Monster Paradise
67 A Man Should Have the Audacity to Be a Third Wheel
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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67 A Man Should Have the Audacity to Be a Third Wheel

Since Leng Yuexin asked him to stay, Lin Huang did not excuse himself though the others wanted him to. Li Yanxing was expressionless and it was obvious that the other young men were unhappy yet they did not say a word. It was awkward but Lin Huang decided to join the team anyway. He was also the only outsider who followed.

"I guess you don’t have a mount, am I right?" Leng Yuexin asked Lin Huang.

"No, I can’t afford that…" Lin Huang was honest.

The young men from royalty judged Lin Huang when they heard what he said.

"You'll ride with me then, I didn’t bring extra mounts." Leng Yuexin offered but her expression remained cold, it was obvious that she was just offering so that she could complete the mission.

"Bro Lin, why don’t you ride with me instead? Miss Leng is a lady and it may not be convenient." Li Yanxing saw and offered Lin Huang a ride with him.

Leng Yuexin looked at Lin Huang to wait for his decision.

Lin Huang asked Xiao Hei, "The mission card requested me to enter Wangyou Forest with Leng Yuexin, must I ride with her or can we go our separate ways?"

"You can be separated from her as long as the both of you enter Wangyou Forest together."

After hearing the response, Lin Huang said, "I’m good with anything as long as I get a ride."

Lin Huang noticed that it was because of Leng Yuexin that made Li Yanxing insist on him withdrawing from the mission. Now that he shamelessly joined the team, if he were to ride with Leng Yuexin, it would cause rifts between him and Li Yanxing. He did not want to complicate things as his goal was to complete his mission.

In reality, he never wanted to be a third wheel. He did not expect to bump into Li Yanxing and the rest. If the mission card was not activated, he would definitely accept Li Yanxing’s suggestion to hire an adventurer team to bring him into the forest. It would have been a better option as the team could get him to the area where the Six-Armed Demon was.

Seeing that Lin Huang did not have any qualms, Leng Yuexin nodded without saying a word. They walked outside the south door foothold and took out their monster taming token. They then released the mounts from their tokens. The monster taming token was a unique tool that would create a contract with a tamed monster and seal the monster in the token. They can release the monster temporarily whenever they needed it.

The token was comparable to relics as ordinary people could not afford to use it. Those who could afford it would only use it for mounts or to create a contract with rare mutated monsters. If one were to seal an ordinary monster in it, its value would drop lower than the price of the token.

Moreover, not just anybody could tame a monster, only Imperial Censors could do that but it would cost a bomb.

The five of them owned a mount each. Lin Huang was stunned at their spending power. Leng Yuexin’s mount was a bird with blue feathers. Lin Huang could recognize it was a gold-level Blue Snow Eagle. It was a real raptor in the monster world. What got Lin Huang’s attention was the Sky Dragon that Li Yanxing was riding.

A Sky Dragon was a gold-level monster; it was a distant relative of a transcendent monster, the Flying Dragon. It looked approximately 80% like a Flying Dragon but its size was much smaller than 10 meters. The real Flying Dragon was a few hundred meters long and it was born a transcendent. It was hard to capture a flying dragon for transportation even for a transcendent human.

Li Yanxing’s Sky Dragon had almost reached its matured size; its scales were bloody red. It was considered a great Sky Dragon. The rest were riding an ordinary gold-level bird, incomparable with a Sky Dragon and a Blue Snow Eagle.

They rode on their own monsters. When Lin Huang followed Li Yanxing to ride on the Sky Dragon, it glared and scoffed at Lim Huang. Li Yanxing ignored what it did and pretended that he did not see that. Lin Huang ignored it too and sat behind Li Yanxing.

The unexpected appearance of five mounts at the entrance of foothold attracted many people. While the young men were proud of themselves, Li Yanxing was cool and calmed. Leng Yuexin did not care about the people. She patted the back of her blue snow eagle and departed from the foothold into the sky.

Seeing that Leng Yuexin had departed, Li Yanxing and the others followed suit. The five of them headed to the southwest and soon disappeared among the people who gathered around to watch. The 3,000 kilometers journey only needed one and a half hours with the gold-level mounts. They were flying at 2,000 kilometers per hour; it was the same speed as a supersonic aircraft on earth. It was just an ordinary monster’s flying speed; they had yet to reach their maximum speed.

Sitting on the Sky Dragon, Lin Huang could not feel the air pressure at all. It was strange for Lin Huang and he did not understand the theory. Just when he wanted to ask, he recalled Li Yanxing not being that interested to make small talk with him so he dodged the thought.

Unsure if the gold-level seats were too powerful or for some other reasons, they were not attacked by any birds during the past one and a half hours. It was a bummer as Lin Huang was planning to watch Li Yanxing sword technique if they were attacked. Soon one and a half hours had passed and they landed outside of Wangyou Forest. They got down from their seats and sealed their monsters into the monster taming token.

Li Yanxing and the rest planned to part ways with Lin Huang immediately except for Leng Yuexin. She asked Lin Huang, "What are you trying to hunt for? If we’re on the same path, we can bring you along. We’re familiar with where the monsters are scattered in this forest."

Li Yanxing and the rest who were standing 10 meters away glared impatiently at Lin Huang. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I’m here to get to iron-level, the Life Seed prey that I’m looking for is a Six-Armed Demon." Lin Huang told her his intention. "Six-Armed Demon? Why would you choose this monster?" Leng Yuexin found it strange, "Although the Six-Armed Demon is considered the top monster in iron-level, I would advise you to get another Life Seed prey for I fear you might lose your life anytime."

Although what Leng Yuexin said was unpleasant to his ears, Lin Huang knew that she had said that for his own good. "It’s alright, if I really can’t manage to kill it, I will consider other Life Seed prey. Let me give it a try first." Lin Huang declined her suggestion tactfully. "You guys go ahead, don’t worry about me." "Let us bring you there since we’re on the same path. I will tell you when we have reached and then we can part ways." Leng Yuexin did not say much since Lin Huang was adamant with his decision, but she insisted to bring him along anyway.

"Since we’re on the same path, then I’ll follow you again." Lin Huang did not expect Leng Xueyin to be so helpful. I’ll continue to be the third wheel then." Li Yanxing and the rest were obviously annoyed.


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