Monster Paradise
55 Xue Luo Appeared Again
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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55 Xue Luo Appeared Again

The green wooden door was smashed by a dark beam. Yi Yeyu was beginning to spit blood because she was hurt by the attack.

The black python hissed loudly from the top of the Snowy Mountains.

The voice sounded like it was a spiritual attack. Lin Huang and the rest who were 10 kilometers away felt a headache after hearing the roar.

Suddenly, the dark beam was shot again. While the rest were panicking, the beam shot through Yi Yeyu’s back and pierced through her belly.

A hole that was the size of an adult’s fist appeared on Yi Yeyu’s belly, it was see-through.

Yi Yeyu spat blood again and fell to the floor. Lin Huang rush to carry her.

Yi Zheng was in disbelief as he saw it all. He did not know how to react but to hold her hand.

"Yeyu!’ Looking at his dying sister, Yi Zheng’s hands were shaking."

"I’m sorry… This is all my fault…" Yi Yeyu did not have the strength to talk anymore but she managed to say, "If it was not for me… All of you wouldn’t be here…"

"Stupid girl, you’re my sister. Until you are married, I will follow you wherever you may go. This is a brother’s responsibility. I am sorry for not being able to protect you…" Yi Zheng said through his tears.

Lin Huang’s eyes were watery too.

"I have not seen you cry since I was five years old. Yi Yeyu lifted a finger and wiped the tears off Yi Zheng’s face, "Do you still remember… That time when I was bullied by a bunch of older kids, you stood up to them and when they punched and kicked you, you neither said anything nor did you fight back… and after I asked you why didn’t you cry, you said, you’re a man and that even if you died, you would never cry in front of your sister. You were only seven at the time."

"I’m sorry, I broke my promise…" Yi Zheng tried to chuckle.

Yi Yeyu then turned her head slowly to Lin Huang, "I want you to know that you are the most extraordinary man I have ever met and I don’t want you to die here… If you live, you could be a man as good as my brother."

Lin Huang nodded without saying a word.

"You want to see him grow?" Said a spooky voice. The black python said cunningly, "I will make sure that never happens!"

A bunch of black strings appeared out of thin air and tied a knot around Lin Huang’s waist. Lin Huang was pulled in the direction of the black python’s mouth.

"Oh no, I’m going to die. It’s true that a traveler’s chances of death were quite likely…"Lin Huang’s thought was cut short by a feeling of release.

He was confused and realized that he was floating in front of the black python’s mouth and the black strings around his waist were gone.

Yi Zheng and the rest were watching as Lin Huang’s body froze in the air and there was fear and panic in the black python’s eyes.


A giant crystal fell from the sky and a giant palm smashed it onto the black python.

The black python’s body seemed as small as an ant under the giant palm. Before the giant crystal landed on the ground, its body was completely flat on the ground, its eyes were hopeless.

The gigantic Snowy Mountains were shaking from the attack. It felt as if God was punishing the Earth.

Lin Huang stared blankly as the giant palm that looked like the hand of Buddha landed one meter in front of him.

The Snowy Mountains collapsed into flatland after the attack.

The black python was buried by the Snowy Mountains with its head smashed.
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"That was scary…" Lin Huang exclaimed not because he witnessed how the black python was killed, but because he was standing very close to black python, but felt no impact at all.

Even the Snowy Mountain Town was not damaged and the people not harmed by the collapse of the mountain.

It was obvious that the person who saved Lin Huang was far more powerful than the black python.

"How are you, sir?" A stern yet warm voice came from not far away.

Lin Huang looked towards the horizon; Xue Luo was walking towards him on air with her bare feet. There was an old man with a white beard behind her.

"Lady Xue Luo?!" Lin Huang was surprised; he thought he would never see her again. He looked at the old man with confusion, "May I know who this is?"

"Mister Lin, I am Bing Wang. I don’t blame you for not recognizing me because I know I look different." The old man laughed.

"It’s Sir Bing Wang…"

"Was it Xue Luo who had saved me?" Lin Huang tried to connect the dots.

"It wasn’t me." Xue Luo smiled and shook her head.

"Mister Lin, it has been more than 700 years that I last made an appearance. It was me who saved you." Bing Wang explained.

"Oh, thank you so much Sir Bing Wang and you too lady Xue Luo." Lin Huang did not know that Bing Wang was so powerful that he could kill a transcendent monster with only one hand.

"Let me take out its soul for you. When you became a transcendent, you can train it into your battle soul." Xue Luo then disappeared.

Bing Wang and Lin Huang remained.

