Monster Paradise
81 Leaving Wangyou Fores
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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81 Leaving Wangyou Fores

Leng Yuexin lay pale on the ground, a black knife pierced through her body. Fresh blood soaked her shirt, and the artery on her right wrist had not stopped its bleeding. She was drenched in a pool of her own blood.

"Xiao Hei, should I remove the knife first or do I use the Healing Card directly?" Lin Huang asked. He was worried that removing the knife would cause even more bleeding. In Leng Yuexin’s current state, if that happened, she would die within seconds. She could not take the torture any longer.

"You can use the Healing Card directly. During the process of healing, the object that caused the injury would be removed from her body automatically," Xiao Hei explained.

Hearing what Xiao Hei said, Lin Huang was slightly relieved.

"Then use a Healing Card on her."

A white glow came out of Lin Huang’s body into Leng Yuexin’s body. Soon, her wound stopped bleeding. The black knife that was stabbed into her chest was removed slowly by an invisible force.

"Girl, I have spent two Transformation Cards and two Healing Cards on you… Please don’t create more trouble for me…" Lin Huang muttered aloud and transformed to his original form from his vampire mode and looked on at Leng Yuexin healing anxiously. If he did not manage to kill Li Yanxing with the two cards that he pulled out at the last minute, the mission would have been a waste of his resources. Lin Huang did not know that something bigger was waiting for him. When he summoned Charcoal, the eyes on top of the jellyfish-like transcendent monster in the cave were opening one by one…

Near the entrance of the underground river, Leng Yuexin was healing fast with the help of the Healing Card. The life-threatening wound was healing in front of Lin Huang’s eyes, her pale face became rosy as well.

"The effects of the Healing Card is so amazing!" Lin Huang exclaimed as he saw the changes on Leng Yuexin body. Unfortunately, he had three Healing Cards but now, two of them were used on her. This time, he did not stay hidden anymore since Leng Yuexin had seen him fighting and summoning Bai and Charcoal earlier. However, she did not see him transforming into Bai as she passed out. He did not bother to think of an explanation he would tell her, all he wanted was for her to wake up as soon as possible and leave this place.

Soon, as her wounds were almost healed, Leng Yuexin woke up. She opened her eyes and saw Lin Huang, Charcoal and Bai who were not far away.

"You saved me?" Leng Yuexin said quietly, almost in a whisper as she looked at her chest and noticed that her wound had disappeared. Same on her wrist, just that the blood stains reassured her that she was not dreaming.

"Yes," Lin Huang said. He was not going to deny it.

"Was it you who removed the poison from my body too?" Leng Yuexin asked as she noticed that her condition was similar to the previous time she woke up from being poisoned as she noticed back then that the poison had completely cleared from her body too. Even the wound that was left by the transcendent monster disappeared as well.

"Yes, if you have any more questions, we can talk about it on our way out of here," Lin Huang said as he knew the underground cave was not safe after the battle and he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

"Wait, let me change my clothes," she said. Seeing herself in a mess, Leng Yuexin blushed.

"You can change when you’re outside, it’s not safe here…" Just when Lin Huang said that, the ground started to shake.

They were shocked, they both instantly knew that it was the transcendent monster. It must be coming for Charcoal who was a dragonkin with dragon blood flowing through its veins.

"Let’s go, Bai will get you out of here!" Lin Huang shouted.

"Then what about you?" Leng Yuexin asked, surprised to hear his instructions.

"I’m just an avatar, my real body is up there," Lin Huang lied to her. He knew the made-up the excuse would speed things up and Leng Yuexin would not worry about him. He then called Bai who came forth with his Blood Power wings transformed into a pair of fins. Bai then carried Leng Yuexin, dived into the water and swam swiftly towards the entrance of the cave.

The light blue tentacles were coming for him and Charcoal. He recalled Charcoal immediately and transformed himself into Specter. He then leaped and hid behind the wall. The light blue tentacles seemed to sense Lin Huang had gone through the wall and they swept all over the location where Lin Huang and Charcoal were. Lin Huang did not turn to look behind him as he ran for his life from wall to wall. He heard loud thuds that sounded like an earthquake followed by the roar of the monster.

Deep in the cave, the light blue jellyfish monster turned a bloody red and shined a bright red glow all around the cave. Its countless tentacles were going towards the direction where Lin Huang and Charcoal had disappeared. As a transcendent monster, it knew very well about the importance of bloodlines. If it was to swallow a pure dragonkin, it would not become a dragonkin itself, but it would at least transform into something similar to the level of a Sky Dragon. By then, its ability would increase immensely.

