Monster Paradise
70 Arriving at the Destination
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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70 Arriving at the Destination

Within a few minutes, Lin Huang caught up with Li Yanxing and the rest.

Seeing that Lin Huang was back, Li Yanxing saw a shadow at the corner of his eye. Leng Yuexin sensed something odd too but none of them said a thing. The young man in a hat then said while laughing, "I thought you sacrificed your life for the dead body of the monster."

"The Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon wasn’t dead yet and its blood would attract other monsters. It’s not worth it if I traded my life for money. I just needed to pee really badly." Lin Huang responded innocently.

Hearing his explanation, they did not say anything since Lin Huang was approaching his destination and they would soon part ways. Not long later, Lin Huang asked Leng Yuexin, "Miss Leng, is the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon part of the dragonkin?" Lin Huang knew the answer to his question but he asked anyway so that he could know more about the dragonkin from the royalty. He figured there must be more information on the Heart Network available for the royalty.

The young men scoffed when they heard Lin Huang’s question but Leng Yuexin thought that such a question was not silly at all! She shook her head and explained, "No, the Gold-Armored Dragons belong to a sub-species that are below the Sky Dragons since the very beginning. Even if it mutated into a Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon, the dragon blood in its body would never reach the concentration of a Sky Dragon’s blood."

"If the concentration of the dragon blood in its body is near the concentration of a Sky Dragon’s blood since birth when it evolves to a transcendent, a certain transformation would happen to its blood and it would upgrade to a Sky Dragon. If the dragon blood concentration is insufficient, even if it evolved into a transcendent, it would just be a mutated transcendent monster, nothing like a Sky Dragon."
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"The dragonkin are monsters that have at least 30% dragon blood concentration. These monsters were born with supernatural powers from the dragon family such as Dragon Flame, Dragon Power and more. We won’t be able to see the power of a real dragonkin."

"Monsters that have 10% to 30% of dragon blood concentration could only be a Sky Dragon species no matter how powerful they are as they don’t possess the power of a true dragonkin. Most of the Sky Dragons are powerful as they are born with combat strength that surpassed a transcendent. They are a dream flying creature of many hunters."

"For those with a dragon blood concentration less than 10%, they are nothing like a Sky Dragon. They are just slightly more powerful than ordinary monsters that are on the same level as them and this Gold-Armored Dragon belongs to this category. The Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon that we saw earlier was mutated from a Gold-Armored Dragon, its dragon blood concentration must have been upgraded, that was why it was more powerful."

"Since it did not die from the single hit by Bro Li earlier, the dragon blood concentration of the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon should be more than 8%. With such a concentration, it could experience a second mutation if trained properly and increase its dragon blood to 10% and above to a Sky Dragon."

Leng Yuexin was worried that Lin Huang would not understand so she explained all the details. She was born in royalty with a silver spoon. Though she met many extraordinary young people in the past few years, she did not communicate much with civilians including Lin Huang. Lin Huang was a few years younger than her and he was out in the wild on his own without any companion to hunt Life Seed monsters with him. He was even collecting all the bronze-level monster bodies that were worthless to her just to get credit points. She pitied him.

Lin Huang did not know what Leng Yuexin thought of him, he saw her as genuine. Although she seemed cold upfront, she was a kind person within. After hearing Leng Yuexin’s explanation, he further asked, "Has there ever been any real dragonkin in Division7 before?"

He asked the question as he wanted to know if the dragonkin was the ultimate combat strength in this world. "There’s no such record in the history of Division7, but there was one dragonkin that appeared in Division3 600 years ago. It was huge and many transcendents were killed but the Heart Network had made this case inaccessible. I’m not sure what exactly happened. I’ve asked the older generation in my family but they did not want to tell me." Leng Yuexin shook her head.

"I know something about this case." Li Yanxing interrupted, "I heard the death of many transcendent alarmed a demigod and the dragonkin was killed. All the information about the case was sealed by the Union Government because it involved a demigod!"

Lin Huang knew how rare the Undying Baby Dragon that he had was. He got the answers to his questions and he kept quiet thereafter as there was really nothing much to speak about with these royal brats.

Within an hour, they arrived at Lin Huang’s destination. "Alright, Bro Lin Huang, just walk in the direction heading towards the west and you will arrive at the area with the Six-Armed Demons." Li Yanxing said while the rest took rest under a tree.

"Don’t force yourself if you cannot do it. Yes, a Life Seed monster is important but also remembers that you’re just upgrading to iron-level. In fact, you can choose other more powerful Life Seeds when you have upgraded. You still have other choices if you’re not able to kill the Six-Armed Demon" Leng Yuexin advised him again.

"Yes, I know. I’ll get another one if I cannot handle the monster. Although I have no idea what your mission is, all the best to all of you." Lin Huang nodded and smiled at Leng Yuexin. "We hope so too." Leng Yuexin returned the smile. It was the first time Lin Huang saw her smiling. Li Yanxing and the rest did not say anything, they then left with Leng Yuexin.

Lin Huang then summoned Bai and left for the west. Bai walked in front of Lin Huang. In this level-4 wild zone, although most of the monsters at the border were iron-level and bronze-level, there could be silver-level and gold-level monsters too. Just like the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon which was hunting for food at the border of the area, it was unfortunate that it bumped into Li Yanxing.

Even with Bai, Lin Huang was not completely safe at the border. Now that Bai was just iron-level rank-3, they could handle those that were on bronze-level rank-1 but not those that were bronze-level rank-2 and rank-3. Lin Huang tried not to use his GrayEagle17 here as this world was different from earth. The sound of a gunshot would not chase monsters away but it would attract them instead. The monsters knew that there was a human behind every gunshot. To most of the monsters, human flesh was much more delicious than the flesh of other monsters. It was a rare delicacy.

Lin Huang and Bai took their time and walked slowly. Although the two-kilometer journey to the Six-Armed Demons was not long, they spent an hour before arriving at the much-awaited destination.


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