"This snake is stupid. It saw Mister Lin’s act just now and thought it was magic. It thought you were the descendant of a god." Bing Wang shook his head and laughed, "If he did not target you, lady Xue Luo wouldn’t have allowed me to intrude."

Lin Huang did not pay attention to what Bing Wang said and instead asked, "Sir Bing Wang, could you help my friend?"

Bing Wang looked at Yi Yeyu and knew that she was dying. He shook his head, "The lady’s Life Wheel has collapsed and her Life Light is almost gone, there’s nothing I can do."

Lin Huang was upset, but Bing Wang spoke again, "However, if my master is willing to try, there might be hope."

"Lady Xue Luo!" Lin Huang’s eyes brightened up. He just recalled that Xue Luo belonged to the gods. Perhaps she could save Yi Yeyu.

Hearing Lin Huang’s cry, Xue Luo walked towards them with a small, black snake on her hand. The snake was semi-transparent, it looked magical.

She then passed the snake to Lin Huang, "I have taken away this black python's consciousness. Now you can keep it in your Life Wheel and cultivate it. You can train it when you have reached the level of a transcendent, it will be your strong battle soul. Although it has mutated once, there’s a small amount of dragon blood in this black python. If you cultivate it properly, there’s a possibility for it to mutate a second time and its ability will then transform."

Lin Huang brushed what Xue Luo said aside and as soon as she finished talking, he asked, "Lady Xue Luo, I know that you haven’t been involved in what’s happening in this world for more than 700 years but I need to ask a favor of you."

"Do you want me to help the lady over there?" Xue Luo looked at Yi Yeyu’s direction and looked at the snake on her hand, "To piece her Life Wheel together, we would need a transcendent soul. Are you willing to give up this monster’s soul containing the blood of dragon in exchange for her life?"

"Of course, that’s more important!" Lin Huang raised his voice.

"Alright then…" Xue Luo passed the snake to Lin Huang, "Keep this."

"I thought you need this to save her?" Lin Huang pushed the snake away.

"I was messing around with you; I have other monster souls with me to fix her Life Wheel." Xue Luo smiled playfully. "Now, if you don’t keep this, I will not save her."

Lin Huang snatched the snake from her.

Xue Luo brought the both of them and descended from the sky in front of everybody's presence.

Although they had seen the giant palm earlier, they insisted to stand in front of Yi Yeyu to protect her.

"Lin Huang, who are these people?" A person asked Lin Huang.

"I don’t have the time to explain, this lady could save Yi Yeyu, please step aside." The rest moved without asking further.

Xue Luo walked to Yi Yeyu and carried her; she was breathing her last breath.

Yi Zheng heard what Lin Huang said and looked at Xue Luo with hope.

"Put her on the ground laying upwards, the rest of you please step aside." Xue Luo wanted some personal space. After placing Yi Yeyu on the ground, Yi Zheng stepped aside quietly.

Xue Luo placed her palm on Yi Yeyu’s chest and there was a layer of ice flowing into Yi Yeyu’s body.

A moment later, Xue Luo smiled and mumbled to herself, "Interesting body physique, I have just the monster soul for you."

A semi-transparent crimson bird appeared on Xue Luo’s palm. She tapped the crimson bird and it bird flew in between Yi Yeyu’s eyebrows.

A thin layer of ice spread across her body and soon her entire body was covered in ice.

It was visibly seen that Yi Yeyu’s belly was healing very quickly. Everyone started whispering among themselves. A new Life Wheel was being pieced together.

It was different from an ordinary Life Wheel. Now, there was a strange red pattern in the middle of the Life Wheel which looked like a big, crimson bird with wide wings…

"Am I dead?" Yi Yeyu felt she was placed in the dark.

She recalled a description about death written by an author she liked, ’Death is the loneliness of human consciousness in the dark. It cannot be seen, nothing can be heard and nothing can be touched. There is nothing in death. That is the ultimate place where all humans belong…’

"Now that I think about it, the description is similar to what I’m feeling right now…"Yi Yeyu snorted.

She was not sure how long had passed, centuries or perhaps just seconds. In the darkness, Yi Yeyu had lost her grasp of time.

A light dawned upon her. It felt like a black veil was torn and a crystal-carved hand was extending to her in the midst of the darkness.

"What a beautiful hand…" Yi Yeyu held it, it was cold. The hand pulled her out of the darkness with such force. She felt a shake and when she opened her eyes, she saw a bunch of people surrounding her.

Just then, there were cheers exclaiming, "She’s alive!"


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