Monster Paradise
48 New Skill
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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48 New Skill

Zhou Le and the rest were excited to replace Lu Yang to be part of the third line of defense. But soon, their excitement was replaced with a sense of pressure for the task ahead.

Lin Huang knew very well that it was real this time, and that he was part of this war.

He felt like a puzzle piece in a game of kill or be killed.

This battle was a complete jigsaw puzzle, and the whole troop made up the pieces. If any part of the puzzle was missing, the puzzle would not be complete and they would be defeated.

Lin Huang did not care if the rest were flawed as it was not a factor within his control.

However, knowing that he had been placed in this position with the trust of Yi Yeyu and Yi Zhang, he had to guarantee that he did not cause any mistakes of his own.

Before the next monster wave attacked, Lin Huang rallied his troops and repeated to each of them how important it was to obey his orders in battle.

Zhou Le and the rest nodded immediately. They knew how serious it was and did not hesitate for a moment.

After telling them, Lin Huang looked at the Rare Skill Card that he obtained for the cross-ranking kill earlier.

It was a green card with a big question mark on the front, there was nothing else besides the question mark.

There was a description on the back of the card that he studied.

"Random Skill Card (Rare): You will receive one random Rare Skill Card."

"Remarks: This card is a consumable card, you can only use it once."

"Perfect timing for me to gain another skill, what kind of skill would I get this time…"

Lin Huang thought. He only had three skills so far. One was his sword skill ‘Great Sword Scriptures’, another was ‘Robust’ that he obtained from Tyrant and the third was ‘Blood Power’ that he got from Bai.
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In reality, ‘Robust’ was a passive skill while Lin Huang could not even summon ‘Blood Power’ yet. The only skill that he could use was the ‘Great Sword Scriptures’.

Fortunately, the skill was useful which allowed him to unleash an immense amount of strength if he ever needed to.

Now that he had an opportunity to get an additional skill, Lin Huang was overjoyed. Although he did not know what kind of skill he would get, Lin Huang communicated with Xiao Hei with hesitation in his mind and said, "Xiao Hei, I want to use this random Skill Card."

"Are you sure that you want to use this random Skill Card (Rare)?" Xiao Hei asked.

"Confirmed!" he replied.

Many different images flashed on the front of the card replacing the question mark.

The images changed so fast that it made Lin Huang dizzy for a moment looking at them.

About 10 seconds later, the images stopped flashing and the card started shining in a bright white.

Soon the white light faded, and a new card appeared.

"Congratulations, you have received a Body Movement Skill - Spectral Snowsteps."

Lin Huang was excited to hear that he received a Body Movement Skill.

He was planning to pick a better Body Movement Skill to train himself if he made it out of the war alive. His mind was set on training to be even better at using his sword.

He did not expect that he would randomly have picked the card.

He took a good look at the new Skill Card immediately.

The top of the card was a pair of feet stepping on snow, however, there was no trail of the feet on the snow.

Lin Huang then turned the card around and read the detailed description.

"Skill Card"

"Skill Name: Spectral Snowsteps"

"Rarity: Rare"

"Skill Category: Body Movement"

"Skill Level: Gold-rank"

"Status: Available"

"Remarks: This is a unique body movement skill. There is no rank limitation, it's effect changes with the host's ability."

Card Remarks: Mediocre"

"That is a good skill!" Lin Huang was over the moon after he read the description. There was no level limitation to utilize this card, he was concerned that it could only be summoned with Life Power.

He then looked at his Exclusive Card, and as expected, there was an additional skill.

"Host: Lin Huang"

"Gender: Male"

"Age: 15"

"Combat strength: None (Exceeded assessment limit)"

"Skill 1: Blood Power (Level-2)"

"Skill 2: Great Sword Scriptures (Sword Skill)"

"Skill 3: Robust (Beginner)"

"Skill 4: Spectral Snowsteps (Body Movement)"

"Summon authority: Activated"

"Available number of summons: 1"

"Remark: You still suck…"

He glared at the last remark given by Xiao Hei and ignored the remark once again.

He was happy that he gained a Body Movement skill, and he then put his attention to the battle.

As everyone was focused on the battle, nobody noticed what he was doing.

Soon, the monsters broke through the second line of defense and ran towards the third line ferociously.

It was a group of Ox Devils, but there were not many of them.

Lin Huang and his troop did not have to put much effort into killing them all.

Almost four hours into the morning, the third line of defense where Lin Huang and his troop were guarding had encountered 11 attacks. However, they managed to kill the monsters easily.

Until the afternoon, which was six hours later, the third line was attacked 22 times.

Lin Huang could feel that the intensity of the attacks rising.

Not only Lin Huang, but Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng noticed it as well.

They started to worry as it was not a good sign.

When the sky turned dark, the monster became even more furious.

They did not know if it was caused by the sun setting or the Transcendent monster was hypnotizing them to attack with a greater vengeance.

From six o’clock in the evening to midnight, the pressure rose for Lin Huang and the gang within the six hours as they had encountered 46 attacks. They were attacked almost every seven minutes.

Although they were stressed, none of them complained as they knew that the Gold and Silver Hunters in front of them had it even harder than they did.

Yi Yeyu had been directing her attention at Lin Huang’s location.

She was worried that they could not take the assault. However, Lin Huang and the gang proved themselves again and again with each attack wave that came their way.

They showed the other hunters that their small team was no weaker than any Copper Hunter when they banded together.

A couple of Copper Hunters who had doubted their abilities in the beginning were worried that this group of young men would slow them down but soon, they were impressed by this bunch of young men that stood with them defending the region.

Under Lin Huang’s leadership and instruction, the young men were very cooperative.

Although they panicked occasionally, the situation was handled by Lin Huang and Bai.

Lin Huang’s performance had gotten the attention of many hunters in the area. Although he was not even iron-level, he had shown his strength and abilities that surpassed any iron-level hunter. Even some of the iron-level rank-3 monsters were killed in no more than five slashes of his sword.

Bai’s performance was impressive too. Apart from some of the monsters that had extraordinarily strong defensive abilities, he basically killed the monsters in single attacks.

Because of the both of them, the 12 men team managed to stand strong.

Soon, it was the wee hours of the morning. Although it was so late in the night, it was not as silent as usual. The ruckus and roars of the men and monsters could be heard from all around.

It could have been the noisiest day Lin Huang ever experienced ever since he knew.

Noises of angry monsters and humans shouting were deafening, and gunshots could be heard from the heart of the battlefield.

When it got late, the monsters got even more bloodthirsty!

The third line of defense was broken a couple of times as the monsters got stronger.

Fortunately, Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng managed to arrive on time and handle the situation.

However, the people were getting worried. From the outlook of the situation, it was certain that the third line of defense would collapse. It was just a matter of time...


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