Monster Paradise
73 Leveling Up To Iron-Level
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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73 Leveling Up To Iron-Level

After he was transformed into a vampire, Lin Huang’s body was a complete copy of Bai’s characteristics. His movements were as fast as Bai, they were chasing after the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress but it was still faster than they were.

Initially, when the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress gave up on attacking Lin Huang, it was already out of the attack zone of his Blood Power. Now that the both of them were chasing it, the distance was getting farther. Lin Huang could not get over the fact that the demon was getting away. He was almost killed by the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress and he was forced to use his provisional transformation card. If he did not kill this Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress, he would never forgive himself.

Furious, he was utilizing his Spectral Snowsteps without even realizing. His speed was a few times faster and soon, he was near the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress.

"Wait, can I still use my own skills while in transformation mode?!" Lin Huang thought he could not use his own skills after he was transformed. His eyes brightened up, "That means I can also use my ‘Great Sword Scripture’!"

He caught up to the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress soon and turned his right Blood Power wing into a sword and swung at it. It was the 19th style in the ‘Great Sword Scripture’. The red gold sword was like an arrow plunging towards the back of the demon’s head under the moonlight.

The demon had senses in its back and tried to dodge Lin Huang's attack. Just when it attempted to escape, it realized that one of its arms on its left was tied by a crimson gold object. Lin Huang had secretly turned his left Blood Power wing into a long rattan to tie one of its arms up while he attacked earlier.

The demon turned his head 180 degrees and stared a deadly stare at Lin Huang with its bloody eyes under the pale mask. It then plunged towards Lin Huang. Just when Lin Huang was plunging forward, it lunged at him as well. Their distance was so close. Its six arms were turned into six different weapons and attacked Lin Huang like a thunderstorm.

If Lin Huang was in his regular combat mode, he would definitely die under these attacks. However, now that he was transformed into a vampire that was the same with Bai, a mutated vampire, his combat level was also on iron-level rank-3, which was the same with this Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress. He was not afraid at all, his Blood Power wings were turned into a pair of sharp knives and collided with the demon’s arms. Seeing that Bai was getting closer to Lin Huang, the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress seemed to give its all so that it could kill Lin Huang before Bai arrived. It then used its ultimate skill, the Thousand-Handed Soul-Reaper at Lin Huang. Its six arms were so fast that they seemed to turn into more than 10,000 arms attacking him.

Lin Huang stopped attacking and started defending immediately and blocked all the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress’s attacks. Within seconds, they collided more than 100 times. Bai finally arrived, his Blood Power wings were extended when he was 10 meters away and attacked towards the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress. It knew that it could not fight the both of them, it attempted to escape again.

Just when the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress turned around, a crimson gold blade shone. It pierced through the back of its head and broke its mask. The Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress was motionless, its mask was breaking down and its body was fading away fast. Withdrawing his crimson gold blade, Lin Huang smirked, "Try to escape from me?! I've been defensive not because I couldn’t kill you, but I was familiarizing the use of these Blood Power wings so that I could use my ‘Great Sword Scripture’ accurately."

Just when Lin Huang was done talking, a white glow flowed out of the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress’ head that was covered by its mask. Lin Huang was completely covered in the glow.

"You are experiencing a Life Light Baptism, abort from transformation by force!"

Xiao Hei’s voice was heard and before Lin Huang could respond, he was withdrawn from his vampire transformation and turned into a human again.

His body was showered in the white glow, there were changes to his Life Wheel.

His Life Wheel that was made of gray stone was changing to a black metal one. Lin Huang knew that his Life Wheel was transforming into an iron-level Life Wheel. After it was turned into a black metal material, it shrunk into 1/3 of its original size and three circles of white columns were created. Each circle was the same with the Life Light columns, having 360 columns in each circle. However, it was not Life Light columns, but Life Power columns. If the inner circle was filled with Life Power, that would mean iron-level rank-1, the second circle would be iron-level rank-2 and the third circle would be iron-level rank-3. When all 1080 Life Power columns were filled, another round of Life Light Baptism would take place and he would be leveled-up to bronze-level.

