Monster Paradise
69 Dragonkin
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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69 Dragonkin

Besides Li Yanxing and Leng Yuexin who were not affected by the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon, Lin Huang and the other three royalty men had their feet planted on the ground. They did not dare to move as the slight movement would trigger the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon to attack. "Should I kill it or do you want to kill it?" Leng Yuexin looked at Li Yanxing. "Of course I’ll do it, how could I let a lady do this." Li Yanxing smiled and held his right hand in the air. A black sword appeared slowly in his hand.

The Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon was not happy that it was disturbed from eating, now that it was irritated by them, it became furious. It turned around and stared a deadly stare at Li Yanxing with its tail moving left to right. It seemed to be thinking, it could tell the man in front of him was the most powerful one among the rest. It could even feel the threat of death from him. As one of the top monsters in the area, it did not allow itself to run away. To it, only the weak would run away when facing a powerful enemy.

After a slight hesitation, the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon attacked Li Yanxing. They were only a few hundred meters away from each other, it only took the dragon a few steps to arrive in front of them. Lin Huang wanted to dodge it but he saw Li Yanxing move. He leaped when the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon approached him with its mouth wide open.

Just when he was falling into the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon’s mouth, he leaped and appeared behind the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon. Before Lin Huang could figure out what happened, the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon groaned and fell on the ground. Li Yanxing landed on the ground. There was blood dripping from his black sword, he then kept his sword into the scabbard and frowned. "It’s not dead yet?" The young man in hat asked.

"I underestimated it and did not give my all in that slash. However, it won't live for long." Li Yanxing said calmly, he did not seem like he was going to give it another hit.

Lin Huang saw that the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon’s neck was cut open, blood was bursting out from the wound. Although its will to live was strong, it would not live for long. However, as long as the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon was not dead, Lin Huang could not keep it in his storage space. He was thinking if he should follow Leng Yuexin and the gang to the foothold where the Six-Armed Demon was or to stay and wait for the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon to die. The latter was much riskier as he had to walk alone later on and the blood of the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon would attract other powerful monsters to him. However, the temptation to keep this monster was huge because it costs at least a billion credit points.

Of course, Lin Huang knew that it would not be a smart move for him to stay. With his ability, it was hard for him to survive if monsters were to swamp him. Just when he was deciding, Li Yanxing spoke, "Let’s continue our journey. Bro Lin, you will arrive at your destination in less than an hour." He smiled at Lin Huang, Lin Huang could see through the grin that he was hiding. He then realized that Li Yanxing did not kill the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon on purpose so that Lin Huang would leave the team alone. He knew very well that Lin Huang could not resist such a valuable carcass. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lin Huang felt a chill in his body. Just when he wanted to leave the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon behind and follow the team, Xiao Hei spoke.

"A dying dragonkin mutated monster is detected, it is suitable to integrate with the dragonkin mutated monster soul you have in your body. Would you like to integrate the monster soul for a new dragonkin Monster Card?"

Lin Huang’s eyes lit up when he heard what Xiao Hei said. He then turned around and said loudly to Li Yanxing and the rest," You guys go ahead. I need to pee, I’ll catch up later." Leng Yuexin frowned and did not say a word. Li Yanxing smirked. He said to Lin Huang, "Alright then, we will make a move first."

After they left, Lin Huang asked Xiao Hei immediately, "Xiao Hei, how do I integrate them?"

"You need to place your hand on the dying dragonkin monster to integrate the dragonkin-monster's soul. During the integration, you can choose to consume your card pieces."

"The higher the level of card pieces and the more the amount, the rarer the quality of the integrated card. However, no matter how many card pieces are there, the rarity of the integrated card would not be lower than the rarity of the monster soul and the dragonkin monster."

Lin Huang was over the moon when he heard what Xiao Hei said. It meant he would definitely obtain a rare Monster Card of a dragonkin monster and its rarity might be even higher. He then walked to the back of the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon. It was losing its breath and would die any minute.

Lin Huang placed his hand on its back and instructed Xiao Hei to begin the integration, "Consume all remaining card pieces for monster soul integration."

"This integration will consume the black python in your body and 3,057 card pieces. Confirm integration?"

"Confirmed! Delay no more and do it immediately!" Lin Huang could not wait any longer.

