Monster Paradise
50 Monsters Coming at Full Force
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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50 Monsters Coming at Full Force

Yi Yeyu, Yi Zheng and the rest had gloomy looks on their faces.

After a relaxed afternoon, they did not expect to receive bad news like that.

Now that the massacre of people in the three footholds had happened, that meant Snowy Mountain Town would be attacked by all the monsters that attacked the three footholds. The amount of monsters would be four times more than the original number!

The other hunters knew that too, the atmosphere on the battlefield turned ice cold.

"Lin Huang, do you have any plans?" Zhou Le said in a weak voice and took a deep breath to calm himself down while anticipating what Lin Huang would suggest.

Lin Huang shook his head. "There’s nothing else we can do but fight. Let’s just pray that the human transcendent arrives soon."

Soon it was night time again. Although everyone was less enthusiastic from the bad news, the battle had to go on.

None of the 1000 hunters were slacking. They were defending their own line of defense.

When it was nine at night, Yi Zheng heard a subtle sound coming from afar.

It was approaching the canyon at the speed of light.

He looked far in the distance, but his vision was clear even at night.

He saw a massive group of monsters coming.

He could not see clearly what kind of monsters they were due to the dust that surrounded them, but he could feel the ground shake beneath his feet.

Many hunters felt the tremors too.

Lin Huang knew monsters that could cause this must be really big and there were many of them.

Without confirming what kind of monsters they were, Yi Zheng shouted to the people from his perch on top of the giant rock.

At such a time, he should have been more enthusiastic to motivate the people or else the defense lines would be easily broken if the low moral persisted.

"Everybody, the monsters from the few areas are here. I believe everyone can feel the ground trembling and you should know very well that there will be more monsters coming our way. This is the last foothold in the area. The transcendent monster will not give up until it destroys this foothold too. The only choice we have right now is to fight! Besides that, there’s no other solution."

"It’s 9:23 p.m. right now. The Hunter Association said the transcendent human will be here within 48 hours. There are another nine hours to that 48-hour mark. This means, we have to fight for another nine hours and we will be saved."

"I believe everyone has heard about the transcendent human the association has sent. He is Yu Chanli, he was no.4 on the Division7 Gold Hunter Leaderboard. He’s a strong Imperial Censor as well. Now that the transcendent monster is badly injured, as soon as Yu Chanli is here, it will definitely be killed, without a doubt. With that, the monster horde will retreat immediately," he assured them.

"Now that the other footholds have been destroyed, that's over now. We need to put this behind us. Let’s do this together! From now onwards, we only have one goal which is to guard this place for nine hours! We fight for this one and only goal! Because as long as we fulfill this goal, all of us here and the 200,000 residents in Snowy Mountain Town will survive!"

What Yi Zheng said was extremely effective. It was unclear if it was Yu Chanli’s name which they had heard before or the fact that they only had nine hours left to fight, all of them were energized.

Even Lin Huang repeated to himself, "This is the last nine hours, we must hold on!"

After the motivational speech, Yi Zheng turned around and looked at the monsters in the distance.

They were Giant Armored Elephants. Although they belonged to a species of mutated monsters, they were like no other, mainly because they were huge!

All of them were at least 10 meters tall. They were considered giants among all monsters. Even Tyrant who was iron-level rank-3 was considered petite when it stood among these monsters.

From its trunk, the Giant Armored Elephant had metal armor all the way to its hip.

The same metal was fitted on its head too. Its entire head was covered in metal armor, and only its eyes and flapping ears were showing.

The metal parts were not fixed, they were born with it.

Such monster had bones made partially of metal. This gave them a terrifying defense that no other monster possessed.

Yi Zheng frowned while he looked at this group of Giant Armored Elephants.

Their existence presented a very real danger to the lines of defense as their body weight and impact could easily destroy the giant rock wall.
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Once the wall was destroyed, the rest of the monsters would rush in.

"Yeyu, you stay here, I’ll handle the damn elephants!" Yi Zheng told Yi Yeyu while holding a fine sword in his hand.

His white robe fluttered in the wind. He then hopped towards the giant rocks below.

He stepped on the monsters’ backs and heads and ran towards the Giant Armored Elephants.

Looking on as her brother left, Yi Yeyu was not concerned for Yi Zheng’s safety. With his ability, as long as the transcendent monster did not show, he was invincible.

Although the Giant Armored Elephants were big, most of them were only iron-level or bronze-level. Only some of them were silver-level. They could not threaten Yi Zheng at all.

Soon, Yi Zheng was among the Giant Armored Elephants. Every swing he took with his fine sword, a gold flash could be seen. He pierced through a Giant Armored Elephant’s head.

Not long later, he managed to kill a few hundred Giant Armored Elephants.

Yi Zheng returned right after he killed all the Giant Armored Elephants. He did not delay his actions as he knew that the Giant Armored Elephants were just the first horde of monsters who came. There would be more coming their way.

He came back to the giant rock and stood on top with his hands folded like nothing had happened.

Yi Yeyu who was standing across him gave him a thumbs up. He looked the other way. He wanted to look cool but could not help but smile at his sister.

Soon, there was a new horde of monsters along the horizon. However, Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng remained where they stood as those monsters did not possess the ability to break through the wall.

The both of them allowed them to forward so they would be behind other monsters that were closing in. Then, there were more monsters coming from far away. The monsters were filling up the grassland outside of the canyon.

Just when Yi Zheng was ready to kill all the monsters beneath the giant rock, he heard a rustling sound behind him.

He turned around and saw black dots on the top of the mountains behind the Snowy Mountain Town. The black dots stood out even more against the white mountains as they dashed downwards.

As she noticed where Yi Zheng was looking, Yi Yeyu looked at the mountains behind her as well.

She screamed. "Aren't those Sand Spiders? I hate spiders!" she squealed.

Yi Zheng’s lips were twitching when he heard what Yi Yeyu said. "Now, pull yourself together, this is not about you hating spiders. The spiders are so far away from us. How do we attack them?"


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