Monster Paradise
32 Snow Gian
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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32 Snow Gian

The little white monster was as small as a basketball and its body looked like a fuzzy ball. It had a pair of bright, black eyes and a huge mouth that took up almost half of its face. That was all there was to its body.

Lin Huang could recognize that it was a Snowball Monster.

The Snowball Monster was a mutated species. To most humans, it was harmless. Though they had sharp teeth, they were cowards. They would prefer to flee when faced with creatures bigger than they were. They hated fights.

They looked cute and many girls loved them. People then took advantage of its adorable traits and turned it into a business opportunity. The price of a Snowball Monster was even higher than bronze-level firearms. They were kept as ornamental pets or sold to rich ladies as companions wherever they traveled. Slowly, this became a trend.

They were omnivores but were not choosy with their meals. Therefore, it was rather easy to keep a Snowball Monster fed. They were a rare species that oftentimes hid in cold places.

Lin Huang took a thorough look at it. It must have been attracted by the fragrance of the meat. Even as Bai held onto the Snow Monster, it did not seem to move or struggle to escape. It was staring at the pot of soup for a long time and eventually, its tongue began to show! It was such a glutton.

Lin Huang tempted it by waving a piece of meat it in front of it.

Its eyes immediately lit up and its gaze was locked onto that slab of meat in front of him, following the movement of Lin Huang’s arm that was swinging the meat.

After a short while, it noticed that Lin Huang did not put the meat into its mouth. It attempted to snatch the food but Bai was quick to hold on to it tighter.

Knowing that its efforts to break free were in vain, it raised its head and looked at Lin Huang with pain in its eyes as Lin Huang chewed on the meat.

"No wonder the girls would like them, they give pitiful looks to seek for attention and sympathy." Lin Huang was taken aback at the Snowball Monster’s sad expression.

He then fed the Snowball Monster some meat. It gobbled up the meat within seconds. It then went back to showing him a sad look.

This time, Lin Huang did not entertain it and continued eating his dinner.

After a long time of staring at him, the Snowball Monster began to cry when it realized it was being ignored. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You’re a good actor." Lin Huang chuckled, continued ignoring the monster.

The Snowball Monster started its acting with only a few tears but the moment it realized that Lin Huang could not care less, it began sobbing to catch Lin Huang’s attention.

"This fellow is so dramatic…" Lin Huang said, not turning to even look at the monster.

Lin Huang ladled out the leftovers into a bowl and placed it on the floor. He then grabbed the monster from Bai and sat it down beside that bowl.

Without wasting time, the Snowball Monster tilted the bowl upwards and swallowed the leftovers. It then licked its lips and raised its head at Lin Huang.

"You won’t get anything by staring at me. There’s no more food left." Lin Huang said, shaking his palm.

The Snowball Monster knew that the food had finished. It then hugged Lin Huang’s leg and rubbed its head against his pants. It looked like an expression of gratitude.

Lin Huang lifted it up and reciprocated, "It feels like a stuffed plush toy. It feels even better to touch because of its warmth."

The Snowball Monster seemed to enjoy it as Lin Huang saw it smiling with its eyes shut.

"You’re enjoying the good life…" Lin Huang said as he shook his head and laughed.

As the skies became darker, Lin Huang signaled that he wanted to sleep by pulling his leg from its hug. He needed sufficient rest as their journey to climb the Snowy Mountains would continue tomorrow morning.

When he was about to call for Bai and summon the Sand Monster to keep watch outside his tent, he saw the Snowball Monster rushing to the edge of his pants and began nibbling at it, pulling him toward a specific direction.

"You small little thing, where are you taking me?" Lin Huang gasped.

The Snowball Monster nodded its head and hopped a few steps in the opposite direction. When it turned back, Lin Huang waved his hand and began following it.

The Snowball Monster hopped along a gentle slope with Lin Huang and Bai following closely after it.

It stood still when it reached an ice wall and waited for the both of them to arrive. It then leaped over the ice wall.

It was peculiar that the Snowball Monster disappeared once they reached the ice wall.

"Could this be a cover-up?" Lin Huang said while taking a look at the ice wall. Unfortunately, there was nothing there; it was a completely empty space. He went deeper and as he moved a step forward…

It was a huge snow valley. It was like a hidden world within the Snowy Mountains.

He was so stunned to the extent that he lost support and lost his balance. As soon as he regained his senses, he realized that Bai did not follow after him.

"You don’t have to wait anymore. Only humans that I approve of can enter. Any other monsters are not allowed to enter." A deep, thick voice echoed.

"Who are you?" Lin Huang looked around but he did not see the Snowball Monster.

"It’s me!" He heard the voice once again, but it really was coming from the Snowball Monster.

"You can speak!" Lin Huang was shocked as he could not believe that a Snowball Monster could speak and better yet, it could speak in a human language! The voice was obviously the voice of a man.

"Yes, you’re right." As soon as the Snowball Monster finished its sentence, it expanded like a balloon with hands and legs.

In just a few seconds, the once cute monster that was only the size of a basketball now was a giant.

That was a Yeti, with a height close to a hundred meters. It was covered in a thick white fur. He had a face structure that resembled humans. The only difference was that he grew a beard as white as snow!

A Yeti was a type of snow monster. They were naturally born to be extremely strong and were extraordinary. The abilities of an adult Yeti far exceeded normal monsters that were of the same rank. Lin Huang could imagine exactly how strong the Yeti really was.

"Young boy, I have no bad intention in bringing you here. I need your help…


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