Monster Paradise
53 Small Destruction Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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53 Small Destruction Card

The crows blanketed the western sky of the Snowy Mountains like dark clouds. They were heading towards the direction of the foothold at full speed.

The crows were just as numerous or probably more than what Lin Huang saw the other day when he previously encountered them.

Millions of crows in a flock together looked like a massive horde and it seems like there would be none that would be able to defeat them besides a Transcendent.

Even Yi Zheng who was no.11 on the Division7 Gold Hunter Leaderboard avoided the crows.

It was a nightmare. They could easily occupy a medium foothold if the transcendent was absent.

The hunters who were ready to stand their ground felt despair the moment they noticed the horde of crows.

Millions of monsters were streaming in from the grasslands and innumerable crows were darting in from the back. They did not have enough manpower to protect the foothold after all…

Yi Yeyu looked like she was in doubt on the giant rocks, she regretted that she chose this foothold to be the location for the assessment.

If Yi Zheng was not here, she was ready to die in battle.

However, now that Yi Zheng was here, he would certainly not leave her behind. If she were to stay, she would lose her brother to the monsters. She was in dire straits…

Yi Zheng knew his sister very well. She was competitive and resilient, and though she may be hot tempered at times, she was a kind person.

It was impossible for her to leave 200,000 people behind.

Even if she were to pass by a foothold invaded by monsters, she would choose to fight no matter what.

"Yeyu, use your green wooden door to send the kids away!" Although Yi Zheng knew that Yi Yeyu would not agree to leave, he instructed her anyway.

"I’m not leaving!" Yi Yeyu stared at Yi Zheng.

"Even if you don’t care for yourself, you have to consider this for the sake of our family. Our generation only has the both of us, we can’t die here!" Yi Zheng tried to talk her out of it, "And those young men, especially Lin Huang, do you really want him to perish here? As long as we give him sufficient time, he could develop into a transcendent. We cannot lose him as well!"

After a moment of silence, she shouted at Yi Zheng,"Brother, I’ll pass you the green wooden door. Please bring Lin Huang and the rest with you, I will remain behind!"

"What foolishness are you spouting? You must leave. You're my sister, listen to me!" Yi Zheng exclaimed loudly.

"We must think about the future of our generation. Since you are gifted with stronger abilities, if you live, our family’s generation would grow stronger. Therefore, it would be better if I stay." Yi Zheng could not counter argue Yi Yeyu.

The situation turned awkward for them.

The crows were approaching.

Some of the hunters in the lines of defense had lost their will to live; they were just preparing for what might eventually happen. The third line of defense did not have enough manpower as a couple of Silver Hunters on the second defense line were caught off guard. Everyone felt disheartened.

Soon, the remaining defenses collapsed.

Lin Huang and the rest were surrounded. Without the lines of defense in front of them, the ten young men were completely besieged by monsters.

"Don’t panic guys. Let’s form a line, do not let the monsters break through!" Lin Huang yelled to the young men.

After cooperating with Lin Huang, Zhou Le and the rest trusted Lin Huang more than anyone else. Lin Huang had not let them down.

They quickly formed a defensive line even though they knew that it was very unlikely that they could survive the moment the crows arrived.

However, under Lin Huang’s leadership, they persevered. Lin Huang’s heart was racing from the intense attacks.

His body was much frailer compared to the rest and thus, any attack from the monsters could severely injure him or even kill him.

The situation was vastly different now as they previously had a line of defense to shield their vanguard, significantly limiting the number of monsters which passed through to them.
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Now, however, there were monsters everywhere and they were besieged on all sides.

He finally experienced the saying, ‘dancing on the head of a pin’ which meant that if he loses focus or gets distracted by something else, he could die at any given moment.

"Warning! You are now in an extremely dangerous environment. Your death rate would be 100% within half an hour. Would you like to execute emergency measures?!"

A warning was sent to Lin Huang’s ears, it was the first time in a long while since he had heard Xiao Hei’s voice.

"Yes! What kind of solutions do you have?!" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"Browsing cards that could solve the situation… There are no cards that could help you right now…"

Lin Huang was troubled but moments later, Xiao Hei spoke again…

"Based on the current situation, the most suitable card would be the Small Destruction Card."

"You have three Monster Cards, nine Function Cards, 3657 iron-level Monster Card pieces… If you were to dissolve all the complete cards and piece them together, you would obtain 22557 Normal Card pieces. To redeem your first Small Destruction Card, you would need one million Normal Card pieces. The card pieces you have are insufficient to redeem a Small Destruction Card…"

"Wait, why do I only have nine Function Cards? Bai’s kills aside, I have done at least 500 cross-ranking kills these two days; shouldn’t I receive cross-ranking cards?!"

"When you’re stuck on a level, the maximum cross-ranking kill reward you can obtain will be capped at 10 times. You will not get any rewards for cross-ranking kills after that."

Lin Huang did not know there was such an arrangement.

He thought with Bai’s help, it was not difficult for him to do cross-ranking kills where he could collect a massive amount of reward cards.

It seemed like Xiao Hei noticed that people would take advantage of the situation and therefore limited this method to gain reward cards.

"So, are there any other solutions for me?" Lin Huang asked for an alternative.

"You were given some protection when you were setting up your Goldfinger. You can only utilize the protection once. When you activate the protection, you will receive a card to solve the crisis you are encountering at that moment. Would you like to activate your one and only protection?"

"Yes!" Lin Huang decided without thinking twice. He did not have the time to consider the repercussions as well as other alternatives seeing as there were none. If he did not utilize the protection right now, he might never be able to use it again.

"Protection has been activated… Integrating with your situation, you are given a Small Destruction Card!"

"Congratulations, you have received a Small Destruction Card!"

"Detecting solution - Small Destruction Card! Are you sure you want to use this card?"

"How can this card solve this crisis? What are its functions?" Lin Huang did not have the time to look at the card in his body.

"Small Destruction Card: It could annihilate every creature below transcendent. The maximum coverage would be 10,000 square kilometers."

"I would like to use this card to destroy all creatures besides humans and Bai." Lin Huang instructed.

"Creatures have been targeted, please choose your coverage."

A map appeared on Lin Huang’s mind and he had to choose his targets. The map revealed that the monsters were scattered everywhere. Lin Huang tagged all the monsters on the map, "I have decided."

"Coverage selection completed. Please confirm the Small Destruction Card’s activation."

"Yes, kill them all!" Lin Huang nodded his head firmly.

In the next second, a grain-sized lighted spot appeared on Lin Huang’s forehead.

The spot looked like a miniature sun at three o’clock. It then tore away from his forehead and floated into the sky, shining on the land.

Everyone was shocked.

Soon, a white glow dispersed from the light spot, creating a wave in the air.

All the monsters except for Bai were carbonized due to the high temperature. They turned into dust and disappeared into the air. It was like snow meeting the scorching sun.

The glow then dispersed far away.

"Is that magic?!" Yi Yeyu stood on the giant rocks and saw what Lin Huang did, she was stunned.

In a heartbeat, all the monsters were no more. As soon as the glow began to fade away, everyone cheered.


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