Monster Paradise
68 Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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68 Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon

Seeing that Lin Huang attempted to follow the team, Li Yanxing hinted to the young men.

One of them said to Leng Yuexin immediately, "Miss Leng, we have already fulfilled our mission to send him here, there’s no need to bring him along into the forest."

"Although we’re heading on the same path where the Six-Armed Demon is, with this kid’s speed, he would definitely slow us down. I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring him along with us…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I think so too, we can’t be carrying this kid on our back…" the other two young men added on.

"Since we need three to five days to arrive there, it doesn’t really make a difference even if he slows us down." Leng Yuexin insisted to bring Lin Huang into the forest.

"Since Miss Leng wants to bring Bro Lin along, we’ll do so then. It wouldn’t make a difference with an extra person as we can take a slow walk and enjoy the scenery." Instead of rejecting, Li Yanxing agreed to what Leng Yuexin said. "Bro Lin, you can follow us but just be careful for your own safety on the road."

The young men did not say a word since Li Yanxing spoke. Lin Huang looked at him with a bewildered expression. He thought Li Yanxing would oppose the idea of him following them. He started to think that Li Yanxing was up to something. "Then I’ll be bothering you guys for a little longer, I apologize." Lin Huang smiled and said. He behaved himself during the journey by not being talkative.

Lin Huang was nothing in Li Yanxing and the gang’s eyes since he was not even an iron-level. They did not realize that Lin Huang knew what they were up to. "Use your Emperor’s Heart Ring to mark down the route, you can follow the route when you return and wait for us here. Our mission would take five to seven days, it would not take more than 10 days. I will send you a message when we are done with our mission. If you are not here when we return, we will wait for you for another three days. We would leave three days later if you did not show up. By then, you will have to hire another team to assist you." Leng Yuexin told Lin Huang before they departed.

"I understand." Lin Huang nodded.

The rest did not say a word and headed into the forest. Lin Huang followed behind them. The six of them walked into the forest. Besides Lin Huang, the rest of them looked like they were on a vacation, they did not seem nervous at all. Lin Huang was slightly nervous as if it was a grade-4 wild zone. It was not an amusement park as any monsters that were over iron-level were life-threatening to him.

Soon, they faced monsters attacks. The young men killed all the monsters easily and their dead bodies were scattered everywhere. Lin Huang was tempted to keep the dead monsters but was shy. The dead bodies could be sold to the Hunter Association. A complete iron-level monster could be sold up to 10,000 credit points. A bronze-level could be sold up to 100,000 credit points.

As they ventured further into the jungle, the monsters that attacked them were upgraded from iron-level to bronze-level. Lin Huang noticed that they did not even look at the monster after they killed them; he picked up the bronze-level monsters along the way and kept them with him. Fortunately, the sizes of monsters were not too big. Lin Huang’s space storage was almost full after picking up more than 10 monsters. It seemed like 100 cubic meters was not enough and he had spent one million credit points to upgrade his storage space to 1,000 cubic meters.

Looking at him picking up the dead bodies, the young men scoffed because the money was insignificant to them. Lin Huang, on the other hand, did not care what they thought about him since they would not be seeing each other after the mission completed. It was their business how they wanted to think of Lin Huang. The money that he could obtain by selling the dead bodies was his priority.

Following these princes, Lin Huang collected more than 100 bronze-level monster bodies within three hours. The space storage that he had just upgraded was full again with dead bodies that were worth more than 10 million credit points. He then upgraded his space storage to 3,000 cubic meters with two million credit points. He was only left with 100,000 credit points now.

After another seven hours, Lin Huang collected much more dead monsters. His only regret was not being able to see Li Yanxing fight. Along the way, all the monsters were killed by the three young men and Li Yanxing did not have to move at all. Same with Leng Yuexin, Lin Huang did not even have any idea what kind of weapons did Leng Yuexin possessed.

It was six in the evening and the sky was dark in the forest. Lin Huang estimated he was near his destination. If he did not follow the team, he would need at least two or three days to get into the forest carefully.

A monster roar came from not too far away distracting Lin Huang’s thoughts. Many bird-like monsters flew away from the fear of the roar. Lin Huang could tell that the monster was powerful that it could be at least silver-level. However, that did not bother Leng Yuexin and the rest at all. They proceeded straight into the area without hesitating for a second.

Soon, a gigantic Sky Dragon covered in crimson gold scales appeared before them. It was devouring a giant dead monster with its back facing them. The Sky Dragon was 30 meters long and more than 10 meters tall, it looked like a T. Rex that was at one time, bigger.

Lin Huang recognized it as a Sky Dragon but he did not know its actual name. He then asked Leng Yuexin softly, "Miss Leng, what is this monster? Why does it look like a Gold-Armored Dragon but the size of its scales and the sharpness of its claws and teeth seemed different?"

"This is a Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon, it was a Gold Armored Aragon that went through one round of mutation. Among the gold-level monsters, it is considered to be the strongest amongst creatures of its level." Leng Yuexin explained calmly. "It seems like we’re lucky to be able to bump into a mutated monster in such good condition. It’s a bummer that we’re not with Imperial Censors, or else we could tame and deal it." A prince in a hat said.

"You call this a good condition? This is a masterpiece! Don’t be pretentious, Ge Ping. I’m sure that you would run away if you were to fight this Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon on your own!" One of them teased.

"A gold-level rank-3 Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon’s ability is comparable with a hunter that is on the top 100 in the Gold Hunters Leaderboard. Myself aside; the both of you would be dead if you fought it yourselves!" Ge Ping said angrily.

"Only Miss Leng and Bro Li could handle such a monster." The skinny young man said and looked at Li Yanxing. "This monster would be a great help if we can tame it. Too bad we have a mission with us. Even with the presence of an Imperial Censor, taming would take time. Seems like the only way is to kill it…" Li Yanxing said while looking at the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon.

Although the Crimson Gold-Armored Dragon was eating earlier, it noticed them staring but it did not care. Lin Huang was stiff when he saw it staring at them, he could feel that death was near, his breath became heavier…


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