Just when he was done talking, a black glow shot out from the middle of his palm and went into the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon’s body. He knew that was the black python's soul. Soon, the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon’s body became a dot of white light and slowly faded into a card on Lin Huang’s palm. The card was still covered in white glow on his palm and he could not see the color or the image on the card.

It was only when the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon’s body completely turned into a white dot that the card became material on his palm. After the white glow faded, the card appeared. Lin Huang was overjoyed when he saw the color of the card, "Blue Epic! It’s a real blue Epic Card!" It was the first time for Lin Huang to get a blue Epic Monster Card, it was much happier than getting a SSR card in the game ‘Master XX’!

After celebrating for a while, Lin Huang noticed that there was a black dragon with wings on the surface of the card but its size seemed small. He then turned the card around to read the detailed description.

"Monster Card"

"Rarity: Epic"

"Monster Name: Undying Baby Dragon"

"Type of Monster: Dragonkin (Beginner)"

"Combat Level: Iron-level 3-star"

"Skill 1: Black Dragon Flame (Beginner)"

"Skill 2: Dragon Power (Beginner)"

"Skill 3: Enhanced Regeneration (Beginner)"

"Skill 4: Elemental Immunity (Beginner)"

"Skill 5: Absolute Defense(Beginner)"

"Summoning Limit: Activated"

"Remarks: The monster will evolve into an adult Undying Black Dragon when it is upgraded to transcendent."

"Card remarks: Trainable"

Looking at those cool skill names, Lin Huang could not help but swear, "F*ck, this is too good to be true!" Noticing that the ‘beginner’ behind the type of monster, Lin Huang asked Xiao Hei,"Xiao Hei, what does ‘Dragonkin (Beginner)’ mean?"

"This is categorized by the dragonkin's level. The lowest one would be Sky Dragons. A dragonkin that was higher level than a sky dragon would be the actual dragonkin. Dragonkin are powerful creatures. The blood of a dragonkin is graded in the following levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pureblood. The rarity of the card could be Epic, Legendary, Mythical or Godlike."

"There’s a Godlike card rarity level?!" Lin Huang’s eyes widened when he heard Xiao Hei’s explanation. It was his first time hearing about a Godlike rarity level. However, he knew that getting a dragonkin on his side was good enough. Without dwelling in too much, he turned the card around to read more about the skills.

"Black Dragon Flame (Beginner): A unique skill exclusively for dragonkin creature. The black Dragon Flame contains a corrosive substance that can burn almost anything."

"Dragon Power (Beginner): A unique skill exclusively for dragonkin creatures. It could deter most of the monsters that are within one level above the host, ineffective for monsters that have high intelligence."

"Enhanced Regeneration (Beginner): Passive skill, the host would have strong regenerative abilities which include limb regeneration. Limitation: The Head and heart cannot be regenerated."

"Element Immunity (Beginner): Passive skill, effective for elemental attacks, 80% immunity."

"Absolute Defense (Beginner): Passive skill, effective for physical attacks, 50% immunity."

Almost every skill was attractive to Lin Huang. He gave his instruction right after reading, "Xiao Hei, extract skill card."

"Skill card extraction activated… Selecting a skill for host… Random selection completely… Congratulations, you have received - Absolute Defense (Beginner)."

After receiving the new skill, Lin Huang looked at his Exclusive Card immediately.

"Host: Lin Huang"

"Gender: Male"

"Age: 15"

"Combat Strength: None (Exceeded assessment limit)"

"Skill 1: Blood Power (Level-2)"

"Skill 2: Great Sword Scripture (Sword Skill)"

"Skill 3: Robust (Intermediate)"

"Skill 4: Spectral Snowsteps (Body Movement)"

"Skill 5: Magic Eye Deterrence (Intermediate)"

"Skill 6: Immense Strength (Intermediate)"

"Skill 7: Absolute Defence (Beginner)"

"Summon Authority: Activated"

"Available Number of Summons: 1"

"Remark: Hmm, you have quite a lot of skills. What more can I say?"

He ignored Xiao Hei’s tease in the remark, he was happy. Although the skill that he really wanted was Enhanced Regeneration, Absolute Defence was suitable for short distance attacks as well. Considering that Li Yanxing and the rest was not far away, Lin Huang stopped fantasizing and summoned the Undying Baby Dragon. He did not want them to find out about the dragonkin monster. He kept the card and calmed himself. He sprinted towards the direction where Li Yanxing and the rest were headed toward.


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