Monster Paradise
63 Blast Sparrow : The Brain Eating Maniac
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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63 Blast Sparrow : The Brain Eating Maniac

A Blast Sparrow's black wings were about two meters long and there was a yellow patch on its belly. Their head was black in color and only those that had upgraded to gold-level would have a gold crown appear on their head.

However, even being upgraded to a gold-level, there would not be any changes in its shape. It would be difficult to distinguish them apart if one did not observe them carefully.

After a moment, Lin Huang caught a glimpse of the gold-level Blast Sparrow. However, the gold-level sparrow hid amongst the crowd and disappeared from view very quickly.

Blast Sparrows did not look fierce. Despite the fact that they had very sharp claws, they looked weak. Besides, although they had sharp beaks, their beaks were short.

But, it would be a big mistake if one underestimated their combat strength based on their appearance.

Despite having claws that looked rather weak, the Blast Sparrows had claws that were as strong as steel talons. They would have no difficulty at all hunting down prey weighing more than 300 kilograms.

Their short beaks had terrifying attack power and their attack speed was far beyond that of a pile-driver machine. In just a few seconds, they could easily stab a hole through the skull of a monster like the Sand Monster and chomp down on its brain.

Brains were the Blast Sparrow's favorite. If brains could not satisfy their hunger, only then will they tear the prey's body apart and start eating their fats and organs. In short, they loved eating foods that were sticky, soft and moist.

Right this moment, it was very dangerous as the spaceship was surrounded by a flock of Blast Sparrows. This was because of the Blast Sparrow had a fearsome attack speed.

Looking at the spaceship being completely surrounded by the flock of sparrows, Lin Huang began to feel worried. He did not want his brain to end up in their beaks.

Before purchasing the flight ticket, he had checked up on the safety of the Demonic Crystal Spaceship and their safety index was as high as 99.8% with relatively low accident rates. However, coming up against such a flock with a hidden gold-level sparrow king, Lin Huang could not help but worry about it.

They launched consecutive attacks after surrounding the spaceship.

Some of them grabbed the layer of the air bubble in which the spaceship was surrounded in with their claws while the others used their beaks to attack.

The spaceship began to shake when the attack was launched.

Followed by the Blast Sparrow's attack, the layer of air bubble emitted beams of purple rays from its exterior. Many of the Blast Sparrows were blown away.

Witnessing the scene through the window, Lin Huang was relieved. The air bubble was made of unknown materials as there was a power grid-like defensive shield in the layer of the air bubble. The Blast Sparrows were blown away or fell directly down to the ground as the electric current shocked them.

The number of Blast Sparrows in the sky was greatly reduced by the countermeasures. However, they had not get rid of the crisis that then presented itself as the Gold Crowned Sparrow King appeared. It pecked the air bubble repeatedly and its attack speed was unbelievable. The continuous flow of electric current that struck its body had no effect, whatsoever. Its attack speed did not diminish.

The protective layer was being attacked by the Gold Crowned Sparrow King violently, causing the trembling of the spaceship to get even stronger.

The windows in Lin Huang's room would not stop shaking. Looking through the window, he could see the Gold Crowned Sparrow King's attack. He felt like the protective layer of the spaceship would be broken anytime. He could not stop thinking about the protective barrier popping and countless Blast Sparrows would come rushing through the windows, followed by a scene of Blast Sparrows feasting on their brains.

"I hope the brain feast does not happen here…" Lin Huang said with a shiver as he tried hard to forget about it.

In the pilot's cockpit, an old man wanted to fight back as he saw the Gold Crowned Sparrow King attack the defensive shield. Before the old man could react to it, a figure appeared from the top of the spaceship and flew up into the sky. The old man immediately stopped, laughed and shook his head, "That young man nowadays is indeed an impetuous fellow."

"There's a transcendent on the spaceship?!"

Lin Hung was stunned as he saw the sudden appearance of the figure. He fixed his gaze and realized that it was a young man carrying a pair of golden wings on his back. "It's a flying gold-level weapon," he thought, awestruck by the sight.

Flying weapons were extremely rare, so their prices were at least 10 times higher than weapons of the same level. The gold-level flying weapon was the most powerful weapon with the strongest maneuver capabilities and its price was almost the same as a relic. The user of such relics must, of course, have an equally strong background.

Lin Huang felt that the young man who carried the golden wings looked familiar. Soon, he recalled that he was the man that he had heard about at the bar, Li Yanxing, the one who ranked 5th on the Gold Hunter Board.
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He had been the center of many public media headlines and Lin Huang had seen him appearing on the news many times before. Therefore, he recognized him instantly.

Although Lin Yanxing was already 27 years old, he looked like he was only 20 years old. He was tall, handsome and charming as he flew with his big golden wings.

Many of the married and single women on the spaceship showed their affections by screaming love confessions towards him when they saw him fly up in the sky.

Lin Huang had to admit that he appeared more attractive to women with his abilities in addition to his body and looks.

"Damn, beast!" Li Yanxing shouted. His body seemed to have transformed into a beam of golden electric current and struck the Gold Crowned Sparrow King.

The moment when he penetrated through the air bubble, Lin Huang noticed that the token hanging around his waist brightened.

Lin Huang guessed that it was a special token owned by royal families. If it was not, then it must have been given to him by the captain. Regardless of which reason it was, there must have been something special about the token as he could pass through the air bubble at will.

Li Yanxing was holding a long black sword in his hand and attacked the Gold Crowned Sparrow King with a Slanted Slash.

Despite the handle of the sword being black in color, it was apparent that it was not an iron-level sword. Instead, it was a genuine relic.

Lin Huang opened his eyes wide as he saw Li Yanxing execute the attack. The Slanted Slash generated a beam of golden Life Power in the air, resembling a crescent moon slashing towards the Gold Crowned Sparrow King. With a mere hit, he cut through the Sparrow King's neck.

In a moment, the head of the Gold Crowned Sparrow King and its neck were torn apart and a large amount of blood oozed out of the wound. As the corpse was falling towards the ground, Li Yanxing grabbed it midair and kept it in his storage space.

He did not bother to look at the rest of the Blast Sparrows. The remaining Blast Sparrows started to flee as their leader was killed before their beady eyes and they knew that they had provoked a dangerous foe.

Li Yanxing turned away, flying back towards the top of the spaceship.

Lin Huang noticed that as he passed through the air bubble, the token around his waist brightened again. This assured him of the fact that he might be right.

The flight returned to normal as soon as they got rid of the blast sparrows. Soon, the all clear was sounded by the staff of the spaceship. The crowds got out of their room once again and the liveliness of the spaceship was restored.

Lin Huang did not join them. He started to ponder about Li Yanxing's attack.

Despite it being just one hit, Lin Huang was sure that if the sword skill was converted into a Skill Card, its ranking must have been at least a Rare Card.

He tidied up his room, and started to practice the technique he had witnessed just a while ago…


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