Lin Huang had researched about this countless times on the Heart Network.

When the transformation of Life Wheel was done, the Life Light Baptism would end as well. Just when the Life Light Baptism was almost over, a black-gray colored bead that was the size of a thumb came out of the Six-Armed Demon’s body and went into Lin Huang’s body. It absorbed into his new iron-level Life Wheel.

Lin Huang looked into his Life Wheel. Among the Life Wheel that was covered in a white glow and more than 10 cards, there was an additional black-gray colored bead in it.

"Life Seed has been detected, do you want to turn it into a card?" Xiao Hei said.

"I can turn the Life Seed into a card?!" Lin Huang asked.

"You can directly turn it into a card without needing to add any materials."

"If I turn it into a card and you escape from my body, does that mean that my Life Seed gifts would be gone?" Lin Huang was obviously concerned.

"No, Life Seeds are not really cards but they're an object instead. If I were to escape from your body, the Life Seed would turn back into its regular form."

Lin Huang was relieved after Xiao Hei’s explanation, "Alright, turn it into a card!"

Soon, Xiao Hei spoke again.

"It has been done. A new card is added, Life Seed Card!"

Lin Huang immediately looked at the Life Seed Card that he had just obtained. There was a fluffy gray-black ball on top of the card. He then turned the card around to read the detailed description.

"Life Seed Card"

"Life Seed Name: Sly Hands"

"Rarity: Rare"

"Type: Synthetic"

"Talent Effect 1: Finger agility +20% (Beginner)"

"Talent Effect 2: Attack speed of both arms +20% (Beginner)"

"Talent Effect 3: Flexibility of both arms +20% (Beginner)"

"Level-up Effect: With every upgrade, the three gifted effects would gain an additional 20% each"

"Card Remarks: Passable"

Lin Huang was shocked to see the gift card. He remembered clearly that the Sly Hands Life Seed would give an addition 10% only for beginner stage and each upgrade would also be an additional 10%. But now he was given a 20%. He thought about it and figured probably the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress that he killed had a higher rarity. Therefore, the 20% talent effect was nothing out of the ordinary. However, he was still surprised at what he got.

"Beginner would get an additional 20% and if I am upgraded to gold-level, I would gain an additional 80% which means my speed would be twice as fast. This talent effect isn’t bad at all!" Lin Huang had finally achieved his mission to be leveled-up to iron-level. It was a bonus that he obtained a better Life Seed! He let out a gentle sigh, "I am finally an iron-level!"

Thinking of his characteristic changes, he tapped open his exclusive card to take a good look.

"Host: Lin Huang"

"Gender: Male"

"Age: 15"

"Combat strength: Iron-level rank-1"

"Life Seed: Sly Hands (Rare)

"Combat Skill 1: Great Sword Scripture (Sword Skill)"

"Combat Skill 2: Spectral Snowsteps (Body Movement)"

"Monster Skill 1: Blood Power (Level-2)"

"Monster Skill 2: Robust (Intermediate)"

"Monster Skill 3: Powerful Strength (Intermediate)"

"Monster Skill 4: Magic Eye Deterrence (Intermediate)"

"Monster Skill 5: Absolute Defence (Beginner)" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Summon Authority: Activated"

"Available Number of Summons: 2"

"Remark: Wow, you have finally been leveled-up to iron-level."

"Finally, my combat strength is no longer ‘none’ like it used to be…" Lin Huang took a closer look, "There’s Life Seed added, combat skills and monster skills were separated. Now I can summon two monsters at once!" He had got used to ignoring Xiao Hei’s mean remarks. In conclusion, the journey into Wangyou Forest exceeded his expectation. Not only he was leveled-up to iron-level, the gift of the addition of his Life Seed was a pleasant surprise. Besides, he had also obtained an epic dragonkin summon card.

"Now I’m wondering when Miss Leng and the rest will complete their mission. I shall try my best to fill up the Life Power in my iron-level Life Wheel in the next few days!"


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