Monster Paradise
22 A Kill To Warn
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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22 A Kill To Warn

Seeing Lin Huang pointing his finger at him, Xue Jie turned pale. He thought that would be the end of the incident since George Kang had apologized and gave Lin Huang a gift. He did not expect Lin Huang to come after him.

"Lin Huang, what do you want from me?" Xue Jie did not think that he could defeat Tyrant. Moreover, Lin Huang was good in attacking from a distance. If they were to fight, he would definitely lose.

"What do I want?" Lin Huang squinted while he looked at Xue Jie, "It was you who picked a fight with me and it was you who attacked me! Do you really think that I'd let you go just like?"

"Xue Jie, it was our fault. You should apologize. Lin Huang bro, please let us know how we could remedy you, let’s not fight." George Kang did not leave without Xue Jie, instead, he turned around and looked at Lin Huang.

"Lin Huang bro, I know you’re mad. It makes sense that you are angry as Xue Jie is a loudmouth. Let us know what kind of compensation we can give!"

Lin Huang was amazed at how smart this George Kang as he seemed like a prudent person. He would become someone remarkable in the future.

"Since you have offered, I shall not embarrass you. I only have two requests. Firstly, I want a sincere apology from Xue Jie! Secondly, I want every equipment that he has on him as well as all the things that's in his storage!"

"Lin Huang, don’t you dare push it!" Xue Jie was furious.

"Shut up, Xue Jie!" George Kang yelled at Xue Jie.

"George Kang, now I finally understand why your family isn’t fond of you, you’re a bastard! Not only did you not help me but you're helping an outsider? I wouldn't want to have a cousin like you!"

What Xue Jie said upset George Kang. Lin Huang finally understood why George Kang did not choose to leave earlier and helped Xue Jie instead.

"You’re such an idiot, I’m helping you to get out of the situation!" George Kang yelled back at Xue Jie.

"I don’t need you, go away!" Xue Jie spat on the ground.

"Lin Huang bro, I could give you all the iron-level equipment that I have with me, as well as the things that I have in my storage. I will bring him away and guarantee that we will not give you trouble anymore!" George Kang suggested.

"George, this has nothing to do with you. This is my business with him, I'll settle with him! If you can’t stand to watch, please leave." Lin Huang rejected George Kang’s offer.

"Tyrant, attack!"

Hearing Lin Huang’s instruction, Tyrant who was giddy stood up and ran towards Xue Jie.

George Kang did not leave but he took a few steps back away from Tyrant and Xue Jie while he watched quietly.

The GrayEagle17 remained on Lin Huang’s hand, it was pointing at George Kang.

Meanwhile, although Xue Jie’s ability was not that weak, his right shoulder was injured, leaving him with only his left arm.

His speed seemed to be affected by the pain. With his fear of Tyrant after he saw his attack earlier, he was not even able to use 70% of his strength.

Soon, Tyrant was near him.

It then punched the iron-level long knife that Xue Jie had on his arm and a crack was heard.

There was blood on Tyrant’s fist but a strong impact was felt on Xue Jie’s left hand.

He was pushed back from the bunch and the long knife fell from his grip.

That hit fractured Xue Jie’s left hand. George Kang, who was watching from afar, was terrified. He did not have any hope left in Xue Jie in this battle.

Xue Jie was an expert in using knives and now that both his hands were useless, he did not have any moves anymore.

Standing before a Sand Monster who was near a bronze-level, he was like a helpless toy to it.

Seeing that he had lost his power, Tyrant got even more excited, it then humiliated him like a cat toying with a mouse.

After clumsy attempts of trying to dodge Tyrant’s attacks, Xue Jie was tired. Noticing that its prey was exhausted, Tyrant grinned and grabbed his arm.

Xue Jie struggled hard, but it was useless. He felt like his body was going to be crushed.

Watching that, George Kang hesitated and said," Lin Huang bro, please spare his life for me. Take this instead. You can ask for three favors from our family in the future."

