Monster Paradise
1292 Eating Kidney To Help
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1292 Eating Kidney To Help

Sword11: real name Liu Ren, humanity's number one Sword Dao genius.

Combat level: ninth-rank god order-level (updated after the Bug Tribe War).

He had been training with the sword since his youth. Although he was not talented and did not have a good teacher to guide him, he worked extremely hard. 

He only achieved the Sword Dao at 183 years old and broke understood the Sword Dao true meaning at 1561 years old.

Earlier, he had been cultivating the Sword Dao behind closed doors, staying inside for ten years.

Ten years later, he changed his name to Sword11 and began to truly shine. He challenged several of the Top 100 True God sword cultivators in a row and won every battle.

Upon seeing his sword techniques, even the True God sword cultivator Nie Feng praised him for his unbelievable Sword Dao which Nie Feng claimed surpassed his own.

That same year, all the Sword Dao powerhouses recognized him as humanity's number one Sword Dao genius.

After he read Sword11's profile, Lin Huang was even more certain that this man had something to do with the Great Heaven inheritance now. In fact, there was a high chance that he had obtained a part of that inheritance.

The description in the profile said that Sword11 was not very talented at the Sword Dao at all. He only understood the Sword Dao at 183 years old, and it took him almost another 1,400 years to forcefully sharpen that, with nothing more than sheer effort, into the Sword Dao true meaning.

To be honest, Lin Huang respected that man's determination and will. However, he really did not think a man without much talent or potential in the Sword Dao would be able to become such an overpowered sword cultivator just by working hard for a mere ten years.

Lin Huang definitely did not believe that nothing happened in the ten years Sword11 was missing.

"There's definitely something off about that guy. Something must have happened in the ten years he was gone, something others don't know. The name change is pretty strange too…"

Although he was now certain that Sword11 most likely had something to do with the Great Heaven inheritance, Lin Huang still did not have any idea how he should approach Sword11.

Since the black market intel told him that Sword11 was in Golden City now too, Lin Huang spent most of the next two days in his hotel room cultivating Seamless. At the same time, he had the black market keep an eye on Sword11's actions. 

Inside the castellan's residence in Golden City, Sword11 finally began to stir slowly.

A bunch of people immediately crowded the room.

"Are you alright, Old Sword?" Old Lightning was the first to rush up and ask him.

"I think I should be fine now. How's Tough City? Did everyone get out alright?" Sword11 asked as soon as he opened his eyes.

"It's alright now, everyone made it out safely." Nangong Wei nodded and then gave him a simple description about how the Titan Bugs were consecutively killed and how the Bug Tribe army had immediately retreated.

Upon hearing that, Sword11 finally relaxed.

They chatted for a while, and then Nangong Wei and the others left, leaving behind only a girl with a ponytail.

"Teacher, I lost the guy you told me to follow." The ponytailed girl bit her lip and reluctantly admitted her failure.

Sword11 had expressly given his disciple this trailing mission before he used that Sun Slash.

"Is he still in Golden City?" Sword11 asked.

"I don't know. Everyone came here using the same dimensional portal two days ago. I saw that he went to the black market, so I followed him, but then I lost him. I think he noticed I was watching him, but I don't know if he just teleported away or used a disguise to slip away," said the ponytailed girl somewhat angrily.

"It's fine. If he's still in Golden City, it won't be hard to find him." Sword11 closed his eyes for a bit, and when he opened them again, the corners of his lips curved a little. "I'll change my clothes and go out for a walk."

"I'll tell the kitchen to make you some breakfast," said the ponytailed girl hurriedly.

"No need. I'll just grab something to eat while I'm out there." Sword11 waved her off.

"Then I'll come with you."

Sword11 laughed and shook his head. "Stay here and practice with your sword, girl. Later I'll check if you've been slacking off these past few days."

"Wha?!" The ponytailed girl clearly did not expect Sword11 to suddenly pull a spot check on her.

Still, she could guess what her teacher meant by going out for a walk. She immediately changed the topic, asking, "Teacher, is there something special about that guy?"

"I don't know, either, so let's find him first."

Over the past few days he had spent in Golden City, Lin Huang did not find out much about Sword11's whereabouts, but he did find a great noodle house close to his hotel.

The noodle house had a very special name too. It was called A Noodle House.

The handmade noodles here were very springy, and there were only eighteen varieties of noodle soups. All of them started broiling at three in the morning, and the shop opened every morning at exactly 6 am. A line would start before seven.

In order to avoid the queue, Lin Huang had been waking up earlier these past two days, and he would be at the stall by around 6.30.

Just as he did the two days before, he was here early today as well.

"Hi, gimme a bowl of beef noodles, semi-spicy, and add a sunny-side-up.

As soon as he said that, someone sat down at the table opposite Lin Huang.

"Eating something spicy so early in the morning? Aren't you afraid you'll upset your stomach?"

Lin Huang raised his head, and his pupils dilated abruptly.

His visitor was not very tall, with average looks, flaming red hair, and black eyes.

It was Sword11!

"Is it a coincidence, or did he find me?!"

Lin Huang could not figure out how Sword11 found him. Since he had been watched earlier, he now looked nothing like his earlier identity, Lin Xie.

However, Sword11 did not attack him immediately, and he did not sense any hostility either, so Lin Huang felt a little relieved.

He pretended not to know who the other man was, smiling as he replied, "I have heavier tastes, and I especially like spicy foods."

"You don't mind if I share your table, do you?" Sword11 asked with a smile.

Lin Huang glanced around and saw that there were two other empty tables, but he did not refuse. "If you like."

"The noodles here really are quite good. I haven't been here for a year now." Sword11 seemed to chat idly as he looked down at the menu. He then shouted at the owner, "Hey, I'll have a bowl of kidney noodles with two portions of kidney and a braised egg."

"You have pretty heavy tastes too," Lin Huang teased with a laugh.

"My waist has been a little sore lately, so I thought some kidney might help." Sword11 chuckled.

After the owner served the noodles, both of them buried their faces into their bowls. The table instantly fell quiet.

The silence was only broken ten minutes later, after Lin Huang finished his noodles and called for the bill.

"It was fate that we met here, so this one's on me."

Sword11 laughed and did not decline. "Alright then, thanks."

Just as Lin Huang paid the bill, Sword11 slurped his last noodle.

He drank two more mouthfuls of soup happily before finally putting down his bowl and looking at Lin Huang with a grin.

"You're wondering how I found you, right?"

Those words told Lin Huang that his cover was blown, so he raised a brow and said,

"Yeah, I was pretty surprised."

"I have a special ability that allows me to sense the Sword Dao in every sword cultivator's body." Sword11 revealed the answer right away. "No matter how you try to disguise yourself, the Sword Dao inside your body won't change."

Now that he knew how he had been found, Lin Huang was not too surprised at it either, and he did not bother harping on that question.

"Actually, I'm more curious to know why you came looking for me."


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