Monster Paradise
72 Transforming Into A Vampire
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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72 Transforming Into A Vampire

"Oh no!"

Being stared at, Lin Huang felt in his bones that something was going to happen. The Six-Armed Demon was mutated and much more dangerous than a vampire. Its ability in that purple dress was definitely no weaker than Bai. What scared Lin Huang was that the other Six-Armed Demon would plunge towards him.

By then, it was definitely impossible to escape. These demons moved at the speed of light and if they stood still, they would die. "Bai, kill the one in the front first!" Lin Huang yelled at Bai. He thrust his iron sword forward, his body like an arrow shooting towards the Six-Armed Demon.

Lin Huang knew that every second mattered in this battle. He and Bai must kill the Six-Armed Demon in front before the demon in the purple dress attacked them.

The Six-Armed Demon shot its six arms like six guns towards Lin Huang. Its arms seemed smooth but they were actually as tough as metal. It was nothing less than an iron-level armor, powerful. Its nails were like sharp knives, they glowed underneath the moonlight. Its six arms could transform into various killing weapons anytime it wanted.

The six arms shot at him like lightning. Lin Huang did not retreat but moved even closer. He knew very well that if he did not handle this demon's six arms, Bai will not be able to kill it with one shot. Lin Huang glanced at that demon in the purple dress which stood behind him. Lin Huang was slightly relieved as it hadn't moved, yet.

Lin Huang quickly started a short distance combat with the Six-Armed Demon. The iron sword in his hand slashed at it again and again. He was weaker than the iron-level rank-3 Six-Armed Demon. Lin Huang would be asking for death if they made a frontal collision and playing defensively was the only strategy that might work.

However, the six arms deviated from its original attack plan and began attacking like a tarsal bone maggot. Lin Huang’s pupil shrunk, his no trail snow-stepping power had reached its ultimate level. He swung his sword again to defend himself from attacks. "Bai!" Lin Huang cried to Bai.

Bai sprang from the forest. It ran fast and a pair of crimson gold wings on top of his back emerged, turning into a spear. It shot the mask of the Six-Armed Demon. Just then, a ghostlike purple shadow appeared beside Lin Huang, a white glow was moving towards Lin Huang’s heart silently.

"F*ck!" Lin Huang was sweating, he did not expect the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress to sneakily dodge his attack. Lin Huang could not avoid it.

"Warning! You are being attacked. Within 0.3 seconds, your death rate would be 100%. An emergency plan is automatically activated!"

"Looking for available cards to solve the crisis… Looking for emergency plan… You can use your Provisional Transformation Card to transform yourself into a vampire to block the current attack."

"Would you like to utilize your Provisional Transformation Card?"

Suddenly, Xiao Hei’s notifications popped out in his mind. When he heard the last sentence, he yelled "Yes!"

Just when he said that Lin Huang felt like the world was slowing down and his body was transforming at a rapid pace. He could not see what happened to his appearance, but he could feel that his body was different. A warm force was rising in his heart, there was a strange feeling on his back. He felt something springing out from his back. All at once, the world appeared red in his eyes.

In the bloody world, he saw what exactly happened in the battle that he was in. Bai’s Blood Power wings were turned into a spear and almost priced through the Six-Armed Demon’s mask while the demon in purple dress was about to attack him from a meter away. The other side of Bai’s Blood Power wings turned into another spear and attempted to attack the demon in the purple dress but it was blocked by its five arms. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

An arm of the Six-Armed Demon in purple dress transformed into a long needle that looked like a poisonous scorpion and it was less than three centimeters from Lin Huang’s chest…

"Block this!" Lin Huang had that thought immediately.

His heart was racing, he felt his back turn warm. Within seconds, a pair of red gold wings shielded his chest and collided with the sharp arm.

Bai, on the other hand, used his wings as a spear and pierced through the Six-Armed Demon’s mask. After killing the first demon, Bai continued to slash the mask of the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress.

Lin Huang did not care if the transformation to kill the Six-Armed Demon in purple dress may have prevented him from upgrading to iron-level. His Blood Power wings combined with Bai’s attack turned them into two crimson gold swords. The swords pierced through the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress.

It did not panic at all. Its three arms on the left held Bai's left Blood Power wing while the remaining three arms were defending against the attacks. Lin Huang retreated when the attack did not work because short distance combat was not his strongest trait.

However, the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress seemed to know Lin Huang’s intention. Its ghostly body followed him. Its six arms were turned into sharp knives and attacked Lin Huang like thunderstorms, again and again. Thankfully, Lin Huang’s crimson gold Blood Power wings managed to block all the attacks.

Noticing that its attacks were redundant, the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress was forced to retreat. Bai did not look anywhere else but stared deadly at the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress. It stared back but upon realizing that it might lose the battle, it vanished.

"What, you’re running away?! You have wasted my Transformation Card and now you’re running away? I will not let that happen!" Lin Huang shouted and chased after the Six-Armed Demon in the purple dress. Bai followed behind him.


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