Monster Paradise
1303 The End Of The Trial
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1303 The End Of The Trial

Lin Huang's abilities had been enhanced greatly after three days and three nights of practical combat under the tutelage of Celestial Guest.

When his consciousness returned to his body, Lin Huang immediately closed his eyes to absorb what he had obtained over the past few days.

This time, he used more than three hours to assimilate all of Celestial Guest's teachings.

Lin Huang's consciousness went deep into his body as he sensed the changes going through him after this battle.

The preliminary step in integrating his will and the God-slaying Power was complete. Although this integration was but a small victory and he still had a long way to go to achieve Sword Dao true meaning, but the power of his Sword Dao was now at a different level than before.

\"Celestial Guest restrained his true power to an extreme degree to practice with me and prevent me from being slain instantly. I wonder if I would be able to fight back if I face other powerful opponents at True Martial Level.\"

Lin Huang lifted his head to look at the cliff. He could no longer sense anything from the sword mark left by Celestial Guest. Lin Huang's gaze paused there momentarily before turning towards the other sword marks. He quickly used his Divine Telekinesis to make contact with the 59th sword mark he had chosen.

His opponent materialized rapidly within the sword mark space.

This time, his opponent was a man with long hair that reached his waist. He was quite handsome and was clad in a big, loose robe. His appearance was androgynous, making it hard to tell if he was a man or a woman.

Lin Huang glanced at him and immediately focused all his attention on his own sword.

He attacked first after the five-second safeguard was up.

He merely moved his sword a little; his killing intent was resolute, surging forth.

In a flash, hundreds of sword gleams congregated in the void and flew towards their target, driven by the integration of terrifying Sword Dao and God-slaying Power.

The long-haired man raised his eyebrows slightly. \"Interesting.\"

He clapped his sheath with his right hand and swiftly dodged the attack in a ring of white light.

Lin Huang's hundreds of sword gleams evaporated where the white light had touched them.

However, white light continued surging towards Lin Huang like a monstrous wave.

\"I can clearly see his attack!\"

Lin Huang was elated. Even though his consciousness could sense his opponent's attack coming at him like a gigantic wave, he was not afraid at all.

He angled his sword slightly and rushed headlong toward the wave.

Almost simultaneously, a gigantic sword long enough to hold up the sky appeared under the prompting of his will. It slashed through the monstrous wave in one wild swing with the combined forces of God-slaying Power and Sword Dao.

The next second, the gigantic sword was completely pulverized by the monstrous wave, and Lin Huang's form was completely swallowed up as well. His consciousness returned to his physical body once again.

He still could not deflect a single attack.

However, Lin Huang's eyes gleamed brightly as he quickly summarized his experience in this battle.

\"My method was correct, but my Sword Dao and God-slaying Power were too weak. It's like using a normal sword to go up against a divine army with invincible weapons. Naturally, I'm the loser.

\"What I should do next is to enhance my Sword Dao and God-slaying Power, as well as try to avoid a close encounter when making my attack.\"

What Lin Huang did not know was that this battle was sheer bad luck for him—the long-haired man's ability was equivalent to that of Celestial Guest.

After a few minutes of assimilating what he had simulated in his mind, Lin Huang quickly decided on the next sword mark and started a new round of battle.

Within the 60th sword mark space, Lin Huang finally met an opponent who was of a normal standard.

This time, it took his opponent four moves to slay him.

When he got to the 61st battle, his opponent took six moves to dispatch him and Lin Huang almost managed to leave a slash on him.

Over the next few battles, Lin Huang came to realize that the long-haired man's abilities were at a much higher level than his previous opponents.

Subsequently, his time in the sword mark spaces extended and it took his opponents more moves to deal with him. Lin Huang's confidence kept increasing as well.

The integration of his will, his Sword Dao and his God-slaying Power were becoming more and more seamless over time.

In his 128th sword mark space, Lin Huang's sword finally managed to come into contact with his opponent. Even though he only managed to nick a corner of his opponent's garment, it still gave Lin Huang an immense sense of excitement.

During subsequent battles, Lin Huang was very careful with his moves. He finally managed to land a bloody wound on his opponent for the first time in his 213th sword mark space.

He achieved a breakthrough in his 286th sword mark space, spending more than an hour fighting his opponent.

Lin Huang finally managed to cut off his opponent's attack in the 337th sword mark space, even though it took him more than one move.

In the last sword mark space, which was the 368th one, Lin Huang managed to cut off his opponent's arm!

Lin Huang's will to fight increased by leaps and bounds after more than 300 rounds of all-out duels and dying more than 300 times.

Even after more than 300 rounds of battle, Lin Huang could still feel his determination strengthen as he closed his eyes to calm himself after his consciousness returned to his body. His will, his Sword Dao, and his God-slaying Power were now integrating even more seamlessly than before.

As he had decreased his reflection time considerably after every battle in order to finish all 368 levels, he managed to complete every level with three hours remaining from his three-day limit in the Swordfiend Abyss.

Lin Huang closed his eyes and sat where he was for all three hours, assimilating everything he had received from his 300-plus battles.

His will to fight kept increasing while his will, his Sword Dao and his God-slaying Power continued to integrate rapidly. 

Lin Huang did not open his eyes until his time in the Swordfiend Abyss was complete.

Just as the Swordfiend Abyss was about to forcefully interrupt Lin Huang and eject him from the space, a directive suddenly emerged from the void.

The entire Swordfiend Abyss went silent and Lin Huang was left alone to meditate.

Lin Huang sat there for three whole days.

In those three days, he assimilated all the basics to be found within the Swordfiend Abyss.

His strength of will had attained the level of a True God while the integration of his will and his God-slaying Power had attained perfection. However, the integration of his will and his Sword Dao still needed some work to be fully complete.

Only now was he finally on the path to achieving Sword Dao true meaning.

Lin Huang had to admit that his achievements within these few short days in the Swordfiend Abyss were equivalent to one year of hard training. Not only that, but it was also training that he had undergone utilizing a cheat code.

\"My sword should be powerful enough now to slaughter elementary level True Gods. My will and my God-slaying Power have completely integrated. Now I can easily use the Rule Bending Power of my God-slaying Power. Even though my Sword Dao hasn't achieved a breakthrough yet, I'm halfway to achieving True Martial Level. By combining it with my God-slaying Power, my attacks won't be any weaker than those of an ordinary True Martial Level opponent.\"

\"My biggest weakness is that my combat strength is still too low. My abilities in body and soul are limited by my combat strength, so they're comparatively weak. Strong opponents at True Martial Level need only one move to kill me, but I might need more than three moves to kill them.\"

\"Besides that, the strength of my God-slaying Power is also continuously increasing, but I need to slay a True God. My Sword Dao has also not achieved breakthrough mainly because there's not enough accumulated experience. Compared to other powerhouses who have achieved Sword Dao true meaning, my sword skills are still sorely lacking…\"

Lin Huang slowly opened his eyes after concluding his summary.

At that moment, a push notification finally appeared in front of his eyes.

[Do you want to move on to the second stage of the Great Heaven inheritance?]


Lin Huang made his choice without hesitation.


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