Monster Paradise
46 The Fourth Line of Defense
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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46 The Fourth Line of Defense

After he turned off his communication page, Lin Huang turned pale with fear. What he predicted would happen had finally happened…

He then led the young men towards the canyon mouth. On the way, everyone was quiet and held their heads as they walked.

They arrived at the canyon mouth about half an hour later.

Lin Huang could see from afar that the 10-kilometer long canyon mouth was blocked off by giant stones but there was still two to three kilometers left unprotected. His heart dropped when he saw that the gap was much bigger than he expected.

What he estimated was that they could block the gap until it was only a few hundred meters wide. He plan was to minimize the possibility of the monsters coming in, as well as funnel them to a single point of which they would focus their attacks to slaughter the monsters.

However, they did not have enough time. Before they could finish their line of defense, the outbreak of monsters had happened.

The gap that was three kilometers long was attacked by countless ferocious monsters.

The residents who were moving the giant rocks retreated under the cover of the hunters.

The war has started. Residents would be targeted by the monsters if they stayed.

Aside from the hunters that were brought by Yi Yeyu, all the hunters who did not leave the foothold joined in the battle.

However, the number of hunters were far too few as compared to the number of monsters.

The 1,000 or so hunters would die of exhaustion if they continued. Under Yi Zheng’s orders, they formed several defensive formations.

The first line would consist of the 20 Gold Hunters. They were dressed in armor which were at least gold-level and some even used relics.

As long as their Life Power was not drained, iron-level and bronze-level monsters would not stand a chance against them.

The 20 of them stood around 100 meters apart from each other.

They were positioned at the location which was supposed to be blocked by the giant rocks and killed every monster that came at them.

Many of the monsters were bewildered while some of them were alert to the danger of the experienced hunters.

Sensing the powerful group of people, the monsters rushed to make it through the gaps between the hunters.

The 20 Gold Hunters could not care less as all they could do was to kill as many monsters as they could while leaving the rest that went through the gaps to the Silver Hunters who were not far behind them.

There were 1000 Silver Hunters stood less than 10 meters behind the Gold Hunters.

They formed an arc, which put them at about three meters apart from each other.

They wore armor too and killed the monsters that passed through the first line of defense mercilessly.

The remaining Copper Hunters were ready as the last line of defense at around 100 meters behind the Silver Hunters.

There were only 100 of them and they were 30 meters apart from each other.

Fortunately, there were fewer monsters that broke through the third line of defense so they were not under a lot of pressure as compared to the others. The few monsters that broke in to face their lines were either already injured or weak, and they made easy work of killing them.

Behind the Copper Hunters was the fourth line of defense that was guarded by more than 20 old men.

They used to be hunters but due to injuries and other reasons which had caused their abilities to weaken, they had been living in solitude in this small foothold.

Each of them held heavy firearms. Although they could not use their Life Power anymore, they still had their gun skills.

Yi Yeyu saw Lin Huang and the gang walking towards her from the top of the giant rock in the distance.

She did not say a word but pointed at the Emperor’s Heart Ring on her finger and Lin Huang knew what she meant.

Under such condition, the noise of monsters roaring and killing filled the area so Yi Yeyu used her Emperor’s Heart Ring to send him text messages.

Soon, Lin Huang’s Emperor’s Heart Ring vibrated. He opened the communication page and saw a message from Yi Yeyu which said, "There is no more space in the third line of defense, you guys will have to go to the last line. Those old-timers have guns in their hands but they might not be able to fight the monsters. Be alert."

"Copy that," Lin Huang replied to Yi Yeyu and turned around to pass the message to the rest of his troop.

The group of young men was unhappy.

"Clearly she despises us. She’s worried that we will slow them down so she puts us at the back," Zhou Le grumbled. He was pissed.

"That’s right. When we arrived, the rest had already started fighting. It’s obvious that they took their time inform us on purpose, they don’t trust us at all! If I knew this all along, why would I stay? I should’ve left with Bai Yan and the rest!" Yu Guang said in anger.

"We shouldn’t be saying all this right now. All of you promised Yi Zheng that you would listen to his instructions," Lin Huang shouted at all of them.

"The head examiner must be putting our safety into consideration, that’s why she came up with the arrangement. Or perhaps she’s concerned that we are not able to take the pressure. After all, we are not professional hunters. We are not even comparable to a Bronze Hunter!" he continued.

"Think about it. If she does not trust us, would she have left the last line of defense to us?

The last line might seem far away from the action, but it’s the most important one of them all. If it is broken, the lives of the 200,000 residents will be at risk. If the first three lines of defense cannot handle the monsters, they could always leave it to the hunters behind them but not us. So our responsibility is the most crucial!"
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Hearing what Lin Huang said, the young men thought it made sense and they were ready to fight yet again.

However, Lin Huang was laughing on the inside. "These dummies are so easily manipulated," he thought.

He knew what Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng were thinking.

They did not care if there was a fourth line of defense at all. What they really wanted was all the monsters dead by the time they reached the third line of defense.

Lin Huang and the gang were just there for show.

For such a major battle like this crowd of monsters, it was better to have fewer humans in the picture.

Therefore, there would have to be accurate rotations for each line. If one went wrong, the entire defense system would collapse.

Although, Yi Yeyu obviously would not put Lin Huang and the rest of his team into the lines.

If something went wrong, they would put everybody’s lives at risk.

Lin Huang knew very well what the problem was on his team.

His team’s ability was unstable. Their discipline was weak and conformity was much worse as compared to the professional hunters.

Their mentality and ability to handle pressure were uncertain too.

Even if Lin Huang was to lead the battle, he would not have put his team in a major role against an enemy like the monsters that were attacking.

So he was at peace with the arrangement.

To him, it was best that the third line of defense handle all the monster attacks so that he did not have to do anything within the next two days.

Then when the human transcendent arrived, he would kill the transcendent monster and the incident would be over.

Lin Huang was optimistic but things did not go the way he had hoped.

In less than an hour, as Lin Huang and the gang stood a few hundred meters from the north of the third defense line, an uproar broke out.

A couple of monsters broke through the third defense line and stampeded towards the foothold…


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