George Kang then took out a token from his space storage.

Lin Huang looked at him, although he did not know what that token was about, he got Tyrant to stop, "Tyrant, put him down."

Xue Jie was on the brink of death as he lay on the ground motionless. In Tyrant’s arm, all the bones in his body were destroyed.

Lin Huang walked towards him, "Apologize or die!"

"Lin Huang, I know that you don't have the guts to kill me." Xue Jie smiled.

"I don’t know where you get that confidence." Lin Huang bent down and shook his head with a smile, "To the Hunter Association, you’re just an ordinary person who is not even a Reserve Hunter while I’m an imperial censor. Do you think the Hunter Association would disqualify me just because I killed you? Even if I did kill you and I’m disqualified, with my status of being an Imperial Censor, it’s not difficult to join other organizations."

"Regarding your relationship with royalty, you’re not even an important family member. If you’re dead, do you really think George’s family would avenge you? An Imperial Censor is protected by many, do you really think George’s family would offend the Hunter Association for your sake?"

"Let me tell you a secret…" Lin Huang leaned in close to Xue Jie’s ear, "Although I’m not even an iron-level, I'm able to summon not one monster, but three. There'll be more in the future."

Xue Jie’s pupils shrunk. Although he did not know much about an Imperial Censor, he knew that most of them would only blossom after they became an iron-level. Those who could summon monsters before reaching iron-level were considered to be geniuses. Those who could summon three monsters before reaching iron-level on the other hand, would be considered god-like.

Even without the assessment, this fella would be a catch for all.

If he and George Kang were to be killed, the Hunter Association might have buried the incident.

"Alright, now that you know my secret, bring it along when you leave this world." After whispering into Xue Jie’s ear, Lin Huang stood up and pointed his GrayEagle17 at Xue Jie’s forehead and slid it toward his left eye.

"The bullet would pass from your eyeball to your brain and explode, it won’t be painful."

"Wait, please don’t kill me! I’m begging you!" Xue Jie felt the threat of death, something he had never felt before and begged for mercy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

George Kang was amazed. He did not know what Lin Huang said to Xue Jie to terrify him like that.

"Now that you know my secret, I can’t let you live." Lin Huang grinned while he placed his finger on the trigger.

"I swear I will not reveal your secret to anyone! If I do, I curse that I will be stuck on iron-level forever!" Xue Jie said immediately, "...And I’m sorry for what happened earlier. It was my fault, I will give you anything!"

Lin Huang seemed like he was hesitating but he was enjoying it.

Although Xue Jie had a bad mouth, Lin Huang never planned to kill him.

He just wanted to show this to George Kang as a warning since the rich were scared of those who do not care to lose their lives.

Lin Huang intentionally showed him his crazy side so George Kang would give up trying to take revenge on him. He knew very well that people from royalty would definitely seek revenge.

"I have four iron-level equipment that I can give to you! As for the stuff in my storage, please help yourself!" Xue Jie gave up, Lin Huang could finally end his drama.

"Lin Huang bro, if you think that the stuff that my cousin offered is insufficient, please take mine as well." George Kang walked towards him and said. He was terrified by Lin Huang’s actions and was afraid that he might really kill his cousin.

"Alright. George, since he had already apologized, I shall not embarrass you." Lin Huang then took his gun away from Xue Jie's head and stood up.

After taking a few of his iron-level equipment, Lin Huang searched through his storage. Apart from the iron-level armor that was given by George Kang, he did not take any of his stuff. He even rejected the token that he offered.,

George Kang pressed the emergency button for Xue Jie and the rest of his team. He then left, alone.

Lin Huang grinned while he watched him leave, "I didn’t expect Xue Jie to conform to me. This ‘kill to warn’ technique was a success. Looking at George Kang who couldn't wait to leave me alone, I don’t think he'd ever look for trouble with me ever again. It seems that I've avoided the aftermath."


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