Monster Paradise
54 Black Python
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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54 Black Python

"Lin Huang, Lin Huang, Lin Huang…"

As Zhou Le and the gang chanted Lin Huang’s name, the rest cheered, including the Copper Hunter and Silver Hunters.

Initially, the 20 Gold Hunters did not cheer but when Yi Zheng cheered along the people, so did the 20 Gold Hunters.

Yi Yeyu stood on top of the giant rocks and rolled her eyes at her brother.

Lin Huang was shy at first, but when the people did a crowd surf for him, he started to enjoy being celebrated.

"Hey, I think this kid is good but he’s a little too young for you." Yi Zheng winked at Yi Yeyu.

"He hasn't reached puberty yet, he’s not my type." Yi Yeyu said with a sassy tone.

"Well, there is no need to rush. He will hit puberty in a few years time. Boys love girls who are older." Yi Zheng chuckled.

"Go away!" Yi Yeyu said angrily.

All of a sudden, in the midst of all the cheering, everyone heard a strange laugh.


The sound was near yet far and it felt like as if the laugh was echoing from different directions, all together at once!

It gave everyone goosebumps, it was like a cool breeze brushing into their bones.

"Who is that?!" Yi Zheng shouted while hanging onto his thin sword. Everyone clutched their weapons too.

"Could it be the transcendent monster…" Lin Huang frowned because there were no other possibilities he could think of.

Everyone did not expect the transcendent monster, the mastermind of all monsters to appear after all monsters have perished. The threat of one transcendent was definitely more frightening than all monsters' put together.

‘Everything below the transcendent were ants’. This saying had become the truth.

With a flick of a finger, the transcendent could kill a thousand of hunters.

"Master, I am taking a wild guess that you started the monster attack?" Yi Zheng placed both of his hands in front of his chest and asked politely in the direction of the Snowy Mountains."

He was trying to buy more time to figure out where this beast was. It was near four o’clock, right before dawn which was two hours before Yu Chanli was supposed to appear.

"Human fella, do you think I would let you go just because you speak to me politely?" A spooky voice replied.

"Hehe… I didn’t expect to meet a descendant of God here…"

A black python wrapped its body around the Snowy Mountains. Its purple eyes stared deadly at Lin Huang with greed.

"I’m going to eat you!"

"Descendant of God?!" The people whispered among one another.

The people finally understood how Lin Huang manage to use such magic to kill millions of monsters just now.

"So you’re here for me?" Lin Huang pointed to himself, confused.

"Of course, human fella. If not for you, why would I let my clone attack the human transcendent who is making his way here?!" Although the black python had no expression, Lin Huang could see in its eyes that it was playing with Lin Huang's mind.

"I know you guys are buying time for the transcendent to save you but what you did not know was that he is being attacked by my clone. The transcendent hasn't got a clue that it is a clone and it will not be here in two hours to rescue all of you."

There were loud sighs and some screams from those who were afraid.

"What, are you disappointed to hear such news?" The black python was enjoying the mind game it was playing.

Lin Huang quietly communicated with Xiao Hei, "Xiao Hei, is there any way to kill this monster?"

"With your condition, your death rate would be 100%. You are not strong enough, there’s no solution to that."

Suddenly, Yi Yeyu started to speak.

She bowed to the Snowy Mountains, "Master, I haven't known Lin Huang for a very long time, but during the time that I did, I found him to be admirable. I would like to make a confession to him. Since you are going to kill us all, could master allow me a couple of minutes to fulfill my last wish? I will also need my brother as my witness."

Yi Zheng did not know what she was doing, he thought to himself, "Did she really like Lin Huang all along?"

"Human are such irritating creatures. Why do you confess before you die, what have you been doing on days where you are alive and well? Alright, I’ll give you three minutes but I warn you human lady, don’t mess with me. Or else I’ll show you what death feels like!"

"You’re overthinking, master. I do not dare mess with you. I only have a few words to say." Yi Yeyu said while she waved at Yi Zheng.

She then leaped downwards and walked towards Lin Huang. Although Yi Zheng did not know what Yi Yeyu was up to, he followed her anyway.
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Almost everyone was confused. They could not figure out Yi Yeyu's plan.

Yi Yeyu was popular in the Division7 hunter community. After all, she was one of the Gold Hunters who made it among the 1000 Gold Hunters and she was a woman.

Alongside her powerful brother, many hunters admired her.

But now, it looks like this incredible woman was about to confess her love to a young man who was not even an iron-level. It was absolutely shocking to many bachelors in the crowd.

They walked to Lin Huang, Yi Yeyu held his hand and smiled sweetly.

Lin Huang was just as confused but he could sense that Yi Yeyu was not here to confess to him.

Yi Yeyu put her the other hand on Yi Zheng’s arm and smiled,"Brother, please be my witness today…"

Before she even finished talking, she pushed the both of them down. The green wooden door sprung open behind them and they fell into the door.

Suddenly, a dark glow was shot and the green wooden door was destroyed.

"Lady, how dare you lie to me?!" The black python hissed from the Snowy Mountains.


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