Monster Paradise
34 Xue Luo
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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34 Xue Luo

As she walked over to them, she nodded at the Yeti and said, "Xiao Bing, thank you."

"Madam, protecting you is my responsibility." The Yeti said excitedly.

"Let us first take care of the guest we have." She then shifted her gaze to Lin Huang. "Hi, my man of destiny."

"Hi…?" Lin Huang said awkwardly.

She was beautiful, like a fairy from a painting, demure and pure looking. Lin Huang was obviously nervous, fidgeting with his fingers and shirt.

"My birth name is Xue Ling-er but now, she is dead and as the man of destiny, you may call me Xue Luo."

"I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Bing Wang." The Yeti quickly interrupted.

"I’m Lin Huang." Lin Huang said for formality sake.

"Mr. Lin Huang, thank you for resurrecting me and transforming the valley to its beautiful, original state." She was frowning though. She lowered her eyes to Lin Huang’s lower abdomen and asked, "Is there something wrong with your Life Wheel?"

"Yes, I was born with a broken Life Wheel. The speed of lifespan I lose is 10 times faster than most people." Lin Huang admitted.

"Show me." Xue Ling-er demanded.

Lin Huang stepped forward and Xue Luo pressed against his lower abdomen with her smooth, soft hands.

Lin Huang felt hot inside. Xue Luo was healing his broken Life Wheel!

In a matter of minutes, when he looked again, there were no wounds to be seen and the speed of his lifespan loss returned to normal. Xue Luo then withdrew her hand.

"This…" Lin Huang was in disbelief. His life’s struggle was now solved. It was a miracle! "Thank you, Ms. Xue Luo!"

"It’s just a small matter. I should be the one thanking you." Xue Luo smiled.

"Xiao Bing, please go ahead and prepare some drinks. I’ll chat with Lin Huang for awhile." Xue Luo told Bing Wang.

As soon as Bing Wang left, Xue Luo said to Lin Huang, "Let’s go to the snow house."

Both of them headed towards the small bamboo hut where the snow house was situated in.

Both of them sat in the hall, facing each other, separated by a tea table made of bamboo.
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Lin Huang could smell an exquisite floral scent coming from somewhere near the door.

"This is my house. I designed it and Xiao Bing built it accordingly. What do you think?" Xue Luo asked since she noticed Lin Huang looking at every corner of the house.

"It’s lovely. I am actually even more envious by the fact that your garden is the entire valley!" Lin Huang admitted finally while giggling.

Xue Luo covered her mouth as she laughed, "I wasn’t told that you were a humorous man."

It was the first time Lin Huang received such a compliment, he was shy.

Bing Wang then appeared with some boiling water and a tea set but he was not holding them. There seemed to be an invisible force that lifted the items and they were placed gently in the middle of the tea table.

Xue Luo began to brew tea.

He had seen tea art before on Earth but this was different; there was something about her poise and elegance.

She was very meticulous with each and every step of the brewing process. He could not shift his gaze elsewhere.

Lin Huang was so attracted by Xue Luo that he ignored Xiao Hei’s messages.

"Host watched Virtual God Tales, entering the state of being an epiphany."

"You have gained a Skill Card ‘The Great Sword Scripture’ pieces x1"

"You have gained a Skill Card ‘The Great Sword Scripture’ pieces x1"

"You have gained a Skill Card ‘The Great Sword Scripture’ pieces x1"

Once Xue Luo served Lin Huang with some tea, he finally escaped from his fantasy and realized the numerous notifications from Xiao Hei.

"You have gained an Epic Skill Card "The Great Sword Scripture" pieces x700. It can be integrated into the Rare Monster Card of "The Great Sword Scripture Part 1". You have gained the complete set of "The Great Sword Scripture". Are you sure you would like to integrate the cards?"

Lin Huang never knew that he could gain so many "The Great Sword Scripture" pieces by just watching Xue Luo brew tea. It was enough for him to have a complete set of "The Great Sword Scripture".

Lin Huang chose to integrate them at once!

After a short while, the same notifications from Xiao Hei sounded once again.

"Congratulations, integration of cards is now complete. You have gained an Epic Skill Card – "The Great Sword Scripture."

