Monster Paradise
43 A Reason To Stay
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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43 A Reason To Stay

It was Lin Huang who said the words from his seat in the last row and everyone turned around to look at him.

"Lin Huang, don’t mess around. You would die if you stayed. It’ll be no help at all!" Yi Yeyu scolded.

She had always thought that he was a good person. The more they connected, the more good sides to him she found. She did not want him to stay with the risk that it might destroy his future.

"Miss head examiner, please listen to what I have to say," Lin Huang insisted and looked Yi Yeyu in the eyes.

However, Yi Yeyu was stubborn. The situation was really awkward.

Suddenly, the meeting room’s door swung open. A young man in a white robe, with his hands in his pockets, walked slowly into the meeting room.

"Yeyu, why don't you listen to what this kid has to say," the man said loudly to Yi Yeyu from the back of the room. From his tone of voice, Yi Yeyu and this man seemed to be close.

Yi Yeyu was stunned at the man’s appearance. "Brother, why are you here?" she asked.

"I was running errands nearby, and I heard that you were working as an examiner here. So, I thought I would drop by after I was done with my task. Before I got here, I noticed that the official website of Division7 has gone viral with a video of a transcendent’s death," he said. To the surprise of all in their state of mourning, the man in white robe laughed.

"You shouldn’t be here," Yi Yeyu said, a solemn tone to her reply.

"If I didn't come, knowing the way you'd react, you'd be dead in two days," he said with a stern look in his eyes. The man knew his sister very well.

Yi Yeyu did not say a word.

The man in white robe then turned around and looked at Lin Huang who sat at the last row of the meeting room.

"Young man, my name is Yi Zheng. I am Yeyu’s brother. I heard from outside that you have a plan. Let’s hear it then."

Hearing the name, many people in the crowd gasped, especially Bai Yan. With his mouth wide open, he looked like he really admired Yi Zheng. He knew very well that this man was no.11 on the Gold Hunter Leaderboard in Division7. He was terrifyingly powerful.

Lin Huang did not know anything about him. He nodded and said what he had in mind.

"This is my plan. There are more than 200,000 people in this foothold. It’s impossible to escape with every single person. To survive, the only way is to fight! Although the human transcendent would take two days to be here, we should act now as the transcendent monster is badly injured. In such a short period of time, it would unlikely be able to fight again. So what we should be watchful for there's a horde of monsters out there!"

"To tackle the monster horde with the current number of hunters we have in this foothold would be a bad idea. We have insufficient manpower, but we can ask for help. We can get the Hunter Association to announce an emergency mission and increase the mission reward. People would be lining up to help. Till then, Miss Yi Yeyu would have to use her relic to get to foothold No.7C87 and bring over a few thousand professional hunters. Of course, this is only one of the viable options, for now."

"The areas around the Snowy Mountain Town are basically level-1 and level-2 wild zones with very few wild-3 wild zones we need to be worried about. If we have sufficient hunters, we can start the fight before the monster horde makes their move. One Silver Hunter could easily conquer a level-2 wild zone within minutes."

"Moreover, we have the geological advantage on our side as the foothold backs up to the mountains. As soon as we kill all the monsters on the mountains, we can hold back the monsters that are in the desert across the mountains for at least two days. I’ve climbed the mountains before. Although we are human, without any tools, even an iron-level rank-3 Reserve Hunter would need two days to climb those mountains. All we need is to do is guard the foothold for two days until the human transcendent arrives to kill the transcendent monster."

"About the canyons on the east of Snowy Mountain Town, there are not many monsters there. We can get the staff to clean up the place, block the mouth of the canyon with a giant rock and leave a small path for us to walk through. Then we guard the entrance and kill all the monsters that come in. By my calculations, that will severely thin out the monster horde!"

"The only thing that we cannot defend ourselves from are the birds in the sky. So, we will need a team to specifically tackle the birds." Everyone was stunned when they heard what Lin Huang said.

Yi Yeyu was stunned too, she did not know that Lin Huang would have so many ideas.

Even Yi Zheng was surprised, he clapped his hands immediately after Lin Huang finished and said, "That’s amazing! Your mind is clear and your proposal is very feasible."

"I will inform the management now and get them to spread the mission word around while Yeyu will bring the hunters over. We will discuss the details when everyone is gathered," Yi Zheng said and looked at all the people in the meeting room. "All of you don’t have to be a part of this. You guys can follow Yeyu when she’s going back to the medium foothold. I’ll get her to talk to the management to give all of you a pass in your assessment," he continued.

After he gave his instructions, Yi Zheng then contacted the Hunter Association. Soon, the proposal was approved.

"It’s been arranged. They will announce the mission now. Please bring these kids with you and go," Yi Zheng said and nodded towards Yi Yeyu.

"Alright, please come here. I will send you all to the medium foothold," Yi Yeyu said. She then summoned her green wooden door while waving to the people to join her.

Lin Huang remained seated.

"Lin Huang, come here now!" Yi Yeyu shouted at him.

"I’ve told you that I will not leave," Lin Huang insisted.

"Young man, you will be of no help even if you stayed. It was your idea. If we manage to win the battle, you will have half the reward to yourself," Yi Zheng explained as he worried that Lin Huang thought they wanted to take all the glory.

"I would stay even without any rewards," Lin Huang continually insisted.

"What do you want, Lin Huang?!" Yi Yeyu was mad and shouted at Lin Huang.

"I will only leave when I see all 200,000 people survive!" Lin Huang replied, looking straight into Yi Yeyu’s eyes. Yi Yeyu who was staring at him looked away. She was quiet.
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It was awkward for Yi Zheng as he thought Lin Huang wanted to stay for benefits.

The rest were quiet too, some of them were embarrassed.

"I’m staying too!" Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted.

"Mee too!"

"I’m staying to kill those monsters!"

They volunteered one by one since one of them had taken the lead.

However, Bai Yan was the coward in the crowd. He mumbled to himself, "All these idiots giving their lives away…"

"Alright, stop acting like a hero. You guys are not children playing house," Yi Yeyu had tears in her eyes when she yelled at them.

"Lin Huang will stay, those who are iron-level rank-3 can stay too. The rest who can’t even fight an iron-level monster, why would you want to stay?! Go back to medium foothold and train!" She shouted.


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