Monster Paradise
11 The Great Sword Scripture Part 1
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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11 The Great Sword Scripture Part 1

The next morning, Lin Huang slept off most of the day in his room. He did not even notice Lin Xin leaving in the morning.

He only woke up when Lin Xin came back from school. He then went for lunch with her on the second floor.

At the restaurant, they bumped into the scar-faced man who stayed in Room 301. Lin Huang gave him a big smile while the scar-faced man nodded at him, expressionless.

At night, Lin Xin went to bed and Lin Huang started to practice his sword skills on the balcony without waiting for the scar-faced man to appear. Just when he was on his third set, he saw the man practicing in the garden on ground floor.

This time, Lin Huang did not blink his eyes while he watched the man practice his three sets. He got a clearer look at each of the step to perfect his technique.

After the man went back to the hotel, Lin Huang started to practice according to what he just saw.

That night, he practiced for more than 100 times and obtained 36 Skill Card pieces. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Added to the Skill Card pieces he had gotten from the night before, he had a total of 57 of them.

Unfortunately, that was still insufficient to form one Skill Card.

On the third day, Lin Huang slept until the time Lin Xin came back from school in the afternoon.

"Brother, are you suffering from insomnia these past few nights?" Lin Xin asked in concern.

"Yea, a little bit," Lin Huang agreed to what Lin Xin said so that he did not have to explain the real reason to her.

"Then you should sleep more during the day, I will bring dinner to you later," Lin Xin seemed happy she could do something for her brother.

"It’s alright, I’ve had enough sleep, let’s go eat together," he said. It was heartwarming to hear Lin Xin’s offer, but he did not want to trouble her.

"Oh yea, brother, the hotel owner told me that there was a delivery from our house. I have brought it here," Lin Xin said while taking out the delivered box from her space storage.

"Delivery? I didn’t buy anything recently.." Lin Huang said while he looked at the box. It was a package from Division7 of the Hunter Association. He suddenly recalled that it might be the reward for killing the vampire the other day.

"I wonder what reward the Hunter Association gives to people for killing a bronze-level vampire?" Lin Huang thought as he opened the box in anticipation.

It was a black suitcase with an envelope attached to it.

A four-digit code was required to open the suitcase. He tore open the envelope and took out the letter inside it.

As he suspected, it was a thank-you note from the Hunter Association for killing the vampire. At the end of the note, it listed down the reward as well as the code to open the suitcase.

Lin Huang exclaimed, "The Hunter Association is so generous!"

The code was 7101, and Lin Huang inserted the code immediately. An identity verification page popped up. Lin Huang scanned his Emperor’s Heart ring to verify access.

The suitcase then clicked open, and the items in it were overwhelming to him.

"Is that a gun?" Lin Xin asked.

"Yes. It’s a BlackEagle33, the latest Iron-level gun from the Eagle Company. It can be converted into a pistol or sniper. It’s the best iron-level gun on the market. The price is even higher than some of the Bronze-level firearms," Lin Huang said as he took a good look at the black gun.

The rugged look of this gun was nothing less of a marvel, and it was much better than the Gray Eagle17 that he owned. The entire gun was made of black metal with silver stripes. It looked really cool.

After a good look at it, Lin Huang put it back into the suitcase.

A firearm needed Life Power to be effective, especially guns. Sufficient Life Power had to be inserted into the bore of the gun to create energy bullets.

He had to put the BlackEagle33 aside as he did not have enough Life Power until he was a Bronze-level.

"When I’m a Bronze-level, with this BlackEagle33 for long-distance attacks and Blood Power for close-ranged attacks, my power would be increased," Lin Huang said. He was imagining the thought in his head. Although he was not ambitious, he knew his tactics very well.

"But now, my priority would be combining the Skill Card pieces into a ‘Great Sword Scripture’ Skill Card before the Reserve Hunter assessment. At least I can fight for myself instead of completely relying on the vampire."

After dinner with Lin Xin, Lin Huang had a cup of calming tea in his room.

He then moved the carpet, table, and chairs aside and started to practice with his sword bare-footed

Although the balcony where he used to practice was more than two meters wide, it was still too small for him. Thus, he chose to practice in the living room instead.

He moved the furniture aside so that he would not damage any of them as he knew he could not afford to replace them.

Lin Xin was curious as to what he was doing but seeing him in the zone like that, she did not bother him and went back to her room to do her homework.

Perhaps the living room was more spacious as Lin Huang felt the practice was smoother than before and the chances of him obtaining the Skill Card pieces were rising.

He practiced until dawn for more than 100 times. His performance had greatly improved, and each practice was 60% better and he obtained 68 pieces in one night.

He thought it was strange as the increased probability was unusual. On the first day, he did not even hit 20%. What was even stranger was he was not tired at all from practicing all night.

At the condition his body was in for the past two days, he should be sleepy and exhausted after practice. He would fall right into a deep sleep on his bed. Yet, not only was he not tired, he did not feel like sleeping at all.

"It feels like I took ecstasy pills…" he mumbled to himself. He then thought about his diet as compared to the first day he arrived. He found the difference almost instantly. "Can it be the calming tea?" But I had it a few days ago, there was no effect of excitement and I slept very well that night…" he wondered.

Just then, he poured himself another cup of calming tea.

While the sweet tea was flowing down his throat, he felt energized again,"I think it’s really the effect of this tea!" he concluded.

Suddenly, he heard the door across his hotel room close. He then went to the balcony immediately to peek at the the scar-faced man’s practice. This time, he memorized everything the old man did.

After the man was done with his three sets of practice, Lin Huang practiced again in the living room by reenacting what he saw.

Until 7 a.m., Lin Huang had again practiced for more than 100 times. There was an increase in his probability of more than 80%. He had obtained 88 pieces that night.

Lin Xin woke up and saw him practicing in the living room. She thought he had just woke up, so without thinking much, she headed out to school.

After breakfast, Lin Huang was still not sleepy. He felt refreshed and his body was not tired at all.

He had another calming tea and continued practicing again. He wanted to know if he could increase his probability even more.

From 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Lin Huang had practiced for more than 100 times.

When he obtained his 87th piece, he heard a notification.

"You have accumulated a total of 300 ‘Great Sword Scripture’ pieces. You can integrate them into a rare skill ‘Great Sword Scripture Part 1’. Do you want to carry out the integration?"


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