Lin Huang looked closely at the Life Wheel in his body and checked the Skill card.

The Skill card of "The Great Sword Scripture" had become blue. The picture at the front remained the same but the message behind the card changed.

"Skill Card"

"Name of Skill: Great Sword Scripture"

"Rarity: Epic"

"Type of Skill: Sword"

"Skill Level: Unavailable"

"Status: Available"

"Remarks: This skill is a special skill and there is no rank limit. The power changes according to the user."

"Card Remarks: Passable"

"I’ve not brewed tea for many years. I’m unfamiliar with it now." Luo Xue said sheepishly.

"Ms. Xue Luo, your brewing tea skills are excellent. I have learned a lot from you." Lin Huang was able to gain Skill Card pieces by simply watching her make tea. This woman was amazing!

Xue Luo instinctively poured Lin Huang another cup once he was done with the first.

"The glacier valley must have been formed used spatial manipulation?" Lin Huang asked.

"Yes, it’s nothing." Xue Luo nodded.

Lin Huang was actually quite curious about the protoss but he felt that it would be too soon to ask and decided to keep it for another time.

Xue Luo sensed that Lin Huang was doubtful. She then said, "Mister, if there’s anything you would like to ask, you can. I’ll try my best to answer."

"I heard that you’re the protoss. According to historical records, there was a monster that opened 3000 Virtual Eyes 800 years ago and everyone called him a protoss too. Can you tell me more about this?" Lin Huang referred to an incident that happened 800 years ago.

"Oh him. He was strong but was not considered a protoss. At most, he was a servant of God bestowed with the blood of the protoss." Xue Luo snorted.

"We protoss were the true future generation of Gods. The protoss were born with perfect human figures and had the blood of God flowing in their veins. The fellow claimed himself to be the protoss but he did not have a perfect human figure."

"I can’t reveal much about the protoss though. Do you have any other questions besides this?"

Lin Huang then began asking random questions about the past and Xue Luo did her best to assist with every one of his questions.

Soon, Lin Huang had nothing more to ask. The living room became quiet.

Xue Luo then took the initiative to start a new conversation. "Mister, please don’t stay in the mountains for too long because I fear monsters may attack you."

"I do realize that monsters here are quite furious. Is there a specific reason for this?" Lin Huang asked.

"I just discovered that there was a transcendant monster in the underground desert. It seemed to be able to possess the mind of other monsters to hunt food for itself." Xue Luo explained.

"Oh, I see. It’s okay. I’ll reach my destination after passing through the mountain." Lin Huang said with relief.

"After you leave, we’ll also be returning back to our world." Xue Luo sighed, her eyes seemed sad.

Bing Wang added, "Yes, there’s no need to stay in the human world anymore."

Lin Huang was disappointed as they might never see each other again.

"I’ll dance for you as a gift before you leave." Xue Luo suggested.

"Mister, please follow me." She led Lin Huang and Bing Wang, levitating them in the sky.

She slowly landed them beside the lake while she went to stand alone in the middle of the lake.

Under the moonlight, her white dress was impossibly clean and pure. She looked like a fairy descended from heaven.

It began to snow, ripples began forming on the lake. A thin layer of ice condensed beneath her feet and it looked like she stood on a white ring. It was indeed a breathtaking scene as she began moving her body in perfect harmony to the sounds of the wind hauling.

"Perhaps this was true, she was the goddess of the Alps…" Lin Huang thought. It was no secret that he had a deep affection for her.

Lin Huang had learned a lot from the dance. Her love, hatred, and all sorts of emotions she felt, the coldness and cruelty of death, as well as the hidden feeling of loneliness…

Xue Luo took slow steps towards Lin Huang when she finished her final scene. She looked pitiful. He did not see her as a protoss but instead, as an ordinary woman with a burst of emotions. He could not stop himself from saying, "I believe that one day, you’ll find your own happiness."

"Thank you." Xue Luo’s eyes brightened.

After saying goodbye to Xue Luo, Bing Wang sent Lin Huang out of the valley. It was now late at night.

Lin Huang recalled Bai and summoned the Sand Monster. He then went back to his tent to rest.


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