Monster Paradise
59 Everything Has Changed
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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59 Everything Has Changed

Lin Huang started to prepare for the battle once he chose the Six-Armed Demon as his Life Seed prey.

He had looked up all the information he could get regarding the Six-Armed Demon on the network, including battle videos. He watched the videos repeatedly and he felt a mixture of thrill and terror.

One of the videos that Lin Huang remembered clearly was a team of five Reserve Hunters accidentally bumping into a Six-Armed Demon in the Wangyou Forest.

As soon as the Six-Armed Demon discovered the team of Reserve Hunter, she immediately attacked. In less than a minute, all five of them were slaughtered.

"She moves like a ghost and she was incredibly fast. Each of her arms was a dreadful killing machine…" the commentary played as he watched. Lin Huang immediately frowned as he saw the action. He had to admit that the Six-Armed Demon was a powerful monster.

After he finished gathering all the data about the Six-Armed Demon, Lin Huang did some research about the two districts – Wangyou Forest and the Demon Burial Ground.

In this world, people who went into places that were named burial grounds would normally be dead, but here he was planning his hunt, alive and kicking.

Similarly, the Demon Burial Ground was a place worse than that. All these years, none of the non-transcendent humans who entered this place ever survived.

He briefly looked through the information on the Demon Burial Ground and immediately excluded it from his schedule. He did not want to go into such a creepy place as he planned to have a fighting chance at a longer life.

As he closed the information page on the Demon Burial Ground, Lin Huang then checked the information on the Wangyou Forest.

Wangyou Forest was a very spacious level-4 wilderness. It was said that the transcendent monster had appeared in this place before but it was killed. The strongest monster in the forest was a gold-level monster. There was more than one gold-level monster in the forest while silver-level monsters were scattered everywhere in the forest.

"The level-4 wilderness is a bit troublesome…" Lin Huang frowned again as he finished reading the information regarding the Wangyou Forest.

To Lin Huang, the level-4 wilderness was a place with an extremely high death rate. With his abilities, it would be stressful for him even in a level-2 wilderness. Bronze-level monsters were a lot stronger than iron-level monsters. Although Lin Huang could easily kill iron-level rank-3 monsters, it was still unknown to him if he could defeat bronze-level monsters, let alone defeat silver-level and gold-level monsters.

"This wilderness is too far from me. It's within the jurisdiction of another medium sized foothold, around 20,000 kilometers away from me. To reach that place is a problem as well…" It was the first time Lin Huang realized that the world was so big and it was beyond what one could imagine. Between each of the medium-sized footholds, the distance that separated them was at least 3,000 kilometers. Some of them were even 5,000 kilometers apart. For the larger footholds, they were at least 20,000 kilometers apart given that the length of Earth’s equator was only 40,000 kilometers.

There were no teleportation facilities in the small-sized footholds. For the medium-sized footholds, the distance one could teleport between two portals was limited. Basically, one could only travel to nearby medium-sized footholds. If Lin Huang were to go to the Wangyou Forest, he would have to experience a portal change six times over. The opening of a portal cost a lot. Also, the number of times for the portal can open as well as the number of people that could be transported was restricted as well. When the foothold was crowded and no prior bookings were made, he might have to wait for more than three days.

It was possible to travel there by riding an eagle. However, its ability to sustain prolonged flight was questionable and its physical strength was limited. He would have to transfer at each station at the medium-sized footholds and take a rest at the hotels since he would be spending a lot of time on the road.

Another method was to ride on the Demonic Crystal Spaceship. There were suites in the spaceship and its traveling speed was almost the same as the eagle. However, it was more comfortable and it stayed for only five minutes between each medium-sized footholds. One of the weaknesses of this spaceship was that the tickets for the spaceships were very expensive. It had limited cabin seats and only one spaceship would carry passengers each week. The ticket prices were very expensive but the supply was often falling short of demand.

Inconvenience had caused Lin Huang to feel like summoning a monster that could fly. Of course, he had thought of making Dimensional Relics like the green wooden door, but apparently, it would be more difficult.

After comparing a few methods, Lin Huang decided to take a ride on the Demonic Crystal Spaceship. He had never seen it before and wondered how the Demonic Crystal Spaceship looked like in this world.

Lin Huang was lucky as he successfully booked a ticket via the Heart Network. The spaceship would depart from foothold No.7C87 and three days later, arrive at foothold No.7C82. The distance of the journey was around 20,000 kilometers, so the ticket cost him 20,000 credit points.

After booking the spaceship ticket, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon. Lin Huang headed to the Stable Residence before dinner. He visited the boss of the hotel and the guest of the hotel who taught him the sword skill he treasured

He then noticed that the boss of the hotel was not the same person and the guest was not an ordinary hunter as well.

It took him 10 minutes to arrive at the Stable Residence. The yard was no longer the same. The small garden had become an outdoor restaurant with some tables and chairs there.

There were a few young customers enjoying their drinks, sitting on the chairs in front of the small tables.

A waitress came to Lin Huang and asked as he stopped in front of the door, "Mister, can I help you?"

"Is this place owned by a new boss?" Lin Huang asked as he felt that it was impossible for Boss Yu to make so many changes to his beloved garden.

"Yes, it has been 10 days now. However, these days frequent guests like you have come and they complimented our dishes and drinks, saying they're better than before. You could give it a try and I believe you’ll be satisfied with it." The waitress recommended a few new menu specialties as she knew that Lin Huang was a frequent guest of the hotel under its previous management.

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"Thank you. I’m actually looking for Boss Yu. It's an urgent matter…" Lin Huang asked as he waved his hand at the waitress. When he was about to leave, he thought of Scarface too. He then asked, "Excuse me. There was a tall man with a scar on his face who lived here last time. May I know if he is still here?" he asked the waitress again.

"Scarface? No, I have never met such a person before. I’ll remember if there’s a person like that," the waitress said and shook her head.

"Alright, thank you," Lin Huang nodded, turned away and left. He never thought that Boss Yu and Scarface would leave the foothold so suddenly. Looking at the Stable Residence, he felt a sense of disappointment.

When he got home, he read some news. Nothing special had happened. He was getting ready for dinner.

Dinner had been prepared and Lin Xin was back from school.

Both of them sat face to face while they ate. Lin Huang then asked Lin Xin about the Stable Residence.

"Xin Er, when did the new boss take over at the Stable Residence?"

"The second day after you left. Boss Yu and the fierce uncle left as well," Lin Xin replied. She knew it as she was at the foothold all the time.

"It was such a big hotel. Why did the boss sell it out in a short period of time? It was still fine when we stayed there," Lin Huang asked, as he felt the transition was very strange.

"It was said that he had some family issues and needed money urgently. He sold his hotel at a very cheap price and rushed back to his hometown. The fierce uncle was hired as his bodyguard and they left together," Lin Xin told him the rumors she had heard.

"Oh…" Lin Huang felt that it was unusual. Now as he recalled, Boss Yu and Scarface must have known each other before that time they were there. Perhaps he intentionally asked Lin Huang to pay attention to the sword skills Scarface practiced in the garden. Both of them had disappeared and it would be difficult to further investigate the issue now.

"Whatever. I’m not going to think about it any further. Life has been so hectic recently," he said with a sigh. He shook his head and emptied his mind.


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