Monster Paradise
60 The Fatty Called
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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60 The Fatty Called

For the next two days, Lin Huang prepared himself to hunt down the Six-Armed Demon. He even spent 100,000 credit points to expand the capacity of his storage space into 100 cubic meters.

After riding on the Demonic Crystal Spaceship, he arrived at foothold No.7C87 within a few hours. He looked for a hotel and stayed there.

Foothold No.7C87 was the top-tier foothold in the No.7D101 Wulin Town region which was the town Lin Huang was in. The locals called it Baqi City as the term sounded almost like the number 87. This was not its original name, though. People had forgotten its original name as they were so used to calling it Baqi City.

Baqi City was a regular C-grade foothold. A medium-sized foothold was a lot bigger than the average small sized foothold.

In comparison, the area of a small-sized foothold was almost the same as the area of a town on Earth. On the other hand, a medium-sized foothold would be the area of three cities on Earth, having a population greater than one million people.

Baqi City was livelier than Wulin Town and Snowy Mountain Town.

In Wulin Town, it seemed that there were no activities held at night. It was slightly livelier at the Snowy Mountain Town as more visitors visited that place but compared to Baqi City, Snowy Mountain Town was still far from it.

Lin Huang felt that he had returned to modern civilization when he arrived at Baqi City.

There were skyscrapers and even buildings with special architectural designs.

Lin Huang’s hotel was one of the skyscrapers. The hotel had a total of 39 floors and Lin Huang’s room was on the 21st.

He wondered how the people would get to the top floor as he entered the hotel since he had never seen a lift in this world. He realized that he had been worrying for nothing as there was a floating staircase in the hotel that somehow looked like a lift. Lin Huang had no idea about the theories and mechanism behind the operation of the floating staircase. He felt curious but he did not ask about it.

After checking in, he went to his room. Lin Huang sent Lin Xin a message to tell her that he was safe. He continued watching the battle videos of the Six-Armed Demon that Yi Zheng had sent him.

When he told Yi Zheng that he had chosen the Six-Armed Demon as his Life Seed prey, Yi Zheng advised him to change it but he insisted on his choice.

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Since the Six-Armed Demon was a very dangerous monster, Lin Huang dared not take it too lightly. The past few days, Lin Huang had been watching the videos repeatedly as he was trying to observe and learn her attack moves, figuring out the patterns of her attack. However, he was not making any progress.

In laymen terms, the attacks of the Six-Armed Demon could be described as being creepy, fast, and cruel.

She did not seem to have any specific skill. Her attacks were irregular and every hit would cause instant death to her enemies. Lin Huang had a headache when he noticed this, and could not figure a way past her attacks.

Under normal circumstances, he concluded that the best way to defeat it in combat was to attack from afar.

Unfortunately, Lin Huang could not use his weapon as the effect of his GrayEagle17 on the Six-Armed Demon was very limited. She did not seem to have any weak spots. Even bombs would hardly have any effect on her. Therefore, Lin Huang would be forced to perform a close combat maneuver.

A human who killed a monster would carry out Life Light Baptisms, obtain Life Seeds and get upgrades. The entire process was restricted by two conditions.

First of all, the monster must be killed by the Life Light Baptist. It would not work if it was killed by the others.

Secondly, the Baptist can bring along his companion. However, the combat level of the human companion must be lower than the level of the monster. Otherwise, the Life Light would be spread out of the monster’s dead body and Life Seed would collapse.

Lin Huang began to feel worried about the second condition. If he had to complete the hunting process all by himself and he was not allowed to summon any monsters for help, the rate of success would be close to zero. He might even be killed by the Six-Armed Demon. However, he felt slightly relieved as he watched some of the videos in which an Imperial Censor had completed the baptism.

The monsters summoned by the Imperial Censor were not human. Their combat levels would not cause the Life Light and Life Species to spread out. Therefore, Lin Huang could summon Bai or his Sand Monster to assist him in the battle.

Since he was being restricted by the first condition, the killer must be Lin Huang himself. The summoned monsters could not kill the Six-Armed Demon. Otherwise, Lin Huang would be unable to perform the Life Light Baptism.

"I’ve watched these videos so many times and there weren't any flaws in her defenses. Perhaps I could only let Bai lock her up with his Blood Power and I’ll kill her," Lin Huang thought. He could only hope such an idiotic way would allow him to kill her.

He closed the page that showed the information and got ready to go out for dinner. He wanted to walk around the foothold and relax as he felt a tenseness build up inside him.

Opening up the page of contact, the first person who called him was the fatty, Yin Hangyi.

Lin Huang frowned and answered the call.

"Lin Huang, you’re still alive!" The fatty’s oily face appeared on the projected screen.

"I should say the same about you. I asked you to wait for me there but when I went back, you had disappeared," Lin Huang said.

"I wanted to help you. You don't appreciate me!" The fatty laughed a little and said. "If the witch did not tell me you were still alive, I’ll not know it even until now. She told me that you’ve asked for my contact number from her. Why didn’t you contact me?"

"There are two reasons. The first one is because I’m busy and another reason is that I’ve forgotten about it…" What Lin Huang said was indeed the fact. He wanted to contact the fatty after he had completed the assessment. However, he had forgotten about it when he encountered the massive monster in the crowd incident.

"That was bitterly disappointing. I miss you every day and even raised a memorial in your honor. I burned incense to you whenever I missed you…"

"Damn!" Lin Huang interrupted the fatty before he finished his sentence.

"Alright, alright. Let’s talk about something else," Fatty said as he suddenly remembered that he had something serious to tell him. "Err… I heard from the witch that you’ve chosen the Six-Armed Demon as your Life Seed prey. Are you going to Wangyou Forest in the two days?"

"Yes, I am. Why?" Lin Huang asked.

"Are you sure that you want to hunt the Six-Armed Demon? It is a top-tier iron-level monster. Even Copper Hunters would not provoke the monster," he answered. Apparently, the fatty had heard of the monster before.

"I knew that. I’ve watched her battle videos so many times. It’s indeed difficult to handle but I’ve got my ways," he replied. Lin Huang had fixed his battle strategy and was confident he had a chance.

"Oh. Since you think so, that fine. It’s alright now."

"Fatty, you’re acting strangely. What’s happening?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"The witch asked me to advise you not to go. Since you’re confident that you can do it, then it’s alright," The fatty told him the truth.

"She has my contact number. Why didn’t she call me?" Lin Huang felt weird.

"She told me that her brother had advised you but you didn’t listen to him. She guessed that she’ll not be able to influence you as well and she asked me to convince you," The fatty said. He then asked, "Both of you are moving so fast in your relationship. Have you met each other’s parents?"

"Stop bullshitting me. I’m going to hang up now."

"Wait, don’t hang up! Tell me who her brother is…" the fatty asked amid laughter.

Lin Huang did not want to continue with a topic like that and hung up the phone.


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