Losing the scent of the dragonkin made it furious but soon it became calm as it caught a whiff of a human with hints of dragon blood. After locking its target on the human, countless deadly light-blue tentacles headed out for Lin Huang. Sensing the vibrations behind him getting more and more intense, Lin Huang started to run upwards. In less than three minutes, he was on the ground. Noticing that the transcendent monster was not giving up, Lin Huang used his Provisional Transformation Card and turned himself into an Alexandrian Eagle.

He flapped his wings and his gigantic body went all the way to the clouds within seconds. However, he did not leave the place immediately. He observed the area from the sky. He saw clearly that the red tentacles had pierced through the ground and caused cracks to appear all over the place. However, it was only a few centimeters out of the ground. Suddenly, the ground started to burn. The transcendent monster let out a devastating groan and retracted all its tentacles.

Seeing the strange phenomenon, Lin Huang guessed the monster must be sealed underground by some strange force which caused its body to burn once it left the ground. Now he knew where the cracks on the ground came from. Knowing that the monster was no longer a threat, he waited patiently for Leng Yuexin. The pool and waterfall that connected to the underground cave’s entrance was close by. They had to come out of that entrance as there was only one way.

Flapping his wings, Lin Huang landed on a giant rock next to the pool. He turned back into a human and waited patiently. Soon, Bai brought Leng Yuexin who was wrapped in a diving suit out of the water. After removing the diving equipment, Leng Yuexin and Bai swam towards Lin Huang.

"I think I heard the monster again!" Leng Yuexin shouted at Lin Huang once she got ashore.

"Yes, we need to leave here quickly," Lin Huang nodded and summoned Viridian Wolf immediately.

"Wait, I’ll only take a minute to change. Don’t worry about the monster, it’s sealed underground by the black rock, there’s no way it can escape," Leng Yuexin said. She was soaking wet. It was summer, and she was uncovered. Her clothes were so wet that they were stuck on her body, shaped to each and every curve of her body.

Lin Huang looked the other way. Leng Yuexin leaped towards the waterfall and changed behind a giant rock. Lin Huang recalled Bai and waited patiently. Soon, Leng Yuexin was done changing. She wore a pair of jeans with a white shirt. It was casual and pleasing. She was pretty and had nice features. She used to give off the vibe that she was rich and obnoxious. Now as she was dressed in casual attire, she looked really down to earth.

"Thank you for saving me twice, I owe my life to you and I will never forget that," Leng Yuexin said as she leaped from the waterfall and landed not far from Lin Huang.

"If you could send me back to Carefree City, that would make us even then," Lin Huang replied. He just wanted to complete his mission.

"Even if you didn’t mention it, I will send you back in one piece. Since I have already accepted the mission, I will have to complete it. It has nothing to do with repaying you," Leng Yuexin answered his request and shook her head.

"However, before that, please give me two to three days, I need to kill that bastard Li Yanxing with my own hands!"

"Erm… Li Yanxing is dead," Lin Huang said while rubbing his nose and averting his eyes.

"He’s dead?" Leng Yuexin looked at him confused as she did not think Lin Huang could have managed to kill Li Yanxing. Although he killed him in a bad way, she thought Lin Huang was just chasing Li Yanxing away instead of killing him.

"That’s right, I killed him," Lin Huang said and then took out Li Yanxing’s ring.

Leng Yuexin recognized Li Yanxing’s ring immediately, "He’s really dead!"

"He was poisoned and almost exhausted all his Life Power when he attacked you. I killed him together with my monsters, burnt his body and tossed it into the underground river," Lin Huang lied. Of course, he could not tell her about killing Li Yanxing by transforming himself into a vampire.

"Although he was strong, he was strangled by a vampire, and there was no way he could run," he continued.

"Alright then. There will be trouble if you keep his ring. Give it to me, I will tell his family that he attempted to kill me so I defended myself and ended him. About this ring too, I will get someone to activate it. I will send all the stuff in his storage space to you, just give me your address," Leng Yuexin said to Lin Huang.

"That’s what I thought too when I retrieved his ring. I was worried if his family found out about me from this ring, it would mean a great load of trouble for me," Lin Huang said and nodded. He then tossed the ring to Leng Yuexin. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Leng Yuexin caught the ring and kept it in her storage space.

"Since Li Yanxing is dead, do you have anything else you have to do?" Lin Huang asked.

"No. Li Yanxing is dead, two of the guys were eaten by the monster and another one was poisoned. There’s no reason for me to stay. Let me send you back to the city," Leng Yuexin said and shook her head recounting all the events of the day. She then took out her monster taming token and summoned her gold-level Frostwolf. She rode on it while Lin Huang rode on his Viridian Wolf and headed on their way...


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