Monster Paradise
61 It’s An Open Minded World
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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61 It’s An Open Minded World

It was eight o’clock in the morning. Lin Huang rushed over to the Baqi’s City central plaza.

He bought some snacks and drinks at a dessert shop nearby and sat in the shade under an umbrella while eating his breakfast.

The pre-booked Demonic Crystal Spaceship would appear at the central plaza at nine o'clock sharp. It would stay there for five minutes for passengers to get on board and off the ship. He would not be able to board if he was late and he would have to wait another week for the next spaceship. Lin Huang did not wish to have any delays. Therefore, he arrived early at the central plaza.

It was only 8.30 a.m. after he finished his breakfast. He logged on to the network page and checked for any updates on the news.

Looking at the Heart Network, there was a headline that reported a massive monster crowd that appeared in Alps Town. The Transcendent Yu Chanli was being bombarded with questions at an interviewed with a journalist because of the incident. However, there were media representatives that shifted their focus to the weakest group – Zhou Le and Yu Guang.

They were the same as Lin Huang. They had just registered for the Reserve Hunter assessment and then joined the team to defend the town against the monster crowd. They were truly a weak team of people.

During the interview, the young people looked overwhelmed. Reporters inquired about the monster crowd and the team discussed Lin Huang unconsciously. Especially Zhou Le, he admired Lin Huang a lot and told the reporter not to forget to interview Lin Huang.

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Other than the name 'Lin Huang' being mentioned, another issue had been revealed by Yu Guang. Bai Yan who was the strongest man in the Reserve Hunter Assessment did not stay to fight against the monster crowd. It was being reported that he insulted them instead, saying that those who stayed to fight were a group of idiots.

Soon, the media was reporting about this too. They found a video extracted from a video surveillance system in the Alps Town’s hotel’s meeting room and uploaded the video to the network.

In the video, despite Bai Yan’s voice being rather soft, his voice was eventually amplified after some modifications. His expression of contempt in addition to his amplified voice had attracted a lot of attention.

All of a sudden, the network was full of comments criticizing Bai Yan.

"He’s such an irresponsible person!"

"It’s fine if he did not help but he’s being too sarcastic!"

"He’s truly an idiot!"


Some of them even scolded Bai Yan’s family.

They did research on Bai Yan's background. Even Lin Huang was astonished as he saw the information they had found.

Bai Yan was of an Imperial Censor family and he was the eldest son of the 16th generation, possessing astonishing Imperial Censor talent.

Bai’s family was also a royal family. Their family members had terrifying capabilities in which they had a transcendent and were guarded by summoned transcendent monsters.

"No wonder the guy behaved so arrogantly," Lin Huang thought and understood the reason why he looked down on the others.

After browsing through the network for awhile, it was almost nine o’clock. The giant Demonic Crystal Spaceship descended gradually, landing slowly onto the ground.

Lin Huang stood up and looked at it while he was headed towards the boarding area.

The big ship had luxurious designs which looked similar to a luxury cruise on Earth. However, the size of the ship was much bigger and had very colorful designs.

It was a big ship with 11 floors. Many people were standing on the balcony and looking around. Also, some of them were looking down from the ship as they leaned against the deck beside of the ship. A few of them were standing on the 11th floor and looking down.

There were not many people boarding at Baqi City. There were only 10 of them, including Lin Huang and there were around eight people getting off the ship.

Lin Huang adjusted the Emperor’s Heart Ring for the projection of the ticket. It was being scanned at the boarding place and the door automatically opened. Lin Huang felt that it was similar to taking the train on Earth.

After entering the ship, he looked for his room according to the room number that was shown on the ticket. The code of his ticket was 080298. That indicated that his room was on the 8th floor and room No.298.

With the floating staircase, he went up to the 8th floor and found his room.

He scanned his ticket before entering the room and pushed against the door. The condition of the room was better than what Lin Huang had expected. It was almost the same as an Earth’s hotel deluxe suite. It had a big living room, a fully equipped kitchen, sparkling toilets, and a very comfortable bedroom.

"No wonder the price of the ticket was so expensive. The room is very satisfying. Aside from some pocket money, all other expenses are included," Lin Huang thought. He was content with the service provided in this world. He was satisfied with most of the services provided to him so far. Besides, they hired top-quality employees who were always warm and friendly.

He walked around the room and familiarized himself with his surroundings. He could see from the balcony that the spaceship had taken off.

Standing on the balcony, Lin Huang felt it was very different from being on an airplane.

The Demonic Crystal Spaceship was very stable. It left the ground and gradually flew towards the sky. A large air bubble formed around the spaceship and it was shrouded in like a forcefield.

Inside the air bubble, Lin Huang could vaguely feel slightly weighted down when the spaceship ascended. However, the feeling lasted for less than one minute and disappeared completely. Subsequently, the spaceship accelerated. However, Lin Huang did not feel anything odd during the whole process and there was no difference between that and standing on the ground.

He would not have known the spaceship had taken off if he did not see the objects moving below him.

After a short while, Lin Huang went to his bedroom.

He sat on the edge of the bed, preparing to read the detailed information of Bai Yan’s family. Suddenly, he received a message. He opened the message and realized it was an official advertisement given by the Demonic Crystal Spaceship.

A pretty lady in red dress popped up on the screen. In the video, she talked about the contents of the advertisement with a smile.

"Dear valued customers, you may click on the special service button on our spaceship’s main web page if you need special services," she said sweetly.

"You may choose a man or woman from ages 16 to 360 years old. There are many types of age group and gender available. You may choose based on your preferences and we will satisfy your needs."

"If you have any special request such as human-like monsters or non-human monsters, a pre-order is available. Please press the pre-order button and we will place the order for you."

"Our services will maintain our customer’s privacy and confidentiality at all times and it will not be revealed to anyone or any organization!"

"Last but not least, customers are pleased to be informed that additional charges will be incurred for special services and it’s not included in the room rate," she said and smiled wide as her commentary ended.

The advertisement page automatically closed as soon as the advertisement ended.

"I knew that this world is pretty open-minded about sex, but I didn’t know that it was to this extent…"

Lin Huang frowned. He knew that sex services were opened to the public in this world and it was legal as long as the juveniles were not involved. However, he did not expect to watch that kind of advertisement on the spaceship, even consisting of contents about the non-humans…


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