Monster Paradise
45 Monster Outbreak!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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45 Monster Outbreak!

After more than 10 traps were set, Lin Huang aimed his gun at the totem and opened fire.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Three shots were fired and the totem that was as thick as a pail crumbled as splinters and dust flew around. The five-meter tall totem broke through the middle, and the top half of it fell hard on the ground. Sand and dust rose in a thick cloud around it.

The group of Ox Devils was stunned at first, but soon they snapped out of it.

More than 20 of them roared with rage and ran towards the direction they had heard the gunshots come from.

Lin Huang holstered his gun and took out his iron sword that he had not yet had the chance to use in battles.

At the same time, he summoned Bai.

Lin Huang could gain Life Light if he got Bai to kill the monsters but he would not obtain the rewards for cross-rank killing.

On the other hand, if Lin Huang was to kill the monsters himself, he could not receive the Life Lights.

Both had benefits of their own, so Lin Huang chose to try to get the best of both worlds.

Soon, the charging Ox Devils fell into the traps that were set by Lin Huang and gang.

More than 10 Ox Devils who had their Life Power strengthened, had their hooves trapped tight. They could not move at all and howled at the trap's teeth dug deeper into their limbs the more they struggled. The rest of the Ox Devils ran towards Lin Huang and gang with burning fury.

It was not their first time fighting with monsters. Seeing the Ox Devils advancing upon them, instead of panicking, each of them picked one to fight straight on.

Lin Huang picked one that was of a smaller size, not because he thought it was weak, but because he knew that his ability to jump was far less superior as compared to the rest who were iron-level rank-3. It would have been hard for him to attack the crucial parts of the taller Ox Devils.

Looking at the other Ox Devils, Lin Huang thought of a sentence that had been popular for a period of time. "Do you believe that I can jump and break your patella with my fist?" He shouted.

The sentence was applicable to many monsters in the world.

Lin Huang was only 15. His height was considered normal to people of the same age which was about 1.65 meters (don’t worry about his height, he would grow taller later) but he did not even reach the waist of the Ox Devil that stood across from him.

However, he was not afraid to face such an enemy. Instead, he was excited.

He held the iron sword in his hand, the black blade was shining brightly under the sun.

Lin Huang stood where he was and stared at the Ox Devil that broke into a run towards him.

The gigantic Ox Devil stomped hard with its iron hooves and the ground beneath it shook violently.

Its eyes were bloodshot red. It only took a second for it to come within meters of Lin Huang. It swung the huge stone hammer in its hand at him, and there was intense whistling sound from the power of the swing.

In Lin Huang’s eyes, the Ox Devil’s movement seemed much slower than his. He took one sidestep away from the Ox Devil and the beast's attack missed him by millimeters.

He then swung his iron sword, and blood splashed on the ground.

The Ox Devil groaned while it held the left side of its waist. It stared at Lin Huang in hatred.

Lin Huang’s sword made a one meter long cut on the Ox Devil’s waist, it had almost sliced through its organs.

"The Great Sword Scriptures are so powerful. With my strength and a normal battle sword, it injured this Ox Devil so badly…" Lin Huang thought, impressed with himself. He thought it would have been good enough if he could just break the Ox Devil’s defense, but he did not expect the slash would have such an impact.

Since the epiphany, Lin Huang’s Great Sword Scriptures had reached a Blue Epic-level and from the original 18 styles, he now had 36 styles.

The 36 styles did not have a name to each. After it was integrated into his body, it felt like an instinct that he was born with. The skills were carved deep in his mind.

Furthermore, his regular styles could be adjusted just by his thoughts.

Lin Huang felt a unique feeling within himself. Previously when he was in training, he could feel that after he had mastered the skills, a transformation would occur in his swordplay.

Now that he was finally using his sword in battle, he was sure that he could reach a new level of experience with his swordplay.

The Ox Devil that was injured by Lin Huang’s sword slash stared at him in anger. With the look, Lin Huang felt a very real fear build up within him.

While he hesitated, deciding if he should run away or to continue to attack, he noticed that the Ox Devil was not paying attention to him.

He took the opportunity and attacked the beast.

It swung its two-meter-long stone hammer again and it pierced through the sound barrier. If he was hit, Lin Huang would have died on the spot.

Hearing the whistle from the stone hammer, Lin Huang ducked down, dashed towards the Ox Devil and slashed his sword down on the monster, from the top to bottom.

The Ox Devil let out a loud groan again. Its arm was chopped clean off its shoulder, spouting blood all over the place.

Lin Huang did not stop attacking the animal. He then stepped on the Ox Devil’s knee, leaped up and swung his sword.

The Ox Devil held its throat in one hand and did not make any noise.

A thick vein of its neck started shooting blood up in the air with a hissing noise.

Its bloody eyes stared deadly at Lin Huang. It seemed to not reconcile to the fact that it was at Death's door.

Soon enough, it fell dead on the ground.

"Congratulations, you have obtained an Ox Devil Monster Card piece x1"

"You have completed a cross-ranking kill. You have obtained a Provisional Transformation Card"

"What’s a Provisional Transformation Card?" Seeing the word ‘transformation’ reminded Lin Huang of a web novel that he had read on a novel website called Qidian. It was a story about a man that transformed into a woman. He felt goosebumps rising on his neck and arms when he thought about that. He then looked at the new card that he got.

There was a human and a monster on the top of the card. There was an arrow pointing from the human to the monster.

Lin Huang then turned the card around to read the description.

"Transformation Card: After using this card, the host can transform into any of the monsters that he owns and he will possess all the skills that the monster had. The transformation will last for 24 hours.

"Remarks: This card is a consumable. You can only use this card once."

After reading the description, Lin Huang was relieved. He was excited to see the effects of the card.

He thought transforming himself into a monster would be an interesting experience. He was ready to use it when he had the time and opportunity.

Suddenly, with Lin Huang deep in his zone, he felt a warm liquid splash on his face.

When he got out of his zone, it was Bai who stood in front of him.

His Blood Power wings turned into a sharp blade and pierced through an Ox Devils mouth right to the back of its head.

The Ox Devil’s head was right above his own head, its brain juices and blood showered down on Lin Huang’s head.

"Such a thing shouldn’t have happened on a battlefield. That was incredibly absent-minded. If not for Bai, I would have been smashed by the Ox Devil into a pile of dead flesh," Lin Huang reflected.
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Soon, all the 26 Ox Devils were dead.

Bai had killed most of them, and he had killed six of them.

Just then, Lin Huang noticed that he had 17 white columns added to his Life Wheel.

Before they started their journey again then cleaned off all the Ox Devil blood they were drenched in. The battle had energized everyone, and they could not wait to kill more monsters!

However, when they just started their journey, Lin Huang’s Emperor’s Heart Ring vibrated. The same happened to the rest of them.

Lin Huang saw a message that was sent by Yi Yeyu when he opened the communication page.

It was just a simple sentence, "The monster outbreak is happening, go to the canyon mouth right now!"


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