts of card pieces which were way more the card pieces